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A world originality 

It is worldwide known that many road accidents happened because of the geopathetic radiation existenceGeopathetic or geopathy or geopathic radiation (GR) goes through the surface of the ground,  directed from the centre of the earth  to the surface and crossed by a moving vehicle. GR influences seriously instantly ,  but unfortunately enough time , to turns out fatal  this influence -  the ' cerebral ' waves  of the vehicle driver. The driver  possible - instantly - loses the control of his vehicle, and as a result he causes a road accident. This theory explains many ' unsolved ' road accidents that happened every day in the planet. The existence of such DANGEROUS points in the ground, never checked. We wailed for so many lost lives every second but we do nothing to prevent them.

Geopathetic density free system  STAYIRO type , is a small portable appliance of very small weight, that has the faculty to density free all nature geopathetic or geopathic radiation, fields and nodes.  This specific machine have been developed to work inside any type of vehicle (car , track etc) that moves at speed up to 120 kilometers per hour, above ground surface. This device can  neutralize any geopathetic radiation up to 270 metres above the ground (geopathetic  radiation has been observed up to this height ).   The machine  was developed by  GEOMENT TEAM and constitutes world originality. The use of STYIRO substantially renders harmful any kind of geopathetic radiation. STAYIRO is a machine that strongly eliminates geopathetic radiation, fields and nodes. 

But what is geopathetic or geopathic radiation ? The continuous movement of magma inside the Earth produces etheric radiation (emitted from within its body to its surface), which is believed to have a negative effect, known as Geopathy or Geopathic or Geopathetic Stress, on the health of all human, animal and plant life of those who live above it. Why have levels of cancer increased during the recent years in Cyprus? Have you heard of the Lakatamia Syndrome? In this area of Cyprus cancer is known to have risen by 89% in the last 35 years! This must be the worlds sadden  record! Have you ever wondered why our grandfathers, who lived in mud-houses, did not often become ill from cancer? Why cancer levels have increased disproportionately in recent times? Why despite advancements in cancer treatment there is still little improvement on many of its forms and, if anything, has become worse? Did you know that iron and other metals, (but also the existence of water or empty spaces in the ground), contribute as accelerators to Geopathetic radiation? Have you ever been told that during night hours Geopathetic radiation increases and impedes the normal operation of the immunogenic system of human beings, which can cause serious problems?  Many European scientists associated with human health refer to topics unfamiliar to us Schumann Resonance, Hartmann grid lines, the Curry net, ley lines, black water radiation, and many others, when discussing health issues. Their findings conclude that these phenomena have a direct negative effect on human health but also interfere with the treatment of disease. How so?  This juncture of an underground water vein and a Hartmann Magnetic Grid Line crossing point creates a very hazardous spot in the road, likely the site of frequent accidents.  We live in a sea of electromagnetism which most of us don't even think about.  Although certain symptoms are commonly associated with geopathic stress (some are listed below), relating symptoms to causes is not an exact science. Symptoms can be as obscure as relationship difficulties, stress at work and at home, road rage, allergies, and miscarriages. If you suspect geopathic stress, especially if you feel "under the weather", depressed, or cannot shake off an illness, rather than look for specific symptoms. Our lack of awareness of the effects of these electro-magnetic fields leaves us searching in the wrong places for answers to unexplained ailments and problems. more about STAYIRO geopathetic radiation density free system and how it works.

Many such DANGEROUS points, are existing in the ground. As an example we can refer such o surface point on a street near Paphos, in Cyprus. In that place happened even  3 deathly road accidents DAILY. The particular point has become in deed subject from the Cypriot television. In the following picture appears an example, how a road accident could happen, as a result of geopathetic radiation crossing a road.


A vein of moved water (light blue colour) goes through a road (white colour) and in an specific point the water vein crosses with the road (contribution of the two red lines).  Of course the water vein is under the ground, many meters depth.  The point that is crossed the street (above the surface of ground) with underground vein of water (under the surface of ground) is a very likely point of challenge of road accident (yellow sun).  In order to comprehended the phenomenon, we mention certain photographs that were taken above a specific point that presents powerful geopathetic radiation (red possessed, not straight line line). 

At next pictures, in the case where the conceivable straight line that connects the central big axis of geopathetic radiation (red possessed not straight line), that comes out from the surface, directed from the centre of the earth (yellow arrow), goes through the head (yellow circle) of the driver of the vehicle, it will momentarily disturb his or her intellectual waves, causing powerful detachment of attention or confusion, with probably unpleasant results

In order to become comprehensible, this dangerous phenomenon of the effection of geopathetic radiation to the driver of a moving vehicle, we mention pictures from relative experiment that we realised in the region. The experiment became two times, at the same point, using two confiding drivers, a man and a woman, with the same vehicle, moving in opposite directions. 

We present also 2 relatively videos that were received above the same point that has powerful geopathetic radiation : 

                            See Video  geopathybeancaracident1                 See Video  geopathybeancaracident2

The results of electronic measurements of the particular road point (red  arrow) appears in the following pictures. The clue that we had in our type frequencies spectrograph machine, sows a powerful type of geopathetic radiation, a black stream (undergrounds flowing waters that go through anthracitous rocks).


GEOMENT TEAM, develop this product and In collaboration with Geopathetic Research Institute of Cyprus(GRIC) offers a small, LOW COST, energy - free system (small portable appliance) of very small weight, that has the faculty to density free all nature geopathetic or geopathic radiation, fields and nodes. This product is not a toy. Inside of a wooden construction are placed 4  geopathetic radiation density free machines.  Is the develop of the number 15 PATENT  Publication number: GR200 60100353  Publication date: 2006-6-16 Inventor: STROMATIAS KONSTA NTINOS EVANGE, DELIKOURAS ALEXIOS NIKOLAOU; Data supplied from the   (Greek Industrial Ownership Organisation). This machine is made of non toxic or dangerous, for human health components. Experiments that have been done at  GRIC in corporation with GEOMENT TEAM, by human bioenergy meter (simple collection of humans 12 energy meridian spots by a voltmeter and by the use of the world known machine Meridian Test)   shown a positive amount on human bioenergy by the use of this machine, when the product placed between the human and the geopathietic radiation. STAYIRO is a machine that strongly eliminates geopathetic radiation, fields and nodes.


Depending on the result (many machines are better to eliminate the same geopathetic radiation) that we wish to have, STAYIRO  is constituted by a number of circular magnets.   Experiments that became from GEOMENT TEAM in collaboration with GRIC, showed that using 4 machines, placed in line (this  line must be the ahead direction of the moving car line) are capable to eliminate any geopathetic radiation that will offend from the flooring of the vehicle, towards to drivers head,  in speeds up to 120 kilometres per hour.  Each one of the four geopathetic radiation density free machines, apart from a circular magnet (2) 3,5 cm diameter, 8mm thick, 1cm width and a micro crystal (3). Two paper made inductors (4 and 5), are used as energy rotors to density free the dangerous geopathetic radiation

The cylindrical form machine, is placed inside a wooden, pyramoid, fabrication that offers suitable insulation to the machine. The magnetic field intensity that the magnet causes, is 30  nT (nano  tesla) in immobility and it reaches the 1300  nT in movement. The measurement done by a TESLA METER  TM 40 type, manufactured in Germany, using a Hall  effect sensor. Experiments that done in GRIC , using the  human bioenergy measurement method, did not show influence of human bioenergy from the magnet of machine, for the driver that stands over the specific machine.  




STAYIRO does not requires exterior benefit of energy in order to functions, it draws the damaging photons in two not conventional form inductors (44 - 45), placed reversely one as for the other, on magnet (47) specifically armed (46), encompassed from special material structure wrapping of (34) conical form which it retains regularly. STAYIRO motive force is the armed (46) magnet (47) that activates the two inductors and a special crystal , that create oscillations functioning as a Clock  for the two inductors. The magnet (47) attracts (32) photons (31) that cause the geopathetic node, forcing it to go through in the STAYIRO machine (42), increasing photons speed and attracting them in the two counterbalancing inductors that create two different and reverse directions of rotation. The result is the polarisation of other photons dextrally (53) and other (54) to the left, causing their destabilisation by the ` of maternal ' axis of (58) their rotation into the geopathetic node. The two counterbalancing currents of photons are moved drawn to his internal magnet where been density  free  completely by the initial force (8) of their move, blowing (48) to density  free  Geopathetic to the direction of (55) ground, in circular orbits. As long as STAYIRO functions  the geopathetic node cannot function dangerous for persons and animals health.  At    ( quick research -> type of search -> Persons or organizations - > search terms  'STROMATIAS') you can find full patent documents and shapes.



For more information   :


This product in order to have positive results, should be placed PRECISELY ABOVE the Geopathetic radiation (GA).  This type of machine is always placed (green arrow) BETWEEN the vehicle driver  and the floor of the vehicle,  in the point that GA coming from the ground, as it appears in the following picture.     STAYIRO placement  becomes easily, importing it from the rear seat of the vehicle,  or

 importing it from the front seat (drivers seat ONLY) of the vehicle.

In any case, the extended (big) axis of STAYIRO (green arrow) should be absolutely parallel with the big axis (length) of the vehicle, as in the following picture apears. It will be placed under the seat ONLY. In the following picture appears the drivers seat for explanation aims only...


The wooden wrapping of the machine is influenced immediately by rain, fire and humidity. We must protect it  proportionally, in room conditions. The sheath of machine is not suitable for operation in exterior space. The machine is hand made, an GRIC product of CYPRUS. The wooden sheath imports from China and the magnet from Germany.

GEOPATHETIC RESEARCH INSTITUTE of CYPRUS LTD O.DAVID (GRIC) in collaboration with GEOMENT TEAM, offers Geopathetic radiation detection, location and correction services, and similar for clean water, using original and unique electronic devices.

GRIC offers a variety of services, concerning health related problems or issues harmful to human, animal and plant life, with regards to Geopathic Radiation (its nodes and fields) and on the likely damaging consequences from the cancer-causing radiator element radon. Geopathy Practitioners and Electronic Engineers come and perform on the spot checks for radiation, of your house and/or field, and proceed with the correct placing of the Geopathy neutralising device STAGYRO (Greek Industrial Ownership Organisation, Certificate No. GR 20060100087), for which GRIC are the exclusive representatives, (see ) .  We also offer clean water locating services using original and unique electronic devices.  We also provide advisory services on the purchasing of real estate, (be it plot, flat or house), and collaboration with Building Contractors, (constructors, civil engineers or architects), is welcomed. The system WTMS-G Tech, (Greek Industrial Ownership Organisation, Certificate Nos. GR 20060100352, GR 20070100067 and GR 1005224), with its proven perimetric scanning capability, responds excellently in the detection of Geopathetic radiation. This device is unique worldwide, not available for sale to any others and is exclusively used by our company (see ). The concept of its operation is based on the magnetic tuned phenomenon between the Geopathogenic radiation and the radiated signal by system aerials.

We can develop any size of  STAGYIRO machine and place it inside any form of construction you want.


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PATENT  Publication number: GR 20060100353  Publication date: 2006-6-16        >> see this patent    

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