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em pulse geomagnetic field modulator

The E. M. Pulse Geomagnetic Field Modulator

The E. M. Pulse is an Intermittent Modulated Frequency (IMF) device. The E. M. Pulse is an old concept known by Europeans and North Americans but carried to a new idea.

Dowsers in Europe and North America use a device known as "Square G". This device is known to the quantum physic energies as a "Tuned Radiated Energy Deflector". It is fashioned into the shape of square "G" pattern measuring 5 x 5 x 5 x 3 x 3 inches. Geo-Magnetic paths called "Ley Line" can have the current of their magnetic flow changed when you place a Square G in its Geo-Magnetic path.

For example: Think of a Ley Line as a laser that can cut through steel. You know that if you place a piece of paper in front of the laser that it will instantly burn though the paper, but if you place a De-Fracturing lens into the lasers path it would then cause the beam to be scattered and make it a weak and harmless beam pattern.

If our bodies lay, sit or work in Geo-Magnetic Ley Line paths, we are giving ourselves high levels of Geo-Magnetic Stress. Most Europeans are aware of Geo-Magnetic Ley Lines which they also call Geo-Magnetic Stress Zones. Areas in Europe where they have experienced many vehicle accidents have been clearly marked as Geo-Magnetic Stress Zones. These stress zones have a net frequency of 6.91-7.82 Hz (Hertz) or cycles per second.

European scientists have also found that when they placed one blood sample in the path of a Ley Line it turned cancerous in 48-72 hours. The sample placed outside of the Ley Line remained non-cancerous and still safe many hours after the experiment had been concluded.
If we subject our bodies to these subtle energy fields we will become very ill and death will finally come. By changing the frequency of the Ley Lines, your body will have less stress upon it and in turn you will be healthier and stronger.

Many scientists have found that by changing the operating frequencies of the Ley Lines you can prevent or reduce the BIO-hazardous effects caused by the earth's Geo-Magnetic Field.

The E. M. Pulse is an electronic expanded version of the "Square G". It is a tuned radiated energy device capable of re-tuning the Ley Line. The E. M. Pulse does this by creating an active subcarrier wave when placed on or near the Ley Line. When an active primary frequency is coupled with a second frequency the effect is called an Intermittence Modulated Frequency.

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pyramid power

Experience the power of the great pyramid

Careful study reveals several unique and beneficial qualities that may be derived from Pyramid Meditation. Experienced Meditators relate profound results in their quest for expanded awareness.Many people feel that psychic powers are stimulated or heighten by the use of pyramids.

Psychics who use pyramids in that fashion have achieved an altered state of consciousness more rapidly than they would have otherwise, placed on the head focussing through the chakra system, during Meditation sessions, clearing psychic passages which may have become blocked.

The pyramid is a geometric amplifier which increases the power of prayer or strengthens the spiritual request of a religious devotee.

Pyramid Meditators suggest that the best results are achieved by sitting upright with the upper chakras (the force-centers of energy within) located approximately one third up from the pyramid base directly under the apex.

The use of a pyramid in meditation can excellerate the process bringing feelings of calmness, wellbeing and a more open and positive attitude. Many users claim increased memory recall, visions of past incarnations, telepathic communication and an expansion of awareness.

Verbal and written testimonials, among experienced and non-experienced pyramid meditators throughout the world have reported that the pyramid shows the following reactions.

A sense of weightlessness
Electric-like tingling sensations
Feelings of warmness, usually in the upper portions of the body
Tranquility, relaxation and freedom from tensions
Dreams with vivid colors and graphic visions
External stimuli, sight and sounds particularly fade away
Time distortion, Space consciousness prevails
Deeper, more fulfilling meditations and higher energy levels

Additional benefits

A strong detoxification of the entire body
Great relaxation and piece of mind
Higher energy and vitality
Deeper meditation
Restful sleep
Increased intimacy with your partner

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solomon ii zen meditation

Solomon ZEN Meditation and Super Learning Instrument
Solomon is an effective brainwave entrainment device which enables you to rapidly and effortlessly create a frame of mind void of all distracting thoughts. Before the invention of Solomon by scientist and Zen meditator, Dr. Hee-Sun Park, such mental states were only possible after a long period of training, such as TM or Zen meditation. Normally, the brain is in a Beta state. When a person is stressed, the brain emits Beta waves more rapidly. Beta waves, ranging from 15 to 40 cycles per second, are characteristic of a strongly engaged mind. The brain is aroused, and actively engaged in mental activities. A person in active conversation would be in Beta frequency. If the brain continues in a Beta state for too long a period of time, the body can develop chronic stress, leading to mental, emotional or physical imbalances. Therefore, it is beneficial to experience relaxing periods of Alpha waves in the brain, which can reduce stress and tension and help to maintain a positive state of mind.

An Alpha state occurs when Alpha waves are dominant in the brain. The brain will respond to Alpha wave stimulus, producing desired effects, as if Zen meditation were being practiced with great skill. When Solomon converts Beta waves into Alpha, the ability to focus increases, and creativity is enhanced. Learning and study are most effective in the Alpha state. Alpha waves range from 9 to 14 cycles per second. Where Beta represents alertness, Alpha represents centered, deep relaxation. A person who has completed a task and sits down to rest is often in Alpha state. When brain waves are in Alpha, B-endorphin, the anti-stress hormones increase, reducing stress, improving mental concentration and memory functions and enhancing the efficiency of work and study. Solomon enables you to create a frame of mind void of all distracting thoughts - easily, and quickly, which before was only possible after a long period of training, such as Zen meditation.

Solomon is a very beneficial tool for the following applications:
more restful sleep , deeper relaxation, more positive emotional states, improved ability to mentally focus, improved concentration, creativity enhancement, Alpha-learning.

Solomon - How it Works
Solomon operates on the principal of pulsed magnetic brainwave entrainment. It has been demonstrated by researchers, such as Dr. Robert O. Becker and Dr. Michael Persinger that humans and animals show a prominent reaction to extreme low frequency (ELF) magnetic fields and waves. When the mind and body are relaxed, brain waves tend to be in a middle state between Alpha and Beta (8 to 14 cycles per second). When pulsed magnetic Alpha wave frequencies are delivered from the Solomon headband to the brain, the normally occurring Alpha waves of the brain are reinforced and their amplitude or strength is increased. Furthermore, neighboring areas of the brain join into this rhythm with a Frequency Following Response and soon, a large area of the brain is pulsing in a synchronized rhythm of Alpha waves. Both the left and the right hemispheres of the brain join in this response and this results in a condition that has been called by a number of terms including: Whole Brain Synchronization, Whole Brain Learning, Wholistic Learning, Holographic Mind, Hemispheric Synchronisation and so forth.
Solomon may be used alone with great results or combined with audio tape programs for language, learning, negative habit control, stop smoking, weight loss, prosperity programming, etc. Solomon will also enhance the effectiveness of educational video presentations and the experience of Light and Sound Mind Machines. Professional athletes can rapidly get into the "ZONE" by using the Solomon prior to competitive events. When used with creative visualization and goal-setting practices users can see fast and amazing results.

Solomon and Hypnotherapy
Solomon is an ideal tool for hypnotherapy professionals. When your client is wearing the Solomon, the hypnotic induction may be faster and deeper. The Solomon deeply relaxes the body and mind. This promotes a greater acceptance of hypnotic suggestions and scripts with fewer relapses. Especially helpful in some of those difficult clients and situations where there is a high rate of relapse, such as stoping smoking.

Solomon features four programs:
1. Meditation / Stress Reduction - 60 minutes
2. Learning / Concentration Program for Whole-Brain Alpha Learning - 60 minutes
3. Sleeping Program - 30 minutes
4. Body and Mind Integration Program - 15 minutes

Who can benefit from Solomon
Amateur and professional athletes - helps to focus and concentrate with faster recovery times
Students and educators - an aide to learning and memorization with consistent use
Meditators - make faster progress, more easily enter Zen-like meditative states
Astral projection / Remote Viewing / Lucid Dreaming experimentation
Smokers and dieters - supports hypnosis audio tapes for reinforced results
Individuals seeking greater mental energy, better rest, more positive moods and habit control

although the Solomon power level is only 40mA, it can take up to several weeks to become accustomed to the higher power levels. You may experiment with the intensity settings, but generally it is better to start the first week of sessions at Level 1 intensity setting, then progressing up one level each week up to the maximum strength - Level 5 - until you feel comfortable with higher magnetic intensity settings. Starting out at a higher level setting may result in headache. This will be temporary and can be solved by using a lower intensity setting. If possible, choose a quiet time for your sessions in subdued lighting and without interruptions from telephones or other distractions. Use of the Sleep and Meditation programs may promote Lucid Dreaming.

the Solomon is not a medical device. It is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, cure or mitigation of any disease in humans or animals. It is not designed to affect the structure or function of any system in the body. If you have a health-related condition that requires medical attention, always consult with a licensed health care professional.

Solomon may not be suitable for some individuals. The following list is not intended to be all inclusive. Consult a qualified licensed medical professional if you have questions regarding the appropriate use of Solomon for your situation.

Not for use by women during Pregnancy
Not for use by infants and children
Not for use by individuals with seizure disorders or epilepsy
Not for use by individuals with brain injuries or diseases
Not for use by individuals under doctor's treatment with psychiatric / psychotropic medications
Do not use while operating motor vehicles or hazardous machinery

Solomon Kit Includes:
Solomon Instrument
Carry pouch with belt-clip
Instruction booklet
1 year warranty
Battery charger
AA rechargeable battery
High quality carrying / storage case

this and other great devices are available at

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the hyperdimensional resonator

The Hyperdimensional Resonator

Steve Gibbs’ Hyper-Dimensional Resonator (HDR) unit was first called the sonic resonator when the idea for it was given to Steve by two aliens names Paco and Pedro. Paco and Pedro claimed to be time-travelers who read an article Steve had written for a health-related journal published in Canada in 1984. Paco and Pedro had a circuit that had been used successfully to travel trough time and they offered it to Steve to use at his own risk. Apparently it was so potent that it had once burst into flames, but Steve managed to construct it without any incidents in a couple of hours.

Although it took him 2-3 years to reach an acceptable safety level, Steve modified it until it was safe to use. Surprisingly, Steve discovered that using this HDR tuned him into the Christ Consciousness, which in turn enabled him to receive information for his research and reports!

While Paco and Pedro had it, they referred to it as the “Sonic Resonator,” and Steve found out later it had originated with Jose Lopez whose original circuit had been stolen and then simplified.
Lopez had referred to the device as the “Magnetic X Device” and told Steve he had come in from the fifth dimension around 1959. He had been educated in electronics and trained to construct androids. He even made the android, which he referred to as his mother! And he claimed to have personally constructed a number of famous people who are really androids such as Ted Koppel, and one of the female actors in the movie MANNEQUIN. All of those were androids, which aren't robots, but cyborg. A cyborg is based on nanno-technology!

Currently, Lopez teaches college-level electronics courses in a college on the West Coast. He is the first one who told Steve about the chair modification of the HDR. Lopez claimed to have had a vision about the HDR becoming a chair and now George Nordahl has actually constructed one.
Lopez told Steve there would eventually be “Sonic Taverns” in which people would sit in these modified chairs and project into other times and dimensions. The HDR is a particle acceleration device which HAS a capacitor but is NOT ONE.

Since then Steve has been shown that the final version of his HDR unit will be a time belt, which will access, or open a doorway similar to those opened by the Ark of the Covenant. The belt uses gold and plastic, which works like wood and gold in the original ARK and creates the same capacitive effect ... with an exception:

The belt DOES NOT REQUIRE a separate energy source (such as a wall plug, etc.) Capacitors open up doors because of orgone energy, which is drawn in and transmitted for healing purposes.

A capacitor can tune a person into a zero vector, and once you are tuned into a zero vector, it locks onto an infinite source of Christ and tachyon energy and harmonics, which can somehow be transmitted into biological substance to time-travel.

Plasma globes can also be used in a similar manner providing they have been consecrated to the Lord. These globes have a miniature Tesla coil that times open the zero vector and opens positive doorways and once these open up it can allow you to allow the Lord to operate through you or enhance the healing powers of your HDR! Once blessed it can become a time-travel machine!

According to his book THE MONTAUK PROJECT, Preston Nichols explained that the U.S. government began a weather-control project in the 1940s under the code name “Phoenix." The information and technology for this came from Dr. Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian scientist who had studied with Freud and Carl Jung. Reich was known in part for his discovery of “orgone” energy, which is orgasmic, or life energy. His experiments revealed that orgone energy was distinctly different from ordinary electromagnetic energy.

Although the FDA destroyed most of his research, equipment, papers and notes, he was able to prove the existence of this energy in the laboratory! He went a step further and associated orgone energy with 'cosmic' energy and ‘the ether’ – the latter was a hypothetical invisible substance that was believed to pervade all space and serve as a medium for light and radiant energy. Unlike his contemporary scientists, Reich considered the ether to be wave-like in nature and not static at all!

Since Reich's original writings, scientists have discovered that vacuum space contains properties that are dynamic in nature just as Reich had said. Reich was also able to develop a “space gun” on the basis of orgone energy theory. When actually used, this device causes UFO’s to fade away with regularity according to eyewitness accounts.

So, orgone energy definitely has a basis in fact, which makes Gibbs’s belt idea seem to have scientific merit (Steve Gibbs’ two most recent time-travel reports are located in the back of this book.)

Which brings us to George Nordahl – the inventor whom I mentioned a few pages ago. Nordahl modified the hyper-dimensional resonator into an Inner-Dimensional Resonator (IDR) in a chair form and has had a great deal of success with it. George’s report will follow this part of the book.
Now, while the idea of Inner Meditation Chairs or Sonic Resonator Taverns seems very interesting and entertaining, it seems hardly in the same category of urgency as, say, an AIDS vaccine or a cure for Ebola or Lassa fever! However, I have recently come across some information that, if true, could mean the very survival of the human race could be contingent upon our ability to time-travel, both in vertical, and horizontal time!

In THE TIME TRAVEL HANDBOOK BY David Hatcher Childress, an anonymous scientist referred to only as 'Dr. Anderson,' had these things to say:
“… Time travel can be accomplished by the soul from an observation level …that is to say that certain individuals can move in the realm of what we call vertical time and see future events with great clarity, but they are powerless to change them. And there are also those who have come into contact with the Wingmakers and are provided messages about the future … chief among these was the prophecy there would be an infiltration of the major governments of the world, including the United Nations by an alien predator race with extremely powerful technologies that enable them to integrate with the human species … and establish a world government and rule as its executive power … it would be the ultimate challenge to mankind’s collective intelligence and survival!”

The author goes on to explain if we develop a type of time-travel known as Blank-slate technology (BST) we could intervene BEFORE any of this could happen, hopefully before this mystery race could even enter our galaxy. In order to do this, we would have to have a kind of time-travel that would allow us to interact and alter time, not just simply observe it! And there in lies the problem!

Contact-abductee Alex Collier has said the alien race with who he has been in contact has said they have ordered all alien life forms off planet Earth before the year 2003 AD. And famous American psychic Sylvia Browne has stated the Mayan calendar doesn't end in 2012 as has been widely believed-but in 2003! Everyone agrees that something is coming our way-and soon! But WHAT?

“This is a ‘crisis-brain planet’. Everyone here has some sort of crisis in their life to deal with, therefore don’t criticize, condemn or complain or you might draw their situation to you" – George Wordal warned. For example, if someone seems to be getting rich from being ‘crooked’ just let them be, their soul needs to learn that lesson in order to bring their spiritual body to a greater light. Just be aware things may not be as they appear to everyone else.

When I spoke with inventor George Nordahl, I asked him where he felt that we-as a race-were going. He told me about cyclic history called “rounds and races” and that we were quickly approaching a time when anything not based on love would be destroyed from within. His views are very similar to that of Australian physician/metaphysician Dr. Joseph S. Chiappalone whom I shall refer to as “Dr. C.”

According to him, 'Maya' is a term he has chosen for an illusion, and is the clothing of an illusion, which appeals to the senses and distracts an individual from truth. It contains and is sustained by the evil, plastic society with its evil plastic people. It is everything, which is evil and false but made to look real.

Maya is not just in the physical. It extends throughout all the classes of dimensions, and ITS BIGGEST JOB IS TO BLOCK THE AWARENESS OF THE ORIGIN OF THE TRUE BEINGS AND THE SOURCE OF THE ABSOLUTE! Maya stands for all that is evil, corrupt, and blasphemous… It says the ego is the most important part of life with money, sex, and power following very closely... Maya tells us to live through our emotions... to grab everything while we can, for there is no tomorrow. It contradicts the Inner Divine Knowledge and Plan in all respects.

Maya extends to the etheric and astral worlds. Even the conditions in these worlds are an illusion. We live in a dream within a dream.... Hunger for the spoils of Maya very quickly turn to vice and depravity... Maya has been created to LURE True beings to physical things. It has been created to trap them via their senses and emotional bodies and make them slaves to their sensual hungers and emotions.... it is a TRAP!

But Dr. ‘C’ has foreseen a happy ending! According to him, evil will fail-just as George Nordahl believes it will fail! And that, perhaps, is partly what our search for time-travel is all about!
This is an explanation of Nordahl’s device which can be found at his “inner voyage” website.
“The technology used in the construction of the Inner Dimensional Resonator (IDR) came from the Steven Gibbs time travel reports. The IDR is used for enhancing a persons meditation exercises and the movement through ones spiritual and mental levels by creating upward energy whirls. It tends to help focus the mind or bring the mind back into the center current when the mind begins to wander. The goal of the IDR is to move ones mind into the absolute center of the great river, the current, and the holy name. Within this timeless state you move consciously inward and upward as far as you can go, and meditate.”

“The IDR consists of a rubbing plate with a Sirian PHI amplifier on top of it, a copper witness well, time coils, two potentiometers with 0-100 dial plates and a built in 3" double terminated Quartz crystal. The purpose of the Quartz crystal, which vibrates at about 7.8 MHz, is to get the pineal gland vibrating at 7.8 MHz. This crystal vibration helps activate the time travel mechanism in the head for spiritual or mental travel. I use the copper "witness well" to enhance the system. I insert a slip of paper containing the Hebrew word equivalent of the level I want to reach and insert a charged picture of my spiritual teacher which acts as booster. Hebrew is a living language as is Sanskrit. Each Hebrew letter has the PHI ratio (1.618034.) built somewhere into it's shape. Using Gem atria Numerology each Hebrew word will equal a number. I calculate two harmonics using the PHI ratio.” For example: The word Manvantari y r a f n a w n a m, would have a value of 368. So I would set one dial to the harmonic of 1.618034 to the 368 power = 80.807489... harmonic and the other dial to the harmonic of either (368 to the 1.618034 power) / 216= 65.644100616 harmonic or 368 x 1.618034 x 144 = 85.742857 Harmonic." I am using Bruce Cathie's harmonics system. "Thus dividing and multiplying a number by powers of 10 doesn't change its harmonics.”

“Since my dial plates are not accurate to a 100 decimal places, I set the dial to the approximate value and move my finger across the rubbing plate until I get a stick. Then, I may double check the setting with a pendulum. When everything is correct the pendulum will remain motionless when held over the center of the chair or the Sirian PHI Amplifier cone. With practice a person can develop a pendulum in your head. When I am creating a vibrational setting I use a rechargeable battery for input or an AC to DC adapter.”

I have a transliteration chart available to assist anyone who wants to transliterate English to Hebrew. I have a sample page of some converted words I created. I have a Gematria Calculator that I created in Visual Basic to calculate the PHI harmonics for the dial settings. (NOTE: Download Calculator zip file, which contains hebcal2.exe and a Hebrew Font file called cwhebrew.ttf).

I downloaded a Hebrew Font off the net and using a word processor and the Transliteration table created the Hebrew equivalent of various spiritual level I wished to reach. After printing them out, I put the Hebrew words in the witness well. I then program the dials to harmonics of the Hebrew name together with the Sirian PHI amplifier. One can insert a charged picture of their spiritual teacher into the "witness well" for an extra boost. I put the Time Coils around my head and begin my spiritual practice. The PHI amplifier whirls the vibrations through the time coils around the head and through the grid system (grid # 1, grid -#2) on the bottom of the meditation chair which creates another whirl of energy in the double PHI Amplifier cone in the center of the grid system.

My different types of IDR are:
1. DC (in)-DC (out), which are ones that are attached to the chairs shown. This circuit is in (report #3) STB-60 without the diodes and the electro magnet configuration, with the components in a different order.
2. DC (in)- Audio coil (output) where one dial is a voltage vibration and the other is a sound vibration.
This slightly modified circuit was in (Report #3).
3. Space-time collector (report #9) that uses electro magnetism tied to a grid point as the power source. Two bar magnets wrapped with 21-gauge magnet wire are hooked into a diode bridge the way an AC-DC circuit would be. The output goes through the switch, witness well rubbing plate with Sirian cone, time coils, crystal and dials.
4. AC in DC sine wave out. This circuit is from (report #3) and a slightly modified version of the STB-60 (Sonic Time Blaster), less the electro magnet configuration.
My purpose is to travel the Spiritual Highway rather than do physical time travel. Anything you need to know about building time travel units is in Steven Gibbs’s reports. My disclaimer is the IDR is primarily a tool for enhancing your spiritual growth. Hence, it is a research tool and if you modify it for some other purpose than what it is intended, then I am not responsible
We are actually selling The HDR - Hyper Dimensional Resonator New Improved Version!!!

HyperDimensional Resonator HDR Time Travel & Radionic Psionic device WITH FREE quartz crystal!

We did it again! Found literally the rarest of experimental gadgets for those interested in expanding life experience beyond normal boundaries!

You are looking on an extremely rare device made from the HDR or HyperDimensional Resonator!

The maker of this unit took his original Hyper Dimensional Resonator, made many improvements, and this is the result!

This device will after proper tuning and practice, aid in out of body, astral projection and mental time travel.

In some cases users have experienced physical time travel if on artificial Grid Points( can be made with TWO of these units ) or in Vortexes. There are said to be Vortex locations in most homes. (Easily found with affordable ELF meters or cell censors, not included in auction). Also is a functional Psionic box.

Check this video clip I took of the effect this very machine has on a basic watch.
This is no trick, video is live and unedited.

You can buy such similar gadget but with much more lesser functions and capabilities, which sell for $590.00 US plus tax at Future horizons for reasonable delivery times or similar price with less features and they take 6 months to get it in your hands. So don’t lose the opportunity, and get it here within 2 weeks after shipping and will ship usually next 3 business day payment is received!
This specially Upgraded and Improved HDR Device are made to be safe. This device was a true modification from the original HDR from Steve Gibbs. It’s safer and has more options. 4 dials will give you more parameters to choose from such as time, place, duration and purpose, etc ...

Please read the description on the safety features we have added on. Within are so many improvements, upgrading and most vital aspect is that there is a safety component build into the device. Those other Normal HDR devices use a full 110 volts direct power. This is highly dangerous especially when the device is connected directly to the body's naval points. A short circuit or prolong usage may cause harm to the body or even destroy the device. With extensive scientific research and explorations, HDRENTERPRISES comes out with this Upgraded and Improved HDR device that had suppress all of these negative risks, not only has it become safe for usage, after extensive research, this HDR Device are upgraded with more functions, astonishing looks and also doubling the defining control capabilities.

This machine has the extra added bonus capabilities of acting as a full function Psionic and Radionic box that can be used for secondary psionic use. This is achievable while the electromagnet is switch is off . It can be use also as a wishing machine or a healing device vice versa. The witness well can be use for all type of sample placement such as favourite pictures or health etc.

This featured Hyper Dimensional Resonator is one of the most advanced device ever built of its kind yet!! It is uniquely and primarily designed as an astral projection/ time machine as well as unlimited white light generator. The unit comes with an advanced Psychotronic 4 dials, a witness well, rubbing plate, multidimensional stabilizer, clear switch, power switch, comfortable T-Head Band and Large hand wound solid ferrite electromagnet, and printed user friendly instructions. The headband cord and all other cords are also improved with new wiring and an elastic band for comfort & stability! It is the only unit of its kind in this world. And advice for you, if you have ever had difficulties astral projecting, then this device can help you to succeed.

The gadget will after proper tuning and practice, aid in out of body, astral time travel and projection. Some Users have been able to time travel through utilizing a natural grid points or an artificial Vortex. To create an artificial grid point with an electromagnetic field of adequate density, one may need to the creation of artificial grid points. Such encoding for vector pathways does exist and these Vortex or artificial grid point can be found by using Cell censors and ELF Meters. These Artificial grid points can be found in most places, even our homes. Remember in the past about the "Philadelphia Experiment", this would be a perfect example of using a natural grid point. This is one area that requires much more research.

As the anticipation of using it the first dozen or more times can get in the way of functioning, results are supposed to improve with use over time as you gain skill with proper tuning ( which is key ) and the ability to relax while using it. Tats where the OBE cd comes in , it enables you to relax .

This unit is classified as an experimental device for experimentation and research purposes only.
Product Includes:

- One Improved HDR Device complete with witness well.
- One powerful T-Bar ferrite Electromagnet and high quality input jacks.
- One hand knitted Headband for extra comfort and high quality input jacks.
- FREE Quartz Crystal for witness well to improve results as an oscillator/stabilizer ( $10 value )
- FREE OBE CD to help you attain the alpha mind state activity before vibration process . ( $25 value )
- User friendly printed user instructions booklet.

Make a perfect gift for those interested in Time Travel, Psionics, Radionics and Astral Projection!

Will usually ship next 3 business day after payment is received!

for more info visit the manufatcurers site at

Life Technology supply a device which is designed to facilitate hyperdimensional experiences at

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top secret radionics machine

A few things before you read this information:

1: I backed this information up to a secret website about 4 years ago and never distributed this information to anyone. A few weeks later, I could not log into my website and found that my password had been changed. - I have been a webmaster since the web began - close to 7 years now - I have built over 15 different websites (professional) websites and never have I ever had difficulty logging in or accessing any of them. It seems somebody out there has a very huge capability to search the entire web either webpages that are not made public, as well as webpages that are made public, and whoever they are, and I'm sure they're reading this found this information a little too hot to handle.
So that is why this website is being mirrored on as many free servers as possible, and I suggest you download it to your PC for future reference as who knows what may happen as I am now going public with this information. My name is withheld (for obvious reasons). Also this information is given to the free domain and reproduction is hereby granted. Please mirror this information on as many servers as you can. Hereby permission is granted to freely distribute this information with the restriction that you do not take credit for the machine, technology or research described herein. Reference can be made to Deepstar - California for the author / inventor of this machine.

Here is the story (short version)

From 1993 to 1996 I was involved in research at a Government facility on developing a machine capable of materializing or manifesting objects , circumstances and acclerating thought forms.

Research took place using lottery numbers. Simply put, the machine (which I'll explain later) was activated to create the next days lottery numbers. The machine worked on frequency, so a frequency was put up for a number of hours or days, sometimes seconds and than the next day the lottery would be drawn and the numbers would appear.

Now don't get greedy here, the lottery number system was used because it is totally random and a great tester for tuning the machine and getting it to perform as engineered.

Over time the results were up to %99 in materializing the lottery numbers for the next day. Once that was achieved the machine was deemed operational and lottery number research materialization was abandoned. Words cannot explain the feeling when you materialize the numbers you set the frequency for. It is like turning on a light switch and bam! they appear out of thin air!

Now the fun part starts.

When you reach this level of technology you step into another world. A world where anything is possible. The machine was used for many things from diverting war, to creating a better world, to contacting beings from other planets to stop the aging process to instant healing and so on.

Well it was found that after using the machine for so many uses and things, and it sounds crazy, but it seems that we exist in our own reality, space time universe. So what this machine does is creates a rift in space/time to the universe that you want. This universe is based on the frequency that is activated / tuned. This than puts you in that universe. It is also permanent, and I mean very permanent. Once you set the frequency say for example to stop aging, you stop aging, although the effects are really weird for that.
In the end, you find that real power such as being president of the united states of America is not real power at all. Why is that real power when you can set up this machine to take you / create the situation / event you want at will? Real power is growing from within learning about who you really are. When you change who you are inside the whole world changes. It is really true.

I've nicknamed this machine "the ark of the covenant"

Noted side effects while being in the presence are:

1: Machine tends to "come alive" or begins to display a consciousness of it's own.
2: Amplification of thoughts, feelings and emotions while near or around the machine.
3: Computer operations are affected and you can have fun with this. Most noted computer malfunctions are programs that open/close on their own, and other odd things.
4: The room, when activated will achieve a warmer temperature.
5: Healing while near the machine.

The reason I am releasing this information is because:

1: Dr. Greer’s effort to release these technologies to the public domain.
2: The need for such technology to better humanity (the intent of the machine)
3: A personal goal of mine

I know what the government and maybe you are thinking right now:
What about terrorists or "it" getting into the wrong hands?

1: The universe all around us is not what it appears. If a terrorist was to build this machine and exploit it, then this is what would happen: He/She would create a terrorist attack in his/her own reality and suffer the consequences. You and I would not be affected, however in another universe we would be affected. It gets quite complex, and I'll keep it simple.

I'm sure whoever hacked my online backup data knows this information completely. I'm also sure that real advanced physics researchers understand what I am talking about here as far as personal universes go.

Since I am no longer in government employ I use the machine myself mostly. I have used it to stop aging, create a booming business, attain chosen goals in life and soon will use it to leave for the stars. Either open a portal or go to another planet where they have achieved a higher level of understanding of living with others. Now that's gonna rock!

This website has many mirrors so that is why it is short and simple. I don't want "theM" screwing with this information again.

Here are the plans and information. If you build this machine properly and follow the instructions correctly, than you can be guaranteed of success.

Read up on Radionics. And build a simple radionic box. Once that is done, make additions by following the instructions I have listed in this document.

1: Get the rate for the frequency. If you want it to rain for example. By saying, "Tell me the cause for it not raining on Saturday"
Now once you have that rate, subtract it from 10.
The rate you subtract from 10 is the frequency you will use to activate the machine.
This works great for curing a cold or instant healing. It's amazing, it's like a miracle when it works.
Sounds crazy, like this machine, but it does work. And you need to follow each step along the way to get results. It takes about 2 hrs to prep and get the machine ready. But worth it if you want to change the universe you exist in.

Advanced Radionics Broadcasting



Authority: People of the
Date: 11/28/2002
Number of documents: (1) Single
Number of Photographs: (7)
Classification Purpose: New Era Emerging. Need for advancment of the human potential.

Risk and patience are the keys to allow us to influence reality.
This machine will put you into an alternate version of reality. Using this machine will help you tap into the alternate realities all around us and by tapping into the right reality you can benefit.

Activate frequency up when moon is in Libra/Taurus once a month during any of the moons phases or periods (you can find this information in Lewellyn's Moon Sign Book). Choose Libra or Taurus by finding the best moon phase and day of week and aspect to give you the correct formula for the best period. Sometimes Taurus may be in moon for 3 days or vice versa with Libra.

Before you put up any broadcast remember over doing it will cause problems. Never broadcast more than 12 hrs at a time. The energy gets too intense and causes short circuit, burning of the materialization. The frequency can be activated for 4 hrs 5 days a week so the charge has time to build.
The 2 planets with the largest bodies closest to our earth affect reality the most. The first is Venus known as Libra/Taurus. The 2nd is the Sun known as Leo. The 3rd and 4th periods of the Moon acts as a lens, this is when the moon is moving away from the sun. This helps focus planetary energies to bring about the most influence.

NEVER broadcast more than 2 times during the Moons 4 phases upon the same target. Patience is vital for the charge to build up and for the planets to realign. During this time the "static" charge needs time to build up and this charge is extremely important for success upon the next broadcast. Without a proper charge the next broadcast fails. Leaving a gap of 2 weeks between broadcasts is recommended. Further research should accelerate this charge process.

A lot of energy is created when this device is activated so try not to cuss or set this up while you are in a bad mood, because this device will amplify whatever feelings you are having at the time, so this must be done while you are in a positive manner. After you have set it up and are about 6ft away the amplification effects are not as strong.

The box must be aligned on the North South axis, so all pyramids are square with the box. All pyramids on the box are placed on the North South axis. Be sure the box has been cleansed by placing a copper pyramid on the plate and another on the pad for 48 to 72 hours before the broadcast. This rids the box of any previous residue left over from the previous broadcast. Previous residue can influence and have an effect on the next broadcast that is carried out. Energies from this broadcast can affect the witness from the previous broadcast if the box is not cleansed properly. Try not to look at the witness in the first 15 minutes of broadcasting especially while the light is on the witness or pyramid, it can have a dizzying, smoke, mist life effect on your consciousness. Also use caution when handling super charged crystals, they give off very high energies.

The very first hour when these planetary signs emerge are the best time followed by the last 4 hours when the planet is in the new moon are when the energies are at their strongest. Pick out the best aspect during these times and put up frequency at the very start of that favorable aspect to pull the most power.

Remember energies are at their strongest just before a full moon/new moon and just after, this rule also applies to planets just before they enter the moon and just after usually in a 4 hour window + or -- 4 hrs. During the New Moon when the Sun and Moon are closest to each other the first hour of this aspect is very powerful.

The Best houses are Libra, Taurus, followed by Leo. Put the frequency up in the first hour of the sign. Leave a window to wait for the best aspect to enter during the 1st choice moons 3rd phase 2nd choice moons 4th Phase.
The window should be anywhere from 12:30 a.m at night to one hour before sunrise in the morning. The preferred time is between 3:00 am and 5:30am but there is a larger window provided if needed.

Simply put, the best time to activate the machine is below:

Put the frequency up following these "windows" on a 1st choice Monday, 2nd choice Tuesday. 1st choice Moon in Libra. 2nd choice Moon in Taurus, 3rd Choice moon in Leo, 4th choice Moon in Aries or Moon in any Barren sign.
Moons phase to be 3rd or New if possible except for Libra & Taurus it does not matter what phase for these planets. Between the hours of 2:00am Monday morning and sunrise these aspects are the best times to put up frequency.

It is of utmost importance that you DO NOT TOUCH the witness plate after broadcast. Try it and you'll see what I mean. This plate can only be used once per broadcast. It must be disposed of carefully. The copper/tin witness plate becomes contaminated with frequency energy during and after each broadcast and is HAZARDOUS to handle. A fresh new plate must be used for each new broadcast. To give lightning results also REWIRE the box and potometers (or dials) before each broadcast. The copper wire gets contaminated during and after each broadcast also. THIS CANNOT BE STRESSED ENOUGH.

Best Sextile windows:

From 1st choice to last: Moon sextile or Trine Pluto. 2nd Choice: Any planet in any aspect of Saturn. Next: Moon Sextile Venus, Moon sextile Mercury. Or Mercury Sextile Venus, Moon Conjunction Uranus. For maximum charge activate frequency during the first hour of these aspects.

Choices are the 2nd option to create a successful formula if one period does not coincide with another than choices are given to provide the next best alternative, although they are not as powerful.

So in conclusion use the correct planet houses followed by the best aspect while the moon is in the 3rd phase, on a Monday morning. Frequency is activated during the first hour of these aspects. Use the timer to activate the frequency during the first hour of the aspects. If no good aspects are available than activate the frequency for one hour before sunrise one hour before noon and one hour before sunset and one hour before midnight, let the current run through the box for one hour during these periods.

As with electricity, to much applied current can cause the materialization to lose power. It is better to have less current rather than to much, to much applied current can cause short circuiting of the materialization.

What you get you will pay for. If you want your stocks to rise, which I've done before, by all means help yourself. But you will only learn that money is just paper and real life is not about money or cash or material pleasures. Try it for yourself and you'll see what I mean.

During the months of June/July is when the creation energies are at their strongest. (crop circles manifest also during this phase). This was a breakthrough in the research it was found that the "windows" created by this machine are at their peak during this time of the year) This is because during this period the Summer Solstice begins the new year. Any broadcasts during this period are especially more powerful then other times of the year.

The Sea of Energy that is all around you and the Radionics Box Will affect your body when you activate the Frequency. You may go through a phase of "lack of oxygen" and temporary Nausea at first. Shortness of breath is not uncommon. This is good because it means the frequency is activating properly. This is because the Broadcast requires certain energy to "open the portal".


Instructions are below:

1: Re-wire the Potometers (or dials) with FRESH new wire. Have a FRESH new copper plate or tin plate from a coffee can for the witness. Turn computer monitor on and type wording that resembles witness on plate using bold characters with the sentence ending with now. Use copy feature and repeat this 40 times remembering not to let the characters scroll off the screen. Remember to sticky tape the copper plate to the computer screen and attach one wire to the Copper Amp Bowl which will be placed on pad. The timer controls the Orgone Blaster,Spinning crystal, Light inside crystal, Green Led,Strobe light, and box current. When dissolving Regional;International Conflicts, place VALERIAN or Research the appropriate Herb to Dissolve Tensions. Use correct Herbs for Rate.

2: Insert 2 new copper rods onto the side of the main GOLD pyramid and clip into place. Place one on the east slope of the pyramid and the other on the south slope. Fresh untreated wire gives lighting results. These rods are always disposed of after the broadcast has been completed.

3: Place a super charged Orgone sheet in box that has been charging for one month. Place a small cup of salt water on this charge sheet inside box. Place small pyramids on this charge sheet surrounding water.

4: Place the copper ring of marble spheres on charge sheet in box so the marbles surround the saltwater.

5: Program the timer to activate during the first hour of favorable aspects. Let the current run for one hour only, any more and you'll overcharge freq. If no favorable aspects exist than activate during the set times. 1hr before sunrise, 1hr before noon, 1hr before sunset, 1 hr before midnight.

6: When you put the witness under the pyramid be sure you put a laminated card with the thoughtform or intended goal written on it. This must be in writing and is placed next to the witness under the pyramid, witness and pyramid and thoughtform all face north.

7: Put a container of salt water under the Main Gold pyramid. Place pyramids over the potomiters or volume control knobs.

8: Attach grounding wire clip and attach Caduceus coil antenna clip to main pyramid south wire.

9: Connect the copper amp bowl wire near pad. Attach the caedus coiled antenna to south main pyramid wire.

10: Attach Plate #2, which is an aluminum plate with a copper coil on it. Clip this coil wire to the south side of the pyramid wire. Put a pyramid charged crystal facing north on this plate coil & place a pyramid over this plate.

11: Place a large Amplifying pattern with circles made from copper, or use a pattern from King Solomans patterns, or the bubble pyramid pattern, and place this design on the pad.

12: Play a recording of the goal or chanting music and place the headphone speakers face down on the pad.

13: Place a strobe light on pad and connect it to the timer. Put the strobe pulse on slow blinking.

14: Put the direct opposite of your goal in writing around the outside of the pad or around the outside of the pad. The opposites must surround the outside of the pad and be exactly the opposite of the goal. Use more than one sentence that says different things for an opposite.

15: Check to make sure all electrical connections are neat and safe.

16: Place a picture of the sun under the amplified pyramid on pad.

17: Next place 1 30 day charged crystal beside the copper bowl on the pad. And place the next crystal with the tip pointed north on pad on the south side of pad.
18: Press play of the chanting on the cassette player, computer.

19: Place the Orgone blaster above the pyramid that is on the pad, and pulse it on a high blinking rate. Activate it at the same time the timer is activated.

20: Place a soldering iron over the pad (not touching) just barely enough to give the pad some heat. Put the soldering iron at an off/on rate at hourly intervals with the same on/off times as the timer. Use caution and be sure it is safely set up, use the best procedures to insure maximum safety so no injuries result from the soldering iron.

21: Shine a 400,000 candlelight light with a red lens on Main Gold pyramid ( aka plate).

22: Activate Wand and Bless Frequency Materialization to Manifest.

23: Put a crystal headband on your head and attach the wire to the gold pyramid. Chant and visualize the intended goal like it has already manifested. Do this for 10 minutes. (This part is optional but can help in the intended results.)

24: After chanting place a flashlight shining over the MAIN pyramid. This light must be a 2AA flashlight. This light must only run for the life of the batteries which is about 10 to 20 minutes and no longer. When the light goes out on the flashlight, DO NOT shine any more light on the pyramid. The darkness aids in creation of the materialization. Excessive light on the pyramid leads to short circuiting of the materialization.

25: After frequency is up for 6 - 48 hours remove everything. Retrograde:

Shine the red light on plate.
Activate Frequency.
Set all Potometers to "0".
Activate Wand on Frequency.
Wait 4 minutes.
Remove frequency set-up completely.

Dispose of the copper rods and turn off everything. It is advisable to only keep the frequency activated for a maximum of 12 hours or less. Overdoing it can cause short-circuiting of the Materialization. For optional broadcasting out in the middle of nowhere see end of Glossary.

26: This formula is intended for use with the Main Gold pyramid. Although using a copper plate to treat or create reagents can be used in place of the Main Gold pyramid. The Main Gold pyramid is just more powerful. The treated cup of water from the pyramid, or copper plate contains the frequencies energy and is very potent. It can be poured into a glass jar and used for a variety of purposes. This is the water from the pyramid only, not the water from the charge sheet inside the box. For example, you can put the glass jar of water in an Orgone pipe and let it re-broadcast this energy over a wide area. Or you can bury it 3 inches in the ground on the east side of a trees trunk to let the energy get rebroadcast over a wide area. If the rate is for machinery place the glass jar next to that piece of machinery or near the engine of your car. Or for reduction of age and increased health sleep with the glass jar in your bed, or dilute with water and rub on face or areas of your body to aid in health. Or you can put the water in a cars radiator if you broadcast on the car. The more diluted the treated water is the more potent it is. One 25 gram treated water will last over a year if used properly.


Please bear with me. This is a very advanced science, not disclosed to the public. The U.S. Government is years ahead in research projects involving all kinds of consciousness and related technologies, some will never be released. This information here you are very lucky to find, so please respect it and don't knock it until you have built one, followed the instructions precisely and tried it for yourself.

to purchase these plans visit

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the universal pendulum

Description of the Universal Pendulum

The UNIVERSAL PENDULUM is an outstanding result of radiesthetic research by A. de Belizal, L. Chaumery and P.A. Morel. The black sphere-like pendulum with a diameter of 5cm and a weight of approximately 38g (UP-5.4) respectively 6cm and 74g (UP-6.6) consists of a specially worked at wood. The sphere contains a "magnetic battery" which forms the axis and is connected to a semicircular bow. The "magnetic battery", which is made out of four (UP-5.4) respectively six (UP-6.6) successively switched hemispheres, has the function to reinforce the radiating properties of the UNIVERSAL PENDULUM. At the turnable mounted bow the cord with three holding points is attached: it can be pushed along the whole semicircle of the bow resulting in variable possibilities of adjustment.

On the equator as well as on the two meridians (rectangular to the equator) based on a 400-degree-scale the UP is bearing marking points with short terms for the radiesthetic color frequencies.

a) The marks on the electric meridian (E) are arranged in 12 colors:
Gr-; Sch; IR; R; O; G; Gr+; Bl; I; Vi; UVi; W.

b) The magnetic meridian is likewise arranged in 12 colors:
Gr-; Sch; IR; R; O; G; Gr+; Bl; I; Vi; UVi; W.

c) The electromagnetic equator (EM) splits up into 24 colors:
Gr-; Alpha; Beta; Theta; Chi; Ny; Zeta; Sch; IR; R; O; G; Gr+; Bl; I; Vi; UVi; W;
Epsilon; Kappa; Lambda; Psi; Rho; Omega.

The greek letters indicate the adjustment points for frequencies of the stripe-radiation, which is marked in the following way:

Situated on UP (degrees) marked stands for Operational Aerea
33.5 Sch black
30 greek zeta radioactive radiation
25 greek ny
20 greek chi harmful radiation
15 greek theta by television etc.
10 greek beta radiation by water veins
5 greek alpha abnormalities below the earth's surface
0=400 Gr- negative green
395 greek omega
390 greek rho harmful radiation
385 greek psi by electric power lines;
380 greek lambda electrical appliances
375 greek kappa
370 greek epsilon
366.5 W white

By the use of the UP as a detector you can analyse the load (stress, burden)
in radiation of the above operational areas. You are measuring in the area between Sch and Gr- and between Gr- and W.

The stripe-radiation between Gr- and Sch is above all indicated for the therapy of swellings, tumors etc. - you would activate mostly Alpha and Beta.

The stripe-radiation between Gr- and W is indicated with tuberculosis and similar - mostly Omega and Rho.

The others, better known radiesthetic color frequencies with a common operational area in chromo-diagnosis and -therapy are:

Situated on UP Mark. stands for
33.5 Sch Black
67 IR Infrared
100 R Red
133.3 O Orange
166.6 G Yellow
200 Gr+ Green positive
233.3 Bl Blue
266.6 I Indigo
300 Vi Violet
330 UVi Ultraviolet
366.5 W White

Please note:Bow and cord have exactly and punctually be adjusted to the markings, especially in the area between Sch and Gr- / Gr- and W (greek letter markings)!

Practical Use of the Universal Pendulum
The UP doesn't need any mental instructions for use, as it will either detect or send all by itself different radiating energies within its manyfold adjusting possibilities.

The UP-5.4 is used in the first place for measuring (detector-funtion) the needed vibrational frequencies (colors), whereas the UP-6.6 with its relatively considerably stronger emissions serves preferably for the transmission of the needed (measured) radiating energy.

The bow as well as the attachment of the cord at the bow have to be adjusted to the needed frequency markings; besides that the proper holding points at the cord have to be used: (see Ill.)

1 - E for the electric meridian
2 - M for the magnetic meridian
3 - EM for the electromagnetic equator.

In both of its main functions the UP turns clockwise.

The UP is the only pendulum that works without mental adjustment of the operator not only within the commonly known range of electromagnetic radiation (EM) but also on the level of electric and magnetic radiation.

How to adjust your UP
Turn the bow to R (=red) with the knot at the intersection of the EE (Electromagnetic Equator) and the EM (=Electric Meridian). Now hold the UP over a red surface, hide the rest of the cord in your hand and let it slide slowly downwards between index and thumb until it starts turning. You just found the position for the work on the EM. Put the first marker into that position. Continue the procedure until you get again into resonance with the red color and put the upper marker there. This is the position for the work with the EE. You now fold the cord so that the marker of the EE covers the marker of the EM and put the central marker half way in between. This is the position for the work with the MM (=Magnetic Meridian)

Never forget to turn the bow back into the position Gr+ (Green positive)

The Electromagnetic Equator: From Black to Red
The EE is the first thing to start with, as electromagnetic radiation is directly affecting our health aura and even penetrating different organs.

After you adjusted your pendulum, get into an upright position, legs slightly apart, and establish a good ground contact. Hold the pendulum at the upper mark and be sure that the cord is hidden in the palm of your hand. As it should still be in a Gr+ (positive green) position, check your energetic body if it is sufficiently filled up with this particular frequency. In case you need Gr+, the pendulum will turn either way, depending on how you are polarized and fill up the gap. It'll stop automatically.

Open up, be ready to receive, turn the bow to the Sch (Schwarz=black) position along the EE and just wait for a reaction. If the UP starts turning say "thank you", if not, don't worry and turn the bow into the IR (=InfraRed) or R (=Red) position. Assuming it reacts on Sch (=Black) you may take a one hand wand like an aurameter into your second hand and follow the flow of energy towards your body. Don't forget to breathe normally and regularly. Watch the reaction of your muscles in those parts of your body that are becoming energized. In case you are able to follow the flow of energy you should notice that it is directed downwards and will gather in a position underneath your feet. Once there, the UP will stop turning and you may turn the bow to the IR (=InfraRed) position.

Go through the same procedure as described before. The position where this second layer of energy will be gathering is around your knees.

Turn the bow now on R (=Red). Red is a cardinal position as it lies at the intersection of the EE (=Electromagnetic Equator) and the EM (=Electric Meridian). You might notice that the traditional chakra teachings start right here, at the beginning of visible light. So let's come out of darkness and feel if we don't need some of this vital vibration in the form of electromagnetic radiation. Your kundalini will be stimulated, you might want to belly dance a little bit as you're loosened up down there. Take your time, don't forget to watch your breath, the pendulum will stop by itself as soon as you're filled up with elo-mag Red.

Some of you might have their first success in getting started right here at the red intersection due to the fact that InfraRed and Black are hard to detect for "the naked eye". Their impact however is much more powerful. Those of you familiar with astrology might compare it to the difference between Mars (Red) and Pluto (InfraRed and Black).

The very basic work has been done. You have been successful in getting started with your new dowsing device. The next lesson will follow soon. Don't leave your UP on R, always remember to turn it back to Gr+ !!

The Electromagnetic Equator: From Red to Green Positive
Having finished with Red we'll turn the bow to O (=Orange). We are still standing upright, legs slightly apart, getting relaxed and asking our selves if we need some elo-mag ORANGE. Be sure that the ending of the cord in not hanging out of your hand and wait till it moves. The UP starts revolving and your orange type energies should flow back into your second chakra. Again, if you happen to hold an aurameter in the other hand, detect where your sexual energy has been scattered and that it's now going back home.

After you're through with ORANGE turn over to G (Gelb=Yellow), watch your breath and do it over again. All your yellow energy ought to flow back to your solar plexus, your third chakra and strengthen and harmonize all the functions of your different organs linked to the yellow elo-mag frequency.

Go over to Gr+ (Green positive). It's called positive to keep it apart from Gr- (Green negative) a frequency beyond black and above white. You will notice it on the other side of Gr+ with twelve little dots in between W (White) and Sch (Schwarz=Black) named after the greek alphabet from alpha to omega. We'll discuss these later. Just be sure to never let accidentally the bow of your pendulum in one of these positions.

At the very beginning of your work along the EE you had checked already once if you were filled up with Gr+ all right. Do it again now. If you need some more Gr+ it will flow to your fourth traditional chakra at the center of your chest. This is valid for men, women might notice that they receive the energy from the back.

Just leave the pendulum in this position when it stops turning and have a break.

The Electromagnetic Equator: From Green Positive to White
Check if you need Gr+ to begin with. Fill up eventually and go on to Bl(ue). Working with Blue, your shoulders, neck and lower jaws will be affected. Next comes I(ndigo), which is always helpful for your eyes (third eye included) and also when you are mentally stressed. Mental workers should use plenty of Indigo to keep cool in thinking. Vi(olet) is again a cardinal colour situated on the other side of Red. So an overload of Red can be balanced with Violet. The chakra belonging to el-magnetic Violet is new to most of us. You can find it at the back of your head. It's communicating with the Red one at the base of your spine. Just as we entered the visible light at Red before, we are leaving it at Violet going on to U(ltra)Vi(olet) where it's getting rather cold. The corresponding chakra is indicated by the whirl of the hair on your head. Coming to W(hite) we are not connected directly to our body any more. Just like Sch(warz=Black) was found a little below our feet, W(hite) will be found a little above our head. So again counting from Sch(warz=Black) to W(hite), we would have 11 (eleven) chakras now instead of the traditional number of 7 (seven). There is one chakra missing to complete the 12 you might have noticed. It's Gr- (Green negative), the center of the restricted, radioactive area. It's situated on the other side of the Gr+ chakra, i.e. men at the back, women at the chest. Please turn the bow back to Gr+ again, the neutral rest position of your pendulum and have a rest yourself. The next chapter will finally cover the restricted area.

The Green Negative Area: From Alpha to Omega
The 12 little dots with the greek letters from alpha to omega represent carrier frequencies that can be detected or sent with both the UP5.4 and the UP6.6. Once the human body is pierced by such a carrier, different information can be modulated and sent into it. The names for the carrier dots going from Gr- to Sch(warz=Black) are: Alpha - Beta - Theta - Chi - Ny - Zeta. Continuing from W(hite) to Gr- there are: Epsilon - Kappa - Lambda - Psi - Rho - Omega. Well known to dowsers are Alpha and Beta. The Alpha-carrier is generated by geological faults and grids like the global/Hartmann or diagonal/Curry-net. Beta indicates subterranean water veins. So if somebody is ill by so called earth radiation (geopathy) it's either the Alpha or the Beta ray you'll detect in the person's body. Besides getting him out of the geopathic zone he should be cleaned of these carrier frequencies by sending them to him. Eventually check with your aurameter where exactly they go, make them return to mother earth and fill up the gap with plenty of Gr+ (positive green). A third well known carrier on the white side is Rho which is responsible for tuberculosis and also likes to carry electrosmog. All the others exist, have been found in people and should be handled like Alpha and Beta in the example given above.

Generally speaking the negative green rays within the electromagnetic spectrum can pierce everything, have dehydrating properties (like a pyramid at a certain level inside), can carry germs, viruses and bacteria into your body but of course can also be of great help to get them out again. That's why you should never leave the bow of your pendulum in one of these positions as the UP will constantly send one of this rays and you might feel sick not knowing why. You may also use the proper Gr- position for a previous general cleanup before going into the details from Alpha to Omega. Working with these rays you will become more and more open for other dimensions as this area is the gateway so to speak. Always remember to fill up with Gr+ (positive green) again to avoid pollution of your own electromagnetic system.

A good protection will also be a dense coat of magnetism that you can generate along the magnetic meridian which we will deal with in our next chapter.

The Magnetic and the Electric Meridian
As usually, your bow is in the position of Gr+. This is where the magnetic meridian crosses the electromagnetical equator. Slide the cord down to R(ed), hold the cord at the second marker and watch if you or the person you want to help out with some energy need magnetic red.

Then you go on working your way up through O(range), G(elb=yellow), Gr+, Bl(ue), I(ndigo) until you reach Vi(olet). You will now have to turn the bow by 180 degrees in order to continue with UVi, W(hite) going into the magnetic Gr- which is a healing frequency compared to electric Gr- which is harmful.

By eventually checking what is happening with the aurameter, you will notice that misplaced energies are readjusted within the magnetic aura, a coat within about 10-30cm from your physical body.

Once you are finished with the work along the magnetic you may continue the work along the electric meridian.

The person to be treated should not have any metal things on his body like rings or chains while being exposed to electric radiation.

Holding the cord at the first (lowest) marker, you turn the bow to R(ed), the position where the electric meridian cuts the electromagnetic equator. We already know this point from adjusting the markers along the cord.

Again you work your way up to Gr+, turn the bow by 180 degrees, go way down to Gr-, turn around again until you get back to R(ed).

We just completed our journey through three different kinds of energy within and without our body, should be well adjusted again and enjoy a feeling of wholeness.


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Thursday, February 23, 2006

antigravity is here

An article last week in The Scotsman claimed an "extrordinary 'hyperspace' engine that could make interstellar space travel a reality by flying into other dimensions is being investigated by the United States government." The theory is to create an intense magnetic field that would provide gravitational thrust:

Also, if a large enough magnetic field was created, the craft would slip into a different dimension, where the speed of light is faster, allowing incredible speeds to be reached. Switching off the magnetic field would result in the engine reappearing in our current dimension.

The US air force has expressed an interest in the idea and scientists working for the American Department of Energy - which has a device known as the Z Machine that could generate the kind of magnetic fields required to drive the engine - say they may carry out a test if the theory withstands further scrutiny.

Professor Jochem Hauser, one of the scientists who put forward the idea, told The Scotsman that if everything went well a working engine could be tested in about five years.

Such an article can't help but make me think of Nick Cook's The Hunt for Zero Point. Cook's odyssey began at Jane's Aviation Weekly, when someone anonymously dropped a 1956 clipping on his desk with the headline "The G-Engines Are Coming." In many respects, the 50-year old article was not unlike that in last week's Scotsman: "in the United States and Canada, research centers, scientists, designers and engineers are perfecting a way to control gravity - a force infinitely more powerful than the mighty atom. The result of their labors will be antigravity engines working without fuel - weightless airliners and space ships able to travel at 170,000 miles per second."

The article from '56 states the research is supported by the Glenn L Martin Aircraft Company, Bell Aircraft, Lear and several other US firms. It quotes Lawrence Bell as saying they are "already working" on cancelling out gravity. The head of Advanced Programs and VP in charge of the "G-Project" at Martin Aircraft, George S Trimble, adds that manufacturing a gravitational field drive "could be done in about the time it took to build the first atom bomb."

Cook almost tossed it in the waste basket, because almost as soon as such reports appeared in the mid-sixties it seemed as though they'd never existed. The research either never happened, was discontinued, or went deep black.

Cook, picking up the thread of a possibly deeply-guarded military-industrial secret, began by tracking down Trimble. He asked his media contact friend at Lockheed Martin, Daniella Abelman, to see if Trimble was still alive, and ask him if he'd be interested in an interview. Cook didn't tell Abelman why he wanted to talk. She called back soon after, and said that Trimble was alive and retired in Arizona. "Sounds hard as nails, but an amazing guy. He's kinda mystified why you want to talk to him after all this time, but seems okay with it. Like you said, it's historical, right?"

"Right," Cook said.

Abelman called back a few days later. "Separated by an ocean and five time zones," Cook writes, "I heard the catch in her breathing."

"It's Trimble," she said. "The guy just got off the phone to me. Remember how he was fine to do the interview? Well, something's happened. I don't know who this old man is or what he once was, but he told me in no uncertain terms to get off his case. He doesn't want to speak to me and he doesn't want to speak to you, not now, not ever. I don't mind telling you that he sounded scared and I don't like to hear old men scared. It makes me scared. I don't know what you were really working on when you came to me with this, Nick, but let me give you some advice. Stick to what you know about; stick to the damned present. It's better that way for all of us."

The familiar name of Hal Puthoff, formerly of Naval Intelligence and the NSA and then director of Stanford Research Institute's Remote Viewing program on behalf of the CIA and DIA, turns up midway through The Hunt for Zero Point. Puthoff has been doing theoretical work for NASA on the zero-point energy field since the early 1970s. (Before meeting, Cook had doubts he was acting wisely. "Did I really want to declare my interest in antigravity to a man who had clear connections to the intelligence community?") Cook probed him gingerly: Did Puthoff know of forms of aerospace travel, perhaps in the "black" world, whose principals contravened the laws of physics or our understanding of aerodynamics?

He sucked the top of his pen, giving the question a lot of thought before responding. "I've certainly talked to people who claim that something is going on," he said, pausing to add: "I would say the evidence is pretty solid."

When asked to choose which of five avenues proposed by NASA's Breakthrough Propulsion Physics program stood the greatest chance of success, Puthoff selected without hesitation the perturbation of space-time through antigravity.

Cook left the interview with the impression that Puthoff meant to indirectly communicate that tangible results had already been achieved. There is much more direct evidence in The Hunt for Zero Point to support such an assumption. And as Cook suggests, "if antigravity had been discovered in the white world, then someone, somewhere had to be perfecting it - maybe even building real hardware - in the black."

Was there an antigravity Manhattan Project about which now the general public is finally being fed the theory? I think it would be more astonishing if there wasn't. For one thing, there have been too many reliable sightings of discoid craft being piloted or repaired by seemingly ordinary men in military uniforms and even baseball caps. (Though as I've made clear in other posts, I don't believe the relatively prosaic explanation of nuts and bolts black budget craft can account for the genuine UFO phenomenon. If humans can already build craft capable of slipping into other dimensions, then the veil is exceedingly thin, and presumably may be crossed in the opposite direction.) And for another, it makes an awful sense. I suggested last March that our "Immortals" have been preparing - covertly, and for a long time - for a post-carbon world. One that may not include most of Earth's population.

If the G-Engines are coming, they've probably already arrived. And they're not meant for the likes of us.

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lsd and perception

Dr Albert Hoffman, the "father of LSD," but perhaps better described as its midwife, turned 100 a few days ago. Like so many other things we trip over this fraught century, lysergic acid diethylamide first appeared in Nazi-dominated Europe, and first through dreams and intuition.

Hoffman was looking for compounds that induced muscle contraction. After synthesizing LSD and testing it on animals to no useful effect Hoffman's research moved on. But strangely, he began to dream repeatedly about its molecular structure, and was gripped by a "peculiar presentiment" that compelled him, five years later, to resynthesize the compound and ingest it intentionally.

"In the annals of science," Daniel Pinchbeck writes in Breaking Open the Head, "it is notable that many scientific insights first appear in dreams and visions":

The German chemist Friedrich Kekule, for instance, dreamt of a snake with its tail in its mouth, and understood that the molecular structure of benzene was a closed carbon ring. The French mathematician Jules-Henri Poincaré, during a sleepless night, saw mathematical symbols colliding until they coalesced into equations. These intuitive levels of insight, whether scientific or artistic, function like the prophetic dreams of shamans.... Hoffman's discovery of LSD was that kind of insight - a flash from a deeper order of the self or, perhaps, from outside the self entirely.

How did the Amazonian shamans come to discover their complex psychoactive compound of ayahuasca? They say the plants taught them in dreams. And intuition seemed to lead the synthesis of DMT in 1931, nearly 20 years before it was discovered to be a naturally occuring alkaloid in plants. (It wasn't until 1972 that it was found to be an endogenous compound, produced by the human brain.)

Pinchbeck records his ceremonial ingestion of ayahuasca:

The hallucinations started to deepen into a realm that I could not recognize, that I lack language to describe. I found myself wandering across a shimmering space with beings that never stopped changing - porcupine-quilled, tusked, multitongued, amoebic, but even those words are only approximations of entities that could be compared to the darker imaginings of HP Lovecraft. The shaman and the elders seemed to be inhabiting this space with me. Glowing in the light cast by the fire, their features seemed animated by an almost nonhuman intensity. They sang, their words unintelligible, to these creatures, interacting with them, in mystical communion. It seemed that this was the goal of the ayahuasca ceremony, the arrival point. These were "the heavenly people."

The scene is similar to that described by Robert Monroe in Journeys Out of the Body of a hellish layer close to our mundane reality through which he would pass while projecting his astral self, which felt like bait above "a gray-black hungry ocean where the slightest motion attracts nibbling and tormenting beings." He writes that "it is easy to conclude that a momentary penetration of this nearby layer would bring 'demons' and 'devils' to mind as the chief inhabitants." It also recalls the hallucinatory witness to shapeshifting in some accounts of mind control survivors.

DMT frequently induces similar visions of interstellar voids, hungry insectoid intelligences and abduction scenarios indistinguishable from those of UFO encounters, including alien intercourse. Here "Rex" describes his controlled injection in Dr Rick Strassman's DMT: The Spirit Molecule:

When I was first going under there were these insect creatures all around me. They were clearly trying to break through. I was fighting letting go of who I am or was.... They were interested in emotion. As I was holding on to my last thought, that God equals love, they said, "Even here? Even here?" I said, "Yes, of course." They were still there but I was making love to them at the same time. They feasted as they made love to me.... The thought came to me with certainty that they were manipulating my DNA, changing its structure.

Strassman ended his clinical studies of the drug in part because he gave serious weight to the warning of a "highly intuitive" friend who told him she saw "evil spirits hovering around you. They want to come through this plane, using you and the drugs."

If there are many dimensions beyond, or behind, those we normally inhabit, it would seem by the congruity of experience that there are a variety of means to their unlocking. Yet all of them - occult workings, remote viewing, astral projection, UFO abductions and shamanic chemistry - share the trait of inducing altered states of consciousness. And something else they share is the abiding, deep attention of military intelligence.

At this point, someone's likely to mention the "holographic universe" and its alleged implication that "nothing is real." Perhaps instead it means that everything is real, including the "imaginal realm" described by French Islamic scholar Henry Corbin in his 1972 work, Mundis Imaginalis:

Upon returning [from a mystical vision] the beholders of this world are perfectly aware of having been "elsewhere": they are not mere schizophrenics. This world is hidden behind the very act of sense perception and has to be sought underneath its apparent objective certainty. For this reason we definitely cannot qualify it as being imaginary in the current sense of the word, ie, unreal or nonexistent. [It] is ontologically as real as the world of the senses and that of the intellect [perceived by] the "psychospiritual senses."

Psychologist Kenneth Ring talks of "the shamanizing of modern humanity" in his book The Omega Project, which studies the commonality of Near-Death Experience and UFO encounters. Ring writes that "we could be in the beginning stages of a major shift in levels of consciousness that will eventually lead to humanity's being able to live in two worlds at once - the physical and the imaginal." He believes that NDEs and UFOs, like the mystical and visionary states found in shamanic ritual, may be adventing at this time as an evolutionary aid towards the development of "latent capacities for imaginal perception."

I'm not sure I agree with Ring's rosy conclusions drawn from the evident thinning of the veil. I wonder instead whether a nexus of powerful parties on both sides of the portal with investments in control are conspiring to exploit gateways, the result of which may mean a near blunt-force stunting of the development of human consciousness.

I know this is highly speculative, but it's one of those crazy thoughts I have when I look up and see grids in the sky where there were none before, and marvel at the calculation behind our conspicuous dumbing down. What is it about us that is being suppressed, and who most profits by it?

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unplugged manifesto

The future is not written in stone, but neither is it unbounded. Our actions, our choices shape the options we'll have in the days and years to come. We can, with all too little difficulty, make decisions that call into being an inescapable chain of events. But if we try, we can also make decisions that expand our opportunities, and push out the boundaries of tomorrow.

If there is a common theme across our work at WorldChanging, it is that we are far better served as a global civilization by actions and ideas that increase our ability to respond effectively, knowledgably, and sustainably to challenges that arise. In particular, I've focused on the value of openness as a means of worldchanging transformation: open as in free, transparent and diverse; open as in participatory and collaborative; open as in broadly accessible; and open as in choice and flexibility, as with the kind of future worth building -- the open future.

Creating an open future requires foresight, to be sure, but it also requires that we embrace a way of looking at the world that emphasizes responsibility, caution and (perhaps paradoxically) a willingness to experiment. It requires that we recognize that the status quo is contingent, and that we can never be in full control of our environment. Even the most powerful among us live at the sufferance of the universe.

The tools that we depend upon to enable effective, knowledgable and sustainable responses are neither surprising nor obscure: information about the planet, its people and its systems; collaboration and cooperation among the world's citizens; access to the means by which we expand our knowledge, feed our people, and cure our illnesses. Actions taken to restrict information, hinder collaboration, and centralize power in the hands of the few will, almost invariably, cut off our options. Actions we take that expand what we know, how well we work together, and how readily the people of the world can build their future, conversely, almost invariably increase the options we have for a better tomorrow.

As a planet, we face a handful of truly profound dilemmas taking shape in the first part of this century. It's no exaggeration to say that the decisions we make about how to handle these dilemmas will make the difference between a flourishing of global civilization and a fate akin to extinction. And while there is a small variety of world-ending challenges that could emerge at any moment -- from an asteroid impact to a naturally-emerging pandemic -- the key dilemmas of this century are entirely in our hands.

The first, and most certain, is the threat from global climate disruption. The more we learn about the changes now taking place in our planet's climate systems, the greater the challenge appears. We are unaccustomed to thinking about slow-moving problems with long lag times between actions and reactions; there is a real risk that the first serious efforts to cut carbon emissions will coincide with an acceleration of problems arising from decades-old changes to the atmosphere. Successful response to this challenge will require us to think in terms of big systems and long cycles far outside our every day experience.

The second, and as yet still incipient, is the impact of molecular nanotechnology. I've followed the development of this discipline for well over a decade, and our understanding of how self-replicating molecular engineering could be built is moving at a startlingly rapid pace. This may seem like an obscure concern, and it's true that molecular nanotechnology is not nearly as immediate an issue as the other two challenges. But molecular nanotech is an enabling technology that can create enormous differences in economic, technological and military power between the haves and have-nots. I don't fear a bolt-from-the-blue catastrophe like "grey goo" nearly as much as I worry about the race among nations to be the first to wield this technology and, as we've discussed here numerous times, there's no reason why focused work in developing nations can't come up with the necessary engineering breakthroughs. Students of political history know that periods where the balance of power shifts are often the most violent and dangerous.

The third, and most painful, is the growing difference between the hyperdeveloped and the most poverty-stricken parts of the world. It's not simply the moral crisis that a fraction of the planet swims in abundance while a larger fraction drowns in misery; the greater the number of people who take desperate measures for survival, the greater the number of societies rendered powerless by the status quo, the harder it will be to navigate the other global problems successfully. Starving people do not have the luxury of being thoughtful planetary guardians; weakened societies will not hesitate to take advantage of the immediate power arising from a new technological paradigm. To be blunt: unless we solve the problem of global poverty, we will not be able to solve the other two world-ending challenges.

But thinking of these solely in terms of the problems they present is not the WorldChanging way. It's clear that the steps necessary to meet each challenge can enable better solutions for the rest. The innovations in technology and lifestyle required to avoid climate disaster could dramatically reduce the resource competition that drives a significant part of the global zero-sum political game, scaling back both the threat of conflict over nanotechnologies and enabling the kinds of energy and agricultural infrastructure that can lift up poverty-stricken societies. The emergence of a responsible model for molecular manufacturing could enable multiple orders-of-magnitude leaps in efficiency of production and energy use, even while enabling the poorest societies to start building a universally high quality of life. And the efforts needed to solve problems of famine, unclean water, disease and privation will shape the course of research in energy and material technologies; the more we grapple with global poverty, the more we'll see the potential for solutions emerging from our technological choices.

Across all of these issues, the fundamental tools of information, collaboration and access will be our best hope for turning world-ending problems into worldchanging solutions. If we're willing to try, we can create a future that's knowledgable, democratic and sustainable -- a future that's open. Open as in transparent. Open as in participatory. Open as in available to all. Open as in filled with an abundance of options. There are few other choices that see us through the century.

We can have an open future, or we might have no future at all.

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unplugged lifestyle

Anchor: Touting their movement as a combination of the economic theories of Mahatma Gandhi and the political science of Buckminster Fuller the Unplugged have now reduced the GDP of the United States of America by 20% over their 15 year programme.

Opponents of the movement call Unplugging an unscientific and cult-like political movement, but proponents say that "Unplugging" was the best decision they ever made. Let's hear from Jack Huston, a former investment banker...

Cuts to video
[Screen opens to Jack Huston, a muscular early-40s New Yorker.]
Presenter: Jack, could you explain what Unplugging did for you?

Jack: Well, first we've got to cover briefly how Unplugging works. The core of the theory is that we can all live off the interest generated by our savings, or the profits from our investments, if we possess enough capital - and generations of Capitalists have dreamed of "getting off at the top" - making enough money to cash out of the workplace and live as they like for the rest of their lives.

Presenter: But what does that have to do with living in a housing pod in the middle of Oregon?

Jack: Well, it comes down to the nature of capital. Wealth stored as dollars was essentially a share in America's national economy - a credit note backed by the US Government. But Buckminster Fuller showed us that wealth-as-money was a specialized subset of Wealth - the ability to sustain life.

To "get off at the top" requires millions and millions of dollars of stored welath. Exactly how much depends on your lifestyle and rate of return, but it's a lot of money, and it's volatile depending on economic conditions. A crash can wipe out your capital base and leave you helpless, because all you had was shares in a machine.

So we Unpluggers found a new way to unplug: an independent life-support infrastructure and financial archtecture - a society within society - which allowed anybody who wanted to "buy out" to "buy out at the bottom" rather than "buying out at the top."

If you are willing to live as an Unplugger does, your cost to buy out is only around three months of wages for a factory worker, the price of a used car. You never need to "work" again, although there are plenty of life support activities to keep you busy, and a lot of basic research and science to do. Unplugging is not an off-the-shelf solution, it's a research career!

Presenter: So tell us about your house over here? It looks pretty weird!

Jack: Unpluggers don't have our own manufacturing facilities for these yet, so we shop them out to fabs in Turkey. The shell is aluminium and aerogel, 50% collector panels, 12 volt appliance wiring, super-insulated windows with liquid crystal shades for internal temperature control. Heat comes from either a wood stove or a peltier solid state heat pump running off ground heat, depending on how much power we need. Cooling, similarly. We cook in the solar oven on the side sometimes, but mainly on woodgas or in the microwave.

The houses - or "Pods" as you call them - have a reputation as being "one size fits all poorly" but, in fact we found that 90% of people got on very well with one of three basic designs. The economies of scale made mass manufacture of those models more cost effective but people still do custom work for about one unit in ten. We're working towards local fabs for a lot of this stuff now, but that's hard to organize without winding up with internal industries which run on grid power and commercial supply chains, both of which are no-nos for our way of life: you can't be an alternative if you still rely on the National Infrastructure for your metabolism. A one-time switching cost - the "Final Purchase" - is one thing, but we can't run our economy inside of the national economy! That would just be dishonest!

Presenter: Can you explain what this has to do with Fuller and Gandhi?

Jack: Gandhi's model of "self-sufficiency" is the goal: the freedom that comes from owning your own life support system outright is immense. It allows us to disconnect from the national economy as a way of solving the problems of our planet one human at a time. But Gandhi's goals don't scale past the lifestyle of a peasant farmer and many westerners view that way of life as unsustainable for them personally: I was not going to sell my New York condo and move to Oregon to live in a hut, you know?

Presenter: Ok.... with you so far.... what about Fuller?

Jack: Gandhi's Goals, Fuller's Methods, if you like.

Fuller's "do more with less" was a method we could use to attain self-sufficiency with a much lower capital cost than "buy out at the top." An integrated, whole-systems-thinking approach to a sustainable lifestyle - the houses, the gardening tools, the monitoring systems - all of that stuff was designed using inspiration from Fuller and later thinkers inspired by efficiency. The slack - the waste - in our old ways of life were consuming 90% of our productive labor to maintain.

A thousand dollar a month combined fuel bill is your life energy going down the drain because the place you live sucks your life way in waste heat, which is waste money, which is waste time. Your car, your house, the portion of your taxes which the Government spends on fuel, on electricity, on waste heat... all of the time you spent to earn that money is wasted to the degree those systems are inefficient systems, behind best practices!

Presenter: Wow! So tell us about the Humane Human Footprint.

Jack: The Human Footprint is simple: it's the share of the world's resources you can use without really harming anybody simply by existing. We call it the Human Footprint as opposed to the Inhuman Footprint. You take the sustainable harvest of the earth - the bounty we can consume without reducing next year's harvest or reducing the resilience of the earth in other ways - and your share of that is one Human Footprint. The earth's Wealth - its lifegiving power - is like a trust fund split between seven billion humans and a gazillion other living creatures. That which consumes more than its share is defrauding all the rest of their right to life. And this isn't religion, this is common sense: if there are winners and losers, we're in a race for survival. If there are only winners, we're all artists, scientists, lovers and scholars.

I know how I want to live.

Presenter: So how close to your Human Footprint are you, Jack?

Jack looks uncomfortable.

Presenter: I've heard five times over is a typical number for Unpluggers...

Jack: Well, it depends how you measure it but yes, about that. I have three children, so my family footrprint is about 11.2x HF but my personal footprint is about 7.3x. I'm working on it, though. It's hard to make the adjustment, and we only have a few tens of thousands of people at 1.0x or lower.

Presenter: So let's talk politics. Unplugging is also a political movement - you yourself are mayor of a township here, and your "town" is the local Unplugger population plus a few hold outs in ghost suburbs east of here. Why play at politics if all you wanted to do was drop off the Grid?

Jack: Because political assumptions wire everything. Building codes dictate how you can build, which dictates the size of your housing cost, which is the primary factor in your Unplug Cost. Our sanitary systems are greatly more effective than those of the Grid but, because we fertilize food with human waste after extracting what energy we can from it, some say our food isn't suitable for human consumption - even though, in fact, there is no scientific evidence what-so-ever of any disease organisms in the fertilizer stream. Just the idea of fertilizing using processed human waste freaks people out, even though it is how humans always lived. And this pattern repeats for water, our medical practices, all of it. You would think that preventative medicine was a crime!

Because we are different, the existing legal infrastructure works against us at every hand and turn. To create change, we have to play politics. But we are careful to simply use our small-but-growing clout to open doors for our chosen lifestyle, not to close doors on other people's choices. We aren't ecostalinists. Gandhi's approach: voluntary enlistement in the army of truth, if you want to think about it that way, has proven to be the only effective model of political change which is consistent with all of our shared values. We embrace some parts of Gandhi's model more than others - as with Bucky - but you can't argue with the historical success of his approach: India, South Africa, America, Poland, Mexico... the list goes on.

Presenter: Even my kids have an Obey Emperor Gandhi bumper sticker. What's that about?

Jack: It's an Unplugger joke. We call Gandhi "Emperor Gandhi" because in our way of looking at things, he was the political leader of India - a network of Kingdoms - and therefore technically he was an Emperor ([laughs]). In that role, he organized collective defense against the invasion of India by raising a volunteer army of people who bought nothing from the invading colonials, made salt, and got beaten while maintaining rigid discipline - just like an army. All they did not do was leave home or use violent methods to resist their invaders. The fact Gandhi himself didn't own much of anything and advised self-reliance as a keystone of freedom makes him the John Locke of our movement. But we don't take the Emperor Gandhi thing seriously, you know. It's just a bit of our cultural humor.

Presenter: The threat of "Mom, keep yelling at me and I'll get a job delivering chinese food and then Unplug when I've saved up!" has kept many a parent up at night...

Jack: Unplugging isn't really something you can sustain from youthful rebellion: kids who don't choose this way of life for themselves as adults are usually really poor Unpluggers - they don't take soil metrics seriously, they don't really understand the invest-in-your-lands model of labor, and so on. It's not really something for punks and anarchists, even though there is superficial appeal.

Presenter: There's a lot of science here!

Jack: Oh yes. We monitor everything we have proved pays, and more: soil bacteria genetics, nutrient levels in the soil, nematode populations, you name it. We have such excellent yields and pest control because we don't move around much - we get to know our land as scientists and artists and designers - we share knowledge and models. Of course, not everybody contributes equally to this knowledge base - I have a neighbour who is a molecular biology professor by (former-) trade and, well, I use his numbers a lot ([grins]). But we all do what we can, and the results are proof that our farming techniques - "high monitoring biointensive agriculture" or "Technical Permaculture" depending on where you live and which school you follow - our farming methods work, and will continue to work for at least a few hundred to a few tens of thousands of years. And that's enough for us: leave it to our children to figure out how to get their own lives to be even more integrated morally, ethically and socially.

Presenter: Some say that Unplugging is a cult because of your "Unplugger Morals" doctrines...

Jack: Acting as if the god in all life mattered is radical politics. But we have people from every faith and tradition living as Unpluggers, as well as those with no beliefs but a deep moral conviction that this is the right thing to do. But as with Satyagraha - Gandhi's social change approach - this takes everything you have and more and you can't do it without a solid internal framework, a deeply personal commitment to this as Right Action in a Buddhist sense, as Dharma from a Hindu perspective, as The Life Divine if you are a Christian. We have radical Benedictine monks - on the edge of getting booted out of the Catholic Church - who have updated the lifestyle passed down from Benedict himself to use Unplugger Farming and who became part of the Unplugger Community as a result. But we also have anarchosyndicalist atheists.

All it takes is a belief you can act on which helps you make personal changes for global reasons. And a political faith isn't ususally enough to do that, but it can be. Religion has proven over time that it can move people in ways that nothing else can, and Unplugging is the biggest change a society can make.

Living up to your values is hard. Faith helps some people do it, so we tend to see more of those kinds of people making the switch. It's just a selection bias.

Presenter: What do you mean "a change that society can make?"

Jack: Unpluggers now constitute 5% of the United States population. At first, we were the very ideologically motivated, and there was a lot of interface with older communitarian groups and prior generations who had attempted to make this transition. But as we became more defined, and our thinkers elucidated our case more clearly - as our farmer-scientists began to really get the yields predicted in theory, on a per-square-foot basis... it became clear that we were talking about a partial solution to the problems that have faced the human race from the beginning of time: how do I live myself, and how does my family live. And a society is just individuals and families, and sometimes families of families, all the way up to States and Governments and the International Agencies and so on. If you solve the problem for a single family, and it's something which can compete in the evolutionary marketplace of ideas, then eventually you can solve the entire problem.

You know why GDP has gone down 20% because of Unplugging? Unpluggers are entrapreneurs. We used to start businesses because we wanted to buy out at the top of the game, now we usually buy a fairly lavish Pod, and some really, really good quality land, unplug by 30, and some of us expect to spend the rest of our lives learning, teaching and exploring what it is to be alive. Farming five or six hours a day seems like a lot of work, but you do it with friends, and you're doing science and research some of the time, and you eat what you make. The basic activities of life are so much more satisfying that earn-and-spend-and-eat-carry-out when you actually respect them as basic human activities, as links we share with everything that is alive.

Presenter: Tell me about the Endowment.

Jack: The Endowment is how we help the poor to Unplug, and it is easily the most controversial part of our programme. We encourage the developing world to Unplug as the untimate form of Leapfrogging: skip hypercapitalism and anarcocapitalism and democratic socalism entirely and jump directly to Unplugging. Many Unpluggers take their excess capital, keep investing it in the system, and use the proceeds to fund private Unplugging programmes. Others simply took their capital and added it to funds managed by a Grameen-bank like institution called the Unplugging Bank which lends people money to unplug, and has them pay for their Pods by selling excess farm goods and teaching agriculture for us. The leverage of these approaches has yet to be verified but - judging by the political repression of Unpluggers in China and India and some parts of Africa - judging by that resistance, I think we are going to be successful.

As the Mahatma said: "First the ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."

Software used to be an industry, you know?

Presenter: Thank you, Jack, for telling us about your life.

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radionics frequencies list

Here you can find a list of frequencies that various parties have claimed can affect the human mind or body in some way. These frequencies may be used in rife and or radionics experimentation.

The following types of frequencies are included :

Brainwave Frequencies - These are frequencies associated with various mental states. You can coax your brainwaves to a certain frequency, and in doing so, achieve the mental state associated with that frequency. These frequencies have been tested for use with pulsed orgone.

Energizing Frequencies - These are frequencies that various parties claim could be used to stimulate some region of the body such as charkas and specific organs. We have not tested with the EPM and orgone generator most of the frequencies that energize organs.

Natural Phenomena Frequencies - This includes natural frequencies that occur in nature [Schumann's Resonance, for instance], as well as sound tones calculated from the revolution/orbit of the various planets. The sources of these frequencies claimed that they could affect humans in a variety of ways. This is a fertile field for astrologers to explore, especially with a module for the ATGS.

Frequencies below 1 Hz

0.30 - 0.15 Mood elevator, against depressive states of mind
0.5 Hz: Whole brain toner. Very relaxing, especially lower back and head. Energizes the thyroid, reproductive organs, stimulates excretory functions.
0.9 Hz: Feeling of euphoria

1 Hz – 10 Hz

1 Hz: Feeling of well-being, pituitary stimulation to release growth hormone, helps gain an overall-view of inter-relationships, generally for harmony and balance
2.5 Hz relaxation. Production of endogenous opiates (endorphins)
3 Hz: Increased reaction time
3.4 Hz Sound sleep
3.5 Hz: Feeling of Oneness with everything, language learning improved enhancement of receptivity
4-6 attitude and behavior change
4-7 Theta: recall, fantasy, imagery, creativity, planning, dreaming, switching thoughts, Zen meditation, drowsiness.
The previous two settings are ranges between 4 and 6, resp. 4 and 7 Hz.
I suggest that you use the stick pad, pendulum or other device based on ideomotoric reponse to get exact frequencies that fit your personal needs.
4 Hz: Extrasensory perception, remote viewing, strengthens memory, physical stimulation, faster recovery after physical training
4.5 Hz: Dream states, shamanic consciousness, vivid imagery
4.6 Hz: Emotional impulsivity
4.9 Hz: Introspection, relaxation, meditation, deep sleep
5 Hz: Learning, unusual problem solving enhanced
5.25 Hz: Strong imagery, vivid images
5.5 Hz: Moves beyond knowledge to knowing, shows vision of needed growth and direction, inner guidance and readiness to evolve spiritually
5.75 Hz: Improves the power of creative fantasies
5.8 Hz: Diminishes fear, works against being scattered
6.0 Hz: Long term memory stimulation
6.3 Hz: Good for mental and astral projections, remote viewing, language skills, improved memory
6.5 Hz: Accelerated learning
6.75 Hz: Inner calmness
6.88 Hz: Inner balance and calmness
7.0 Hz: Mental and astral projection, telekinesis, mind projection
7.5 Creativity, inward focus, discovery of "purpose" in life, creative thought facilitates contact with spirit guides; facilitates entry into meditation, lucid dreaming
7.83 Earth Resonance, grounding, "Schumann Resonance," counteracts mind control, accelerated learning, more tolerance of stressful situations
8-10 learning new information
8.0 Past life regression, hypnoid states, reduces stress, diminishes states of anxiety, strong relaxation, connection with past lives enhanced
8.3 Hz: Mental imagery, clairvoyance, ESP
9.0 Awareness of causes of body imbalance and ease in finding the means for balance.
9.16 Hz: Enhances the skills of resolving conflicts.
9.5 Hz: Capability to grasp informations of all inds with greater ease
9.6 Hz: Mean dominant frequency associated with the earth's magnetic field, relaxes the face (lotions!)
10 enhanced release of serotonin and mood elevator, universally beneficial, counteracts effects of hangover and jet lag. Frequency for Silva Mind control.

10 – 20Hz

10.5 Hz: Relaxed alertness, stabilizer in general, mind-soul-communication, heart chakra
10.6: Relaxed and alert
11 Hz: Calm and relaxed thinking, paying attention, stress reduction
12 Hz: Centering, mental stability, transitional point, time seems faster, throat chakra
12.3 Hz: Powers of visualization
13-30 Normal wakefulness
13 Hz: Ajna Chakra, powers of visualization and to conceptualize
14.1 Hz: Alert focusing, vitality, concentrating on tasks, Earth Frequency, intelligence enhanced, good for physical training
15.4 Hz: Cortex, intelligence
16.4 Hz: Crown Chakra, Transcendence,
20 Hz: to overcome fatigue and to energize. Fitness training, stress reduction, mental projection of subconscious (non-conscious) commands.

20 - 100Hz

22.0 Hz: Astral traveling
25 Hz: Self confidence, confidence of civtory in sports
27.5 Hz: lowest note an a pianoMP2
32 Hz: Desensitizer; enhanced vigor and alertness
33 Hz: Christ consciousness, hypersensitivity, Pyramid frequency (inside)
35 Hz: Awakening of mid-chakras, balance of chakras
38 Hz: Endorphin release
40 Hz: dominant when problem solving in fearful situations, especially where fast action is required.
50 Hz: Slower cerebral rhythms
55 Hz: Tantra, kundalini
62 Hz: Feeling of physical vigor
63 Hz: Astral projection
70 Hz: Mental and astral projection
72 Hz: Emotional spectrums
80 Hz: Awareness and control of right direction
83 Hz: Third eye opening for some people
90 Hz: Good feelings, security, well-being, balancing
98 Hz: Hara-center

100Hz +

105 Hz: Overall view of complex situations
108 Hz: Total knowing
111 Hz: Beta endorphins and cell regeneration
126.22 Hz: Sun,
136.1 Hz: Sun: light, warmth, joy,
140.25 Pluto: power, crisis & changes
141.27 Hz: Mercury: intellectuality, mobility
144.72 Hz: Mars: activity, energy, freedom, humor
147.85 Hz: Saturn: separation, sorrow, death
183.58 Hz: Jupiter: growth, success, justice, spirituality
194.71 Hz: Earth: stability, grounding
207.36 Hz: Uranus: spontaneity, independence, originality
211.44 Hz: Neptune: the unconscious, secrets, imagination, spiritual love
221.23 Hz: Venus: beauty, love, sexuality, sensuality, harmony
247 Hz: Feeling of peacefulness
250 Hz: Elevate and revitalize
272 Hz: 33rd octave of Earth year
384 Hz: "Gurdjieff vibration associated with root chakra.
420.82 Hz: Moon: love, sensitivity, creativity, femininity, anima
494 Hz: Spiritual awakening
523 Hz: Fear and panics
698 Hz: Strong feeling of love
794 Hz: Strong will power
880 Hz: Strong imagination


1. 0.5 very relaxing, against headache, for lower back pain, organ-muscle resonances (0.1 - 1) lucid dreaming (0.1 - 3), increased immune function - Endorphin
2. 1.05 Helps hair grow + get its color back [RA]; pituitary stimulation to release growth hormone (helps develop muscle, recover from injuries, rejuvenation effects, speeds recovery time), regeneration - lactic acid Wholesome relaxation to help recovery
3. 4.0 Reduction in levels of exhaustion. (extra reps) Those who suffer from Chronic Fatigue exhaust very easily. When moved to 4-Hz these individuals showed marked improvement in the length of time between the occurrence of exhaustion after certain exercises were completed Associated with object naming, an important aspect of memory. Extrasensory perception; Encephalin production - Back
4. 5.9 golf, shooting, precision (reduce) Fear, Dizziness; Concentration and Precision
5. 6.88Associated with collarbones (Effects=vitality, overall balance, stability) Belly - Front
6. 7.69Associated with shoulders (Effects=strength of the arms, expansion, teaching) Arms and Shoulders
7. 7.83 Schumann earth-ionosphere resonance, grounding, anti-jetlag, anti-mind control, improved stress tolerance. leaves you feeling revitalized like you've spent a day in the country. psychic healing experiments;; reports of accelerated healing/enhanced learning - "the earth's natural brainwave"
8. 10 - enhanced release of serotonin & mood elevator, universally beneficial, Acts as ananalgesic, especially for hangover & jet lag. clarity, normalcy, anti-convulsant, Motor impulse coordination (Motor Control cortex); Learning a foreign language; Centering, sense of well being & decreased pain (caused by increase in beta-endorphins) [RED]; Adrenal Stimulant [RS]; Significant improvements in memory, reading & spelling are reported (in conjunction with 18 HZ) rythm resync, activate kidneys, raise body temp, Acts as an analgesic,
9. 10.5 mind/body unity, Legs
10. 20.0 - energy Schumann Resonance Imposing subconscious commands on another (thought center), growth hormone (helps develop muscle, recover from injuries, rejuvenation effects); Adrenal Stimulant,
11. 25.0 confidence of victory in sports Increased Aggression
12. 32 Desensitizer; enhanced vigour & alertness, more reps, overall training. Stamina and Endurance

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monroe and silva methods of astral projection

In astral projection the conscious mind leaves the physical body and moves into
the astral body. The astral body is one of seven subtle bodies we all have.
Some people can astral project naturally. Others are afraid to leave the
physical body and never are able to astral project. An alternative approach is
remote viewing.

In astral projection you remain attached to your physical body by a silver
"umbilical type" cord. Some people see the cord and others do not.
You are aware of things you encounter along the way while out of your body.
To astral project, as with all out-of-body experiences - one must feel totally
relaxed, clothing fitting comfortable, reclining is best. Often a comforter is
best over the body as the physical body sometimes gets cold when you travel out.

Find a quiet place . . . free of distractions. . .

Adjust the lighting and room temperature. . .

Adjust clothing . . . footwear . . . eyeglasses.

Sit down or lie down . . .

Find a position that is comfortable for you . . .

Quiet your mind . . . Still your thoughts . . .

Relax your body. . .

Your face . . . your jaw . . . relaxing . . .

Your shoulders . . . your neck . . . relaxed

Your arms . . . your hands . . . feel at peace . . .

Your torso . . . your hips . . . letting go . . .

Your legs . . . your feet . . . totally relaxed . . .

Focus on your breathing . . .

Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose . . .

Retain the breath as long as is comfortable . . .

Exhale through the mouth slowly and completely . . .

Repeat for two more breaths . . . or as is comfortable.

Let go of the fear of leaving your physical body.

Remember you astral project when you sleep.

See yourself floating away from your physical body.

You may feel as release or perhaps hear a sound as you leave.

If you get fearful, please stop as you are not ready for astral projection.

Anything done in metaphysics should feel comfortable and easy.

If it is stressful, let it go for now, as you are not ready.

Silva Mind Control Method

Quiet your mind. Clear your thoughts.

In your mind say:
"I'm going to count down from 3 to 1, visualizing each number on a white orb
suspended in the air above my head. When I reach the third and final "1" my body
will be deeply relaxed. I will have no awareness of physical sensations. I will
not perceive any physical discomfort. My consciousness will be focused on my
astral body.

Now visualize a white orb suspended in the air above your head. Mentally focus
on the orb I visualize a number "3" on the face of the orb. The numbers can be
any color. They may vary with each experience. Visualize the 3 --three times:
three number "3's" on the orb. Your body is completely relaxed. You are losing
awareness of your physical body.

Then repeat the visualization with three number "2's." You are into greater
relaxation. Now visualize the "1's." You are losing awareness of physical
sensations. Your consciousness will be in your astral body.

Repeat this using the number "1's" three times. Your consciousness is now in my
astral body.

This could involve training of several sessions. You may also use the Astral Projection CD entitled Mind Trek available through our site to facilitate the process.
You will be getting better and faster as you go along each time.

There is no set agenda for how often you practice astral projection or any other
out-of-body technique. It soon becomes fun. It is like a deep meditation.
Now the key is to remain conscious while my body is asleep. Different thoughts
may pull you from your focus as the mind loves to chatter. Just push these
thoughts away.

The Monroe Technique

Step One:
Relax the body. According to Monroe, "the ability to relax is the first
prerequisite, perhaps even the first step itself" to having an OBE. (out of body
experience). This includes both physical and mental relaxation. Monroe does not
suggest a method of attaining this relaxation, although progressive muscle
relaxation, coupled with deep breathing exercises (inhale 1, exhale 2, inhale
3... until about 50 or 100) are known to work well.

Step Two:
Enter the state bordering sleep. This is known as the hypnogogic state. Once
again, Monroe doesn't recommend any method of doing this. One way is to hold
your forearm up, while keeping your upper arm on the bed, or ground. As you
start to fall asleep, your arm will fall, and you will awaken again. With
practice you can learn to control the hypnogogic state without using your arm.
Another method is to concentrate on an object. When other images start to enter
your thoughts, you have entered the hypnogogic state. Passively watch these
images. This will also help you maintain this state of near-sleep. Monroe calls
this Condition A.

Step Three:
Deepen this state. Begin to clear your mind. Observe your field of vision
through your closed eyelids at the blackness in front of your. After a while you
may start to notice light patterns. These are simply neural discharges. They
have no specific effect. Ignore them. When they cease, one has entered what
Monroe calls Condition B. From here, one must enter an even deeper state of
relaxation which Monroe calls Condition C-- a state of such relaxation that you
lose all awareness of the body and sensory stimulation. You are almost in a void
in which your only source of stimulation will be your own thoughts.

The ideal state for leaving your body is Condition D. This is Condition C when
it is voluntarily induced from a rested and refreshed condition and is not the
effect of normal fatigue. To achieve Condition D, Monroe suggests that you
practice entering it in the morning just as you are getting up, or after a short

Step Four:
Enter a state of Vibration. This is the most important part of the technique,
and also the most vague.

Many projectors have noted these vibrations at the onset of projection. They can
be experienced as a mild tingling, or as if electricity is being shot through
the body. Their cause is a mystery. It may actually be the astral body trying to
leave the physical body.

For entering into the vibrational state, he offers the following directions:
1. Remove all jewelry or other items that might be touching your skin.
2. Darken the room so that no light can be seen through your eyelids, but do not
shut out all light.
3. Lie down with your body along a north-south axis, with your head pointed
toward magnetic north.
4. Loosen all clothing, but keep covered so that you are slightly warmer than
what might normally be comfortable.
5. Be sure you are in a location where, and at a time when, there will be
absolutely no noise to disturb you.
6. Enter a state of relaxation.
7. Give yourself the mental suggestion that you will remember all that occurs
during the upcoming session that will be beneficial to your well being. Repeat
this five times.
8. As your breathe, concentrate on the void in front of you.
9. Select a point a foot away from your forehead, then change your point of
mental reference to six feet.
10. Turn the point 90 degrees upward by drawing an imaginary line parallel to
your body axis up above you head. Focus there and reach out for the vibrations
at that point and bring them back into your body.

Even if you don't know what these vibrations are, you will know when you have
achieved contact with them.

Step Five:
Learn to control the vibrational state. Practice controlling them by mentally
pushing them into your head, down to your toes, making them surge throughout
your entire body, and producing vibrational waves from head to foot. To produce
this wave effect, concentrate on the vibrations and mentally push a wave out of
your head and guide it down your body. Practice this until you can induce these
waves on command. Once you have control of the vibrational state, you are ready
to leave the body.

Step Six:
Begin with a partial separation. The key here is thought control. Keep your mind
firmly focused on the idea of leaving the body. Do not let it wander. Stray
thoughts might cause you to lose control of the state.

Now having entered the vibrational state, begin exploring the OBE by releasing a
hand or a foot of the "second body". Monroe suggests that you extend a limb
until it comes in contact with a familiar object, such as a wall near your bed.
Then push it through the object. Return the limb by placing it back in to
coincidence with the physical one, decrease the vibrational rate, and then
terminate the experiment. Lie quietly until you have fully returned to normal.
This exercise will prepare you for full separation.

Step Seven:
Dissociate yourself from the body. Monroe suggests two methods for this. One
method is to lift out of the body. To do this, think about getting lighter and
lighter after entering the vibrational state. Think about how nice it would be
to float upward. Keep this thought in mind at all costs and let no extraneous
thoughts interrupt it. An OBE will occur naturally at this point.

Another method is the "Rotation Method" or "roll-out" technique. When you have
achieved the vibrational state, try to roll over as if you were turning over in
bed. Do not attempt to roll over physically. Try to twist your body from the top
and virtually roll over into your second body right out of your physical self.
At this point, you will be out of the body, but next to it. Think of floating
upward, and you should find yourself floating above the body.

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anomalies in science


1 - Resonance
2 - Hypnosis
3 - The Bell Curve
4 - The Hieronymous Machine
5 - Time, Space, Matter, Energy and Consciousness
6 - The Time Machine
7 - Life Fields
8 - The Psychotronic Generator
9 - Scientific Psychokinetic experiments
10- The Holographic Mind
11- Remote Viewing & OBE's

There is a very strange effect that seems to permeate nature.Without it
accoustical instruments such as violins and guitars would not work. Neither
would radio tuning circuits.In fact without it early radio would have been
impossible. It is called resonance and is the ability of one mechanism to
affect another over a distance providing the second mechanism is "tuned"
either mechanically or electronically to the first "prime" mechanism.

The simplest example is the tuning fork. When struck this device resonates
at its natural frequency and a similar device a short distance away will
resonate "in sympathy". Energy has been transferred via the air between both
objects. When you tap an empty wine glass it resonates at its natural pitch.
And the strange thing about resonance is that enormous amounts of energy can
be generated under certain conditions. It was discovered some time ago that
the space between the earths surface and the ionosphere had a natural
resonant frequency between 7-10 cycles per second, which is in the human
brain alpha range. Flashing lights shone on the eyelids of a person cause
the brain frequencies to "resonate" with the cyclic frequency of this light,
which is the basis of how mind machines operate.

A guitar or violin has a sounding box which tends to resonate with the
strings as they are struck. Without this resonating sounding box you would
not easily hear the strings vibrating. The resonance effect amplifies the
volume of the strings.

In an electronic circuit the coil and capacitor (which form the tuning
circuit) are manually adjusted (by the tuning control) to the frequency of
the incoming radio signal. The circuit actually selects the incoming signal
by amplifying it by a factor of 100 or more, over and above any of the other
frequencies. This is called the "Q Factor" of the tuned circuit. The higher
this "Q Factor" the greater the selectivity or "resonance factor".

Very low frequency sounds around 4-10 cycles per second can do extraordinary
damage under certain conditions. If they are aimed at a structure which has
a resonant frequency equivalent to that being sent then enormous amounts of
energy can be generated which appear to be out of all proportion to the
energy being transmitted.

A French engineer by the name of Professor Gavraud discovered by accident
that the nausea attacks he was suffering in his office were caused by low
frequency vibrations generated by the air conditioning plant on the roof of
a building across the road. These vibrations were being conducted thru the
air and because of the shape and the critical distance of his office from
the air conditioner his office was "tuned" to the 7 cps being generated
across the road. This constant subliminal vibration affected his nervous
system and made him feel sick. Being an engineer he decided to build
machines with which he could experiment. After a lot of testing he found
that a 6 foot version of a French Policeman's whistle produced the subsonic
sounds he needed. To make it work he powered it with compressed air.

Apparently there was a fatal accident on its very first test. The technician
operating it collapsed with crushed organs, such was the effect of the
subsonic blast. They found that the low frequency waves could be "aimed" at
a concrete building some distance away and under some conditions could cause
the foundations to disintergrate. These devices became known as
"Frequency-7" machines and copies of the patents are available from the
French patent office. They are extremely simple to build and in unskilled
hands can be very dangerous indeed. The actual energy generated in the
foundations of the building is vastly greater than that generated by the
device - it has been magnified by resonance.

Subliminal low frequency waves appear to be generated in advance of an
earthquake, sometimes some hours ahead of the actual quake. It is this
subliminal sound that some animals and birds notice. Goldfish are
particularly sensitive to these frequencies and it is quite common in
earthquake prone Japan to keep a goldfish and watch for strange behaviour.
The human mind appears to slip into resonance when it is totally absorbed in
a fascinating project. Little mental energy is expended under these
conditions. Consider the energy you expend at a job you detest - then
consider the lack of energy you expend while involved in your favourite
hobby later that night!

There is a machine you can build called a TESLA COIL which relies heavily on
resonance to produce enormously high voltages to throw sparks 5-10 feet and
more. The machine starts off with a high voltage transformer (usually a
10-15,000 volt neon light transformer) which discharges across a small spark
gap. This discharge produces high frequency waves which are then fed into
the primary winding of a resonant tuned circuit. The secondary winding
consists of many thousands of turns of fine wire on an insulated tube 5-10
feet high. The resonance and "Q" multiplying effect produce extremely high
(low current) voltages which are fairly safe and totally spectacular. I used
to build these for experimental purposes but they had the nasty habit of
demolishing TV reception for miles around!

With my own background in electronic design I sometimes wonder about the
shape of the double helix DNA spiral .... and whether it couldn't be some
form of sub-micro tuned circuit ...... receiving who-knows-what from

One of the weirdest quirks of human nature is the ability of one person to
change the mind-state and reality-acceptance of another, with little more
than simple words and suggestive concepts. It was originally called
"mesmerism" after its discoverer and was also known as "animal magnetism".
The field of hypnosis has come a long way in the past 40 years and it is now
used by some members of the medical profession who used to abhor it. Some
years ago Professor Jaynes from Princeton University put forward a BICAMERAL
MIND theory which tended to prove that consciousness was an artificial
creation of mankind. Up until 2-3000 years ago people tended to operate
"unconsciously" and could not form the intention to do something dramatic
like suicide. People more or less wandered along in a daze and it wasn't
until society evolved somewhat that the human race started to develop
"consciousness" as we know it. In fact many people find consciousness too
stressful and are quite happy to sit in front of a TV where only receptive
unconsciousness is required. When you drive a car for long periods you tend
to slip into this bicameral state and are actually driving unconsciously.

And you may have slipped into a trance-like state while reading this report
and have no comprehension of what you have read so far! Sleep-walking is a
good example of a bicameral trance-like state. No doubt at some point in
your life you have experienced the unnerving situation of somebody coming at
you in an explosive rage. Their pupils are dilated, they are breathing
heavily thru clenched teeth and they are focussed entirely on you. Now if
you happened to pull a gun out and poke it in their face, their reality
would suddenly change and their consciousness state would suddenly become
much more amenable. In these 4 examples the person has slipped into an
altered consciousness state but their brain waves will probably not have
altered at all. People tend to snap back into full consciousness quickly.
When a person is hypnotised they voluntarily release their consciousness and
drift back into that unconscious bicameral state which they find so
naturally comfortable. But the very strange thing is that their brain waves
remain the same as if they were fully awake! That is, they don't necessarily
drop down to alpha or theta just because they are hypnotised. They are in an
altered consciousness state but nobody can explain what it actually is. I
have personally been hypnotising people for over 30 years and I haven't got
a single clue how it works. All I really know about it is that it is
extraordinarily handy if you want to modify some basic belief system. That
is, it is perfect for a "re-programming" job either in yourself or your
hypnotic subject. And a person under hypnosis is perfectly capable of
thinking and reasoning so it is nothing like ordinary sleep. The alpha and
theta states we learn in mind-power courses are nothing to do with hypnosis.
By their very nature people are "suggestible". Some more so than others. It
would appear to me that hypnosis works by altering this "suggestibility
threshold". And it is very, very difficult to hypnotise someone who doesn't
want to be hypnotised. The only way I know to do this is to thump them with
a block of wood first then catch 'em as they wake up!!
(Intelligent readers will recognise this as a weak attempt at humour).

The funny thing is that the technique for achieving self-hypnosis is
virtually the same as for inducing alpha and theta states. I have the
feeling that the trance state of hypnosis would be more beneficial than
alpha/theta states. A person seems to be able to achieve a lot more under
hypnosis than simple modified brain-wave states. But I find it extremely
difficult to get involved with both during the same time period. It appears
to be similar to the difficulties experienced when learning Remote Viewing
and Out-Of-Body techniques. You can do one or the other, but to try both
causes confusion. If you pick up a book on self hypnosis you will find it
similar in content and method to any of the commercial mind-power methods.
But whichever method you settle on, you will find enormous advantages in
being able to produce rapid changes in your personal perception. There is
probably a cross-over between the two and the extent of this cross-over may
well vary with each individual.

Basically both the hypnotic and alpha/theta methods enable you to
communicate with your subconscious mind - and that is all that really
matters. Once you can get deep into your own mind you can change your basic
belief systems and greatly affect your personal success in life. This
sometimes happens with people who have had a severe traumatic experience
(such as in the Vietnam War). In this situation an intense experience of
short duration appears to re-programme the entire mind, so that the
personality and belief system change dramatically. This was the basis of the
"brain-washing" technique used during the war. The human mind is an
extremely fragile thing and any intense or deeply emotional experience can
alter its perception and reaction to external stimuli.

If you've watched any of those hypnotic shows on TV you will have noticed
how easy hypnosis appears. But...... remember that the people climbing on
stage EXPECT to be hypnotised and around 50% of them will be. It is this
"expectation" which alters their suggestibility level, not the "fantastic"
ability of the stage hypnotist!!

Mathematics plays an extraordinarily important part in nature. The leaves of
various plants arrange themselves in a peculiar mathematical configuration
called the Fibonacci Series and was actually discovered in the 12th century.
Simply put, each number in this series is equal to the sum of the preceeding
2 numbers. If we start off with the numbers 2 and 3 the next number will be
(2+3)=5. The next number will be (3+5)=8. And the next number will be
(5+8)=13 etc. etc. Why plant growth should follow a mathematical sequence is
one of natures mysteries.

But one of the more practical number anomalies that was discovered recently
was the BELL CURVE. This relates entirely to lotto draws. It was found that
if the winning numbers in 6 number lotto draws were added together, then 80%
of all wins would fall in the range between 100 and 176.

The easiest way to explain this is for you to locate your latest lotto
results. Now add the 6 prime winners together (ignore the supplementaries)
and you will probably find that the resultant sum lies between 100 and 176.
If you had the patience to sit down and work out the 8 million odd
combinations possible in Tattslotto then added each of these individual
combinations together, starting with the smallest group (1+2+3+4+5+6=21) and
finishing with the largest group which is (40+41+42+43+44+45=255) you would
find to your amazement that most winning lotto draws fall around the central
point of 138. The closer your selected lotto numbers are to this central
figure of 138, the better your chances of capturing a major prize. This
applies to any 6 number lotto draw anywhere in the world. If you plotted the
resultant shape of this curve out on graph paper, you would end up with the
shape of a bell. Hence the name Bell Curve.

For example, if you happened to think that 1,3,8,19,21 & 32 were your
luckiest numbers, you might be somewhat dismayed to find that they add up to
84 which is way outside the Bell Curve preferred range of 100 - 176. Your
chances of capturing a major win with this combination of numbers would
probably be something like 4-5 times less than with, say, 8,15,17,19,35,44
which add up to 138. So if you have favourite groups of 6 numbers that you
enter in lotto you might like to add each group up to see what they come to.
The closer your number groups get to the central 138 the better your

There is a computer programme available which automatically "knocks out" all
number groups that don't fall within the preferred range. We use it on our
customised lotto systems. It simply means that all "unlikely" games are left
out which can reduce the playing cost by 25% or more, without greatly
reducing your chances. Occasionally a maverick group adding up to only 70 or
so wins (or maybe 200 or more) but this is the exception.

On September 27th, 1949 a US patent was granted for a radically unusual
detection and analysis device. It was assigned to one Dr. Thomas Galen

This machine incorporated a tactile sensor which caused a change of
sensation in the operators fingertips when it was tuned to resonance with
the object being analyzed.

Until this point the standard instrument indicator mechanism had been an
audible sound or a visual indicator such as a needle deflection (as in a
multimeter) or a flashing light.

(There was one that worked on smell too.......usually when a device
containing a power transformer was plugged into the wrong voltage!)
Hieronymous came up with something totally different. His device worked on
the sense of TOUCH.

That is, when the circuitry sensed a "signal" the otherwise smooth
connection between the operators fingers and a "touch pad" became "tacky" or
suddenly developed a "sticky" feel.

The effect was rapid enough to prove useful as an alternative measuring

Hieronymous indicated that the device was intended for the detection and
analysis of minerals utilizing a new aspect of the physical universe which
he called "eloptic radiation".

The device uses a very basic pickup coil, a simple 3 transistor amplifier
(instead of valves) and a tuning device consisting of a rotating optical

The output sensing "touch pad" was described as a TACTILE DETECTOR.
The sample of metal or mineral to be analyzed is placed within the "sensing
coil" and the mechanism is "tuned" with the rotating prism. The signal is
then amplified (and there is something very strange about this which I'll
explain later) and the output is fed to a flat wound coil of wire underneath
a flat square of glass or plastic. This is the touch pad.

The fingertips are placed lightly on this pad and slowly moved back and
forth while the tuning prism is being rotated. When the circuit is
"resonant" (for want of a better word) the feeling between the fingertips
and the touchpad changes.

The dial of the machine is pre-calibrated for various known elements so when
the sample of an unknown substance is placed in the pickup coil the presence
of specific elements can be fairly accurately determined. Not only this but
the actual percentage of materials ca
n be determined.
Sounds ridiculous....doesn't it?
Well....around 25 years ago when I owned an electronics design lab one of
our regular customers (a physics instructor at the local university) bought
in one of these machines and after demonstrating it asked me what I thought
of it.

I can tell you now I didn't think of it. The machine was obviously a fake.
Only problem was...I could make it work accurately. So could four of my

This caused mass consternation in my laboratory. We built one ourselves and
I had trouble stopping the staff from playing with it when they were
supposed to be working on time-sensitive circuit designs.
The device does not appear to operate on any known principle of physics but
oddly enough in the past 25 years I have heard very little about it. At the
time we assumed that this was some major breakthru however little appears to
have come of it.

There is basically no reason for it to work at all......but it does!
Thousands of these devices have been built over the years and most operators
appear to get passable results. Even profound skeptics have had success in
some instances.(We were in this category!)

The sensing pad appears to produce a slightly different sensation for
different people....but the recurring comment was that it felt like the pad
had suddenly been covered in tar when the circuit was tuned. When it was
detuned the "sticky" feeling disappeared and the original "smooth feeling"

The other strange thing about this device is that the circuit components are
totally non-critical. Any broadband medium frequency amplifier will do. The
pickup coil is not critical....and neither is the touch sensor pad.
Once the machine is calibrated, say, for gold, then any other person
operating the device will get a response for gold at exactly the same prism
setting. That is, the tactile response will occur at the same place on the
pre-calibrated dial.

Figure that one out! (I can't!)

But....if you think all of the above is a bit far fetched and'll be even more stunned as you read the following:
Around 6 months after the physics instructor introduced us to the
Hieronymous Machine he wandered in with another of these devices. He told us
that this one was an improved model and asked if we would like to try it. By
this time my super-skeptical staff were thoroughly puzzled and seemed quite
keen to "give it a go".

We got the same results as before, with each of the staff noticing the
"tacky" effect at the correct pre-calibrated points when different minerals
were inserted into the pickup coil.

We all agreed it worked at least as accurately as the earlier model.
At this point the owner undid the screws on the top of the device and
removed the lid....and we all did something we never should have done...
We looked inside....

All the circuitry had been removed and in its place was a CIRCUIT DIAGRAM
drawn on a piece of white card. The wires from the input coil were attached
to the edge of this card to coincide with the circuit diagram input....and
likewise with the output connection.

The diagram included the standard symbol for a battery.
That is...the entire "innards" was merely a circuit diagram.
Now I want you to picture this:

Here were four of the top electronic designers in the country, who
specialized in designing circuitry that other people found too complicated
to tackle. We had in front of us a circuit diagram which was acting as if it
were a bunch of transistors and capacitors. It was totally beyond anything
we had collectively experienced.

Then the physics teacher really upset us. He asked us to each try the
"machine" once more to ascertain that it was really working. It was.
He then took an ink eraser out of his pocket and rubbed out the schematic
battery symbol, so that the circuit diagram had no apparent battery.
He then asked us all to try the machine again.

He then redrew the battery symbol in...and... it WORKED AGAIN!
All this in front of four intelligent well-educated top flight electronic

I have never seen one of these devices since that day..and I'm not sure if I
want to. But if this subject is of interest....and you want to build one of
these "impossible" machines, then you might like to get hold of a recent
paperback by rocket engineer G.H. Stine which gives precise constructional
details for these Hieronymous devices plus other psychokinetic devices.
It's called MIND MACHINES YOU CAN BUILD and it's published in the USA by TOP

Several hundred years ago scientists considered that the weight of an object
was fixed and absolute. Then Isaac Newton demonstrated that an object
weighed less at the top of a mountain than it did at sea level, where
gravity was stronger. (Weight is a measure of the force that gravity exerts
on an object). So a new term was coined ..... mass. The mass of an object
was considered constant, but its weight varied with height. The higher the
object above the earth's surface, the less was the effect of gravity, hence
the less its weight. But height did not affect the "mass" of an object.

So for a long time mass was considered absolute. Then along came Einstein
with his relativity theory. He proved that mass actually varies depending on
the speed it was travelling. The closer a mass gets to the speed of light
(186,000 miles per second) the greater its mass becomes. When it reaches the
speed of light its mass becomes infinite and as it would take an infinite
force to accelerate an infinite mass then nothing solid can exceed the speed
of light.

So speed became more important than mass which had become more important
than weight.

At the same time Einstein found that when an object travels very fast, close
to the speed of light, time slows down so the astronauts who travelled to
the moon and back have aged a fraction of a second less than us earthbound
mortals. If an astronaut travelled outward for 5 years at near the speed of
light and then turned around and made the same journey back to earth he
would be 10 years older. But on earth something like 50 - 100 years would
have passed.

So everything is relative to speed. Both time and mass are determined by

Nothing in our universe is quite what it seems. The mindpower gurus who can
operate mentally in theta or some other altered consciousness state believe
that they enter a time-free zone where they can see past/present/future
events with equal clarity. It has always been considered that time flows
forward, like an arrow from a bow but the relatively new science of Quantum
Physics indicates that it may well flow in the opposite direction also.
And the more the scientific world delves into the strangeness of Quantum
Physics, the weirder are the things being discovered.

It basically started out with the aperture test whereby a stream of light is
shone thru a narrow slit on to a screen. The light either showed up as a
particle image on the screen or as a waveform, depending on what the
experimenter expected! And there is now a line of thought that wonders if
the normal state of events is the waveform, which materialises into particle
form only when required.

When one considers the vast empty spaces inside supposedly solid matter,
there may be some merit in this particle materialisation concept. If you
think about all the planets in our solar system and the vast distances
between them, then reduce the size of our solar system down to that of an
atom, it becomes easier to comprehend the spaces inside each atom. In fact,
99.99999999999......% of a supposedly solid object is space. It has beeen
estimated that if all the "spaces" in the known universe were removed and
only "solid" material left, then you could hold this in the palm of your

The piece of paper you are holding in front of you at this instant is made
up of mainly blank space. It consists of subatomic particles with vast
spaces around them. In fact the whole known universe .... and everything in
it ....... is made up of the same material ..... subatomic particles. If you
raise your eyes from this page and look around you, everything you see is
made of subatomic particles, even your pet cat, which is mainly empty space.
(Something you've always suspected!) Everything is the same ..... except
..... Human Consciousness !!

Conscious awareness is a "stand-alone" event in the entire universe.
Obviously this consciousness is a superior event compared to all the mundane
subatomic sameness surrounding it. No wonder that controlled consciousness
can influence the lifeless brethren we call inert matter! That is, there is
no reason whatsoever why a human mind cannot control matter.

The main reason we can't do it, is because we don't expect to!

The same as the scientists with the aperture test..... they get what they
expect in the way of results. It takes a major change in the mental
operating process to be able to influence matter to the point where you can
bend a spoon with mind-power alone, but the process can be learnt! If you
think deeply about this, you will probably conclude that there is no reason
why the superior stand-alone event of consciousness should not be able to
directly influence the atomic structure of lifeless matter.

Einstein has proven that energy and mass are interchangable (as in a nuclear
reaction) and various universities and laboratories have been able to either
measure or calculate the force generated by a human mind (as in
psychokinetic experiments). The obvious conclusion here is that, as mass and
energy are interchangable, the energy generated by human consciousness can
be converted into its mass equivalent, the format of which is controlled and
directed by the most extraordinary of higher-consciousness processes .....

VISUALISATION !!! When a human mind clearly and continually visualises an
end result, with deep emotion and concentrated intent, then the formatted
energy generated is converted into its mass equivalent - ie. the result
desired. As strange as this may sound, it is scientifically feasible and
generally accepted as truth among the mind power people and top motivators.
In our universe....... nothing is what it seems!!

When we are born we are totally unprogrammed. We are like a computer without
the software. As we grow we are trained to recognise a common reality. That
is, every sane human being adopts a "common denominator" when it comes to
reality. The "window of reality" is basically the same for the entire human
race. Your reality training teaches you that mankind cannot walk on white
hot coals with a temperature 5 times that of boiling water! Yet it is done!
The same training tells you that you cannot bend metal with your mind. Yet
there are at least two "schools" in the US teaching just this. Everybody
"knows" that you cannot sit in a chair, relax, and clearly visualise some
distant scene, in past, present or future time with a high degree of
accuracy. Yet there are people who do this remote viewing for a living!

Major corporations employ them to fill in information gaps.

The reality window, as we accept it, is no longer valid.

Under certain conditions, your mind can "escape" from the restriction of
this universal window. And as an increasing number of individuals experience
these "impossible" alternatives, universal human consciousness changes. When
a critical number of people can achieve these alternative realities, then,
like the 100th monkey theory, everyone will suddenly "know" that these
things can be done. Sheldrake's Morphogenic Field theory explains how this
is achieved in real life.

Nothing is what it seems !!!

For the past 100 years or so western civilisation has been technology
orientated. The higher the technology, the better we like it. But technology
is logic based. And our logic is based on our reality window. If we become
aware of a different form of technology which is not only outside our logic
base, but also can't be replicated reliably and worse still, cannot be
measured on conventional instruments, then we panic! It is outside our
reality window.

But such technologies already exist. They are the science of the 21st

For example it has always been considered that time is a constant.
That is, the seconds, minutes and hours tick along at the same speed for

But an extremely clever device has been invented which measures micro-small
distortions in time. When a small mechanical or chemical event is examined
it has been found that time is thin around the "cause" and dense around the
resultant event.

It seems that time may be variable !!


Dr. Nikolai Kozyrev and his 'time' machine

Older readers may recall the stir created in the scientific world by the
Soviet Union's most renowned astrophysicist, Dr. N. Kozyrev when he
announced that there was volcanic activity on the moon in the crater named
Alphonsus. The scientific community was very sceptical but eventually Nasa
confirmed his findings. His reputation was made. So when this very same
scientist came up with a startling new theory of time, the scientific
community sat up straight.

After many years of research he concluded that time was a form of energy !
Some 17 years earlier he had wondered how telepathic thoughts could be
transferred from one person to another instantaneously. He was curious as
to what sort of energy could be involved. So his brilliant mind enabled him
to conceive a rather fantastic instrument based around a gyroscope, a
torsion balance and an asymmetrical pendulum. The resultant "device" enabled
him to measure this strange new energy, which turned out to be time !!! He
found that time is "thinner" near the cause of an event and "thicker" near
the effect of the event.

One of his experiments involved stretching an elastic band mechanically by a

His device deflected to point toward the "effect" end of the elastic. It
indicated that there had been an increase in density of time! Organic
"events" give particularly good results - the burning of sugar is a
favourite experiment he uses when demonstrating to other members of the
scientific community.

He shielded his experiment against all known forces and electromagnetic
fields and found this new effect still occurred, regardless.

And the interesting point is that the effect acts upon the measuring
instrument at a distance. The gyroscope pendulum is affected without any
conventional known force acting upon it. He further found that the quality
of his thoughts affected the experiment. When he filled his thinking with
the emotion of poetry the equipment measured more of a change than when he
thought of mathematical equations.

From this it is reasonable to conclude that thoughts may change the density
of time. After all these years of research he concludes that it is likely
that telepathy changes the "density of time". Time would be "thin" near the
sender and "thicker" around the receiver. And as time appears
instantaneously everywhere this could account for the reason telepathy is
also instantaneous.


What he was actually looking at was a psychokinetic effect. The flexing of
an elastic band caused his instruments to react at a distance. He also found
that he obtained much more pronounced effects when the weather was cold and
stable and the landscape was covered with snow.

He further suspected that time has a pattern of flow and a rate of flow. As
the rate of time flow thru a substance varies, weight is lost. He feels this
could be the answer to the scientific dilemma of levitation! Various
psychokinetic experts such as Uri Geller have been tested under laboratory
conditions in this respect and have measurably reduced the weight of light
objects by thought-power alone.

While all this might sound like fairy-tale material, the US scientific
community have taken it seriously. The research continues.............!!

In the 1940's the scientific world was startled to hear that a "LIFE FIELD"
had been discovered to exist around all living things .....animals, plants
and humans included. These could be measured by a vacuum tube voltmeter with
special electrodes and were totally distinct from brainwave voltages. These
fields can now be "seen" with the aid of the more recent "Kirlian

You may remember from your high school science classes the experiment where
iron filings are scattered on top of a piece of cardboard and a magnet
placed underneath the card. When the cardboard is shaken the filings arrange
themselves to display the "lines of force" of the magnet's field. If the
filings are then thrown away and fresh ones scattered on the card, the new
filings assume the same shape as the old ones. That is, the lines of
magnetic force are constant.

The life force around a living organism adopts the same pattern. It develops
its final life-form shape, even before the organism has started developing!

The cells in your body are constantly dying out and being replaced. It has
been estimated that over a 12 month period there exists not a single
original cell in your body. You are a new person but thanks to your LIFE
FIELD you have retained the same physical identity. As in the magnetic
field example above, your Life-Field remains the same, even though its core
constituents may change.

Your Life-Field appears to be your genetic controller!
This electro-dynamic body-field serves as a matrix or mould, which
stabilises the shape of any substance poured into it. No matter how often
this substance is changed, the final result stays the same.

When the "L Field" in a frog's egg is examined, it is possible to determine
the future location of the nervous system from the projected axis of the
L-Field voltage measurements. This also holds true for the seeds of plants.
In one extended experiment the L-Fields of two trees were measured over many
years. As trees are stable and don't move about the measurements were able
to be taken with a high degree of accuracy over the life of the experiment.
The electronic equipment was attached to the trunks via special electrodes
and it was demonstrated conclusively that the L-Fields vary with sunlight
and darkness, with cycles of the moon and with magnetic storms created by
sunspots. This was astounding new knowledge.

L- Fields are examined by measuring the voltage difference between two
points on, or near, the surface of a living object. Human L-Field
measurements can be taken by placing one electrode on the forehead and the
other on the hand or chest. But a quicker more convenient way is by
measuring the potential difference between the left and right-hand index
fingers. To do this two containers of saline (salt) solution are connected
via special electrodes to a very high impedance voltmeter. The fingers are
washed thoroughly then immersed into the containers of liquid. The voltage
is noted down and the same process is repeated on a regular basis to track
the potential of the L-Fields. It has been proven conclusively that the
exact moment of female ovulation can be detected by a surge in the L-Field
voltage. The voltage rises slowly and steadily prior to ovulation and drops
rapidly after the egg has been released. That is, when the egg is released
the voltage changes significantly almost immediately. This process has been
used to help couples who have had difficulty conceiving.

The voltmeter used has to be a vacuum tube type or similar ultra-high
impedance. This is because the standard voltmeter (multi-meter) you buy at
your local electronic shop has a low input impedance and draws current out
of the circuit it is testing. The VTVM (vacuum tube voltmeter) on the other
hand draws no current at all so does not interfere with the circuit under
test - in this case the human body. The saline solution in the containers
acts as a pliable form-fitting conductor between your finger and the special
electrode which is attached to the VTVM.

In trees the electrodes are attached via a special paste about 2 feet apart.
Prior to the discovery of the VTVM L-Fields could not be measured.
Wounds to a person's body affect the L-Field, even something as small as a
cut finger. The L-Field potential in the vicinity of a broken bone changes
and it has been found that by supplying a small voltage from a miniature
battery across this break, the fracture can be made to heal more quickly.
There are now clinics set up to utilise this effect and it has been reported
that the results are outstanding. This type of treatment has proven
particularly effective for the elderly where bone fractures can present a
real problem.

It is interesting to note that with the right equipment L-Fields can be
measured at a distance from the body, which proves that they are a true
"field" and not just electrical skin potential.

One well known experimenter , Dr. Leonard J Ravitz Jnr., has used an L-Field
detector to measure the depth of hypnosis in a subject. During the hypnotic
state the brain waves and body physiology remain the same. That is, until
the L-Field experiment it was impossible to measure the depth of hypnosis.
This was also considered to be another break-thru!

Dr. Ravitz also discovered after 30,000 measurements on 430 human subjects
regular cyclic rhythms were detected. When people felt "really good" their
L-Field voltages were high and when they felt "below par" their voltages
were low. These human rhythms appear to have a 2 week cycle. Since these
L-Fields occur in all living things it does not seem that they are connected
with biorhythms.

We are actively looking for more information about L-Fields as they may tie
in with our experiments on luck cycles. It may be that the voltage reading
could coincide with specific PK "luck" periods. If so, it would be a highly
accurate way of determining when your PK activity is at its highest.

"All living things are filled with a type of energy that until recently
wasn't known to Western science. This psychotronic energy seems to be
responsible for psychokinetic effects. A device has been discovered which
collects this energy from a person, stores it, then releases it on demand.
It has been used to power a small electric motor."

This idea of a bio-energy is not new. The ancient Chinese knew about it -
they called it VITAL ENERGY. The Hindus called it PRANA. The Polynesian
Huna people called it MANA. Currently the Soviets refer to it as
BIOPLASMIC ENERGY and the Czechoslovakian Scientists (where the generator
was "re-discovered") call it PSYCHOTRONIC ENERGY.

It was suspected that such an energy existed for some time but it wasn't
until the Russians invented the KIRLIAN PHOTOGRAPHIC PROCESS that this
strange energy could actually be observed.

The secrets of the Psychotronic generator were discovered in a strange
manner. Robert Pavlita was the design director of a large Czech textile
plant and patented the design for a new textile process. The royalties from
the successful application of his process were substantial and enabled him
to spend more time on his hobby which was metallurgy and the search for
information on the fabled psychotronic devices. He apparently spent years
searching the archives of Czech libraries and eventually stumbled on the
information he needed in the form of manuscripts which hadn't been
researched for centuries.

Pavlita found that by combining various metals and making them to a critical
shape, he could manufacture devices which would store bio-energy for a
specific purpose. He has even used specially treated wood.

After 30 years of experimenting Pavlita's work came to the attention of the
Hradec Kralove University Physics department who decided to do some tests.
An electric motor was set up with a free-spinning device attached to it.
Pavlita's generator was placed next to the motor. Pavlita focussed his
mental energy on his generator and the free-spinning attachment on the motor
slowed to a stand-still. As he continued to focus on his generator the
attachment proceeded to spin backwards, against the thrust of the motor
spindle. The university tested Pavlita for 2 years and concluded that an
unknown form of energy was involved and that there was definitely no fraud

This "stored" PK energy is not new. In the 1921 July 30th edition of the
British medical magazine Lancet it was reported that a Dr. Charles Russ
showed the ophthalmic Congress at Oxford an apparatus that caused a solenoid
to move by merely gazing at it. There have been many others since this but
it was left to Pavlita to commercialise the process and apply for patents.
It was found that this psychotronic energy could be transferred from humans
to inert materials such as paper, wood, silk, etc. And this energy was
clearly not electrostatic in nature because it worked just as well under
water ! It was this last feature that caused the Iron Curtain scientists to
sit up and take notice.

The Czech Scientists believe that everyone has psychic abilities, but they
are blocked by our belief system, so that most of the time we are unaware of
them. To cause them to work we need something to evoke these hidden
abilities which is apparently what the psychotronic generators do.

The psychotronic generators which Pavlita has built apparently resemble
spare parts from the movie 2001! They come in all shapes and sizes, each
being designed for a specific purpose. And strangely enough some of them
closely resemble "ancient ritual artifacts" displayed in museums around the
world! (Think about that one!!)

The method of making them work is to simply focus your gaze and "stare" at
them. After several minutes sufficient "charge"is stored for the device to
be able to perform usefully.

One of the devices he built looks like a cross between a "magic wand" and a
fat screwdriver. When it is "charged" it attracts all sorts of small
non-magnetic objects in the same way that an electrostatically charged
object does works under water !!! No
electrostatically charged device will work in a moist atmosphere, let alone
under water. When you brush your hair in a very dry atmosphere, you will
probably notice - or hear - an electrical discharge. This is caused by the
build-up of an electrostatic charge.

A psychotronic charge appears to work on an entirely different principle.
The Czechoslovakian Academy of Science had mathematicians, physicists,
electronics experts and electro-physiologists all investigate the generators
while the devices were shielded against air currents, static electricity,
magnetic fields and temperature changes.

They still worked despite all possible precautions against extraneous

The well known Czech mathematician and physicist Dr. Julias Krmessky made
the following comment: "The radiation goes right through glass, water,
wood, cardboard and even iron. It's strength does not diminish at all and
furthermore the mind seems to control this energy.

Experiments were done with seeds. Psychotronic energy almost doubled the
growth rate of seeds in some of the scientific experiments. A further
demonstration was done with polluted water. Application of psychotronic
energy caused the impurities to drop out of the water and it was left
reasonably pure. Chemical analysis found that there was a change in the
actual molecular structure of the water itself. The two hydrogen atoms had
spread further apart.

The energy does not appear to originate from the brain or any one organ in
the body. It appears to originate from a persons entire Life-Field as
photographed by a Kirlian Camera.

Tests with EEG machines on people who are in the process of "charging" these
generators indicate an unusual brain-wave pattern. The only dominant
physical effect noticed is that the charging process doesn't work so well if
the person is tired. The psychotronic generator that was designed to power
up a small electric motor required an initial "charge" of half an hour then
only a few minutes a day. The electric motor apparently ran continuously for
50 hours.

A special generator was built to test the effect on the human brain.
Pavlita's daughter Jana was the subject. The generator was directed at
Jana's head and the EEG monitor attached to her indicated a sudden change in
brain-wave activity. Jana became dizzy and her spatial orientation was

These generators were mentioned on an Australian SBS TV documentary a
couple of years ago. (Secrets of the Russian Psychics). Apparently one had
been used in an attempt to give a well known Russian leader a heart attack.
It was only partly successful because the well publicised heart attack was
only a minor one.

Experiments were done with other living organisms. Snails subjected to
psychotronic energy withdrew into their shells and went into a state similar
to hibernation. A doughnut shaped generator was found to kill flies, placed
inside it, instantly.

There seems to be unlimited use for this new (?) energy.

The critical thing about these devices is apparently the shape and form. The
smaller devices collect and store personal PK energy. But experiments with
larger ones indicate that they might well store some form of unknown cosmic
energy. The scientists investigating these devices consider that a pyramid
is a large cosmic psychotronic generator.

One of Pavlita's favourite demonstrations is to place a sheet of glass on a
stand and scatter magnetic fragments over the glass. He then places a
powerful horseshoe magnet under the glass and demonstrates how he can move
the magnetic chips about with this magnet. Next he uses a psychotronic
generator that looks like a rectangular ball-point pen to pick up the chips
on the glass. They attach themselves to the tip of the generator which is
able to overcome the magnetic force from the magnet underneath the glass to
pick up these chips.

Then he demonstrates the same thing with the whole apparatus under water!!!
The Czech Scientists think this energy might be the same force that allows
psychic healers to remove a person's health problems and to allow people
like Uri Geller to cause mung beans to sprout while held in the palm of
their hands. They also think it is responsible for the way world famous PK
expert Nelya Mikhailova is able to move small objects at a distance. (This
was also shown on the SBS TV documentary).

However the bottom line to all this is that these psychotronic devices are
not new. They appear to have been around for thousands of years. It was left
to Robert Pavlita to "re-discover" them by searching thru ancient
manuscripts, some apparently over 400 years old!

In the early 80's the scientific world received a severe shock when a
scientist at PRINCETON UNIVERSITY was able to prove conclusively that PK not
only existed, but could be statistically measured!

The announcement was all the more startling in view of the international
reputation of not only the scientist himself, but of the institution he was

The gentleman concerned was none other than Robert C. Jahn, a professor of
aerospace sciences and dean emeritus of the School of Engineering and
Applied Science at the world famous Princeton University. Jahn was a former
consultant for NASA and the Department of Defense where his main interest
was space propulsion. He is the author of the leading textbook in the field,

He had no interest at all in paranormal events until a student asked him to
oversee a PK project she was involved in as a study project. Apparently Jahn
reluctantly agreed.

The results were so potentially awe-inspiring that Jahn founded the
Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) Lab in 1979. This lab is now
considered to be the country's leading scientific PK research centre.

Jahn and his associate, clinical psychologist Brenda Dunne, used a machine
called a Random Number Generator . This is the electronic equivalent of a
mechanical heads/tails coin flipping machine.If you flip a coin 1000 times
into the air you will get approximately 500 heads and 500 tails. This is the
average expected result which always seems to manifest itself consistently.
Volunteers were seated in front of the device and asked to focus on either a
run of heads or tails. Over the course of more than 100,000 trials it was
found that the volunteers had a significant effect on the results. And some
particular volunteers produced astounding results! They concluded that
everyone has PK abilities, with some individuals posessing a higher degree
of PK ability than the average. In fact some of the better operators
produced a distinctive "signature" which identified their work as
consistently distinctive from others.

This random number generator was called a "micro-PK" device and Jahn decided
to construct a "macro-PK" device to see if PK was noticable with solid

He built a machine called a cascade generator which contained 9000 small
ping-pong type balls to free-fall from an opening and cascade down a wall,
during which they had to travel via 330 nylon pegs set into the wall. The
device looked like a large wooden frame ten feet high and 6 feet wide with a
glass front. There were 19 collection bins set side-by-side at the bottom
and the balls eventually ended up in these. Under normal circumstances the
balls would collect in a mountain shaped pile at the bottom with the top of
the "mountain shape" right under the funnel opening at the top of the

However over a substantial number of runs the PK volunteers were able to
deflect the positioning of the balls and affect the "shape" of the mountain.
Once again certain individuals achieved quite outstanding results.

As a result of all this the management of Princeton became quite nervous at
being involved with something that looked suspiciously like "paranormal"
investigations, but the dust eventually settled and Jahn and Dunnes work is
now generally accepted. (This was also shown on an Australian SBS
Connections programme.)

Jahn and Dunne think that as most physical processes possess a wave-particle
duality then it might be reasonable to assume that consciousness does also.
In its "particle" form consciousness would be localised in our heads, but in
its wavelike form could well propagate externally like any other waveform.
This waveform would then interact with the subatomic particles of matter to
produce a result which has been pre-modulated onto the waveform by the
desire of the human mind concerned.

In view of Dr. Jahn's standing in the aerospace community it is somewhat
surprising that he should devote so much of his expertise time to PK
activity and even went as far as to state "My sense of importance of this
topic is much higher than anything else I've ever worked on" !!!!!

Not long after the hologram was invented and widely publicised, two of the
world's most respected scientists arrived, almost simultaneously, at the
same conclusion.

The human mind appeared to process and store information in the same way as
a hologram does.

Quantum Physicist David Bohm and Stanford University neurophysiologist Karl
Pribram concluded that the mind works in the same way as a hologram does.
There could be no other explanation as to how the mind is capable of storing
such vast quantities of data. Furthermore, when a brain is damaged, as in a
car accident, memory does not disappear selectively as one might expect. And
even if part of a brain is totally destroyed the overall memory remains
intact, if somewhat hazy.

And this is exactly what a hologram does.

A coherent light - such as a laser beam - is split in two and used to
"photograph" an object onto a special negative. But instead of a picture
appearing, a complex pattern of whirls and swirls appear. These are caused
by interference patterns between the two paths of the split laser beam. The
holographic negative stores an incredible amount of information. It not only
records the object being photographed but records it from every possible
angle in such a manner that it can reproduce a full third dimensional image.
It is equivalent to storing a line drawing in a computer hard drive memory
compared to the megabytes required to store a full colour moving picture of
the line drawing. The storage memory difference required is vast.

It has puzzled science for decades as to how a mechanism as small as a human
brain can store so much memory, but it wasn't until the hologram was
invented that things fell into place. Pribram and Bohm are both inclined to
believe that the brain works holographically so that instead of one
particular memory being stored in one specific location, it may well be
stored holographically over a family of neurons.

Holograms themselves can store a vast amount of information. If you take a
photo on an ordinary film, for example, you cannot place another photo on
the same piece of film otherwise you will get a double image. Not so with
holography. By changing the angle at which the lasers strike the negative
multiple images can be stored. To recover a specific image the decoding has
to be done with the same precise angle of laser. It has beeen estimated
that one square inch of laser film could be made to contain the information
content in 50 Bibles!

If the human brain were operating in this manner, it would explain our
ability to store such a vast array of data, and probably also explain our
difficulty in recovering it!

For a start our inbuilt "mental laser imaging system" would have to
ascertain which angle to adopt and once the correct path was established
then the brain would have to find how best to decode the information in a
holographic manner.

A hologram has a strange property. If you tear one into little bits each and
every bit still contains the entire pictorial information, unlike a torn
photographic negative.

And If you tear the hologram into microscopic pieces you still can recover
the whole picture but with a serious loss of spacial definition.

It is seriously considered that the human mind also interacts with other
human minds in the same holographic manner. That is, your mind is a part of
a complete human mental hologram, which would explain why remote viewing
works. You already "know" what another person knows, in a holographic
manner. The only difficulty we have is in "setting" our inbuilt mental
lasers at the right angle to recover this information. There is also a line
of thought which might explain why people can have Out-Of-Body and
Near-Death experiences. Once again, it is to do with "re-setting" the angle
of your mental lasers to flick into a slightly different reality, in the
same way that a microscopic shift in angle of a holographic laser will
produce a totally different picture. In fact if we had some mechanism that
took a photo every second, of every aspect of our life, then combined all
these multi billions of individual frames into one vast hologram, then by
simply changing the angle of the "lasers" we could jump from event to event.
Now if our mind ran an automatic computer-like program to connect related
"holographic events" then these might appear to us as synchronicity.

The alpha/theta training process which we can now learn teaches us to "set
our lasers". It is the gateway to holographic interpretation.

Quantum Physicist David Bohm believes that the universe is structured like a
hologram, and that many things can be explained if the universe is viewed in
this manner.

This theory is based on the belief that all matter is constructed of
subatomic particles which can appear either as a particle or a waveform. And
a waveform is pure energy.

It may be this energy waveform which enables us all to interact

Once again all this is really the science of the 21st century and it will
probably be another 20 years or so yet before anything is proven.
Meanwhile if this subject is of serious interest you could buy a copy of the
book THE HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE by Michael Talbot, on the Harper Perennial

Cleve Backster's astounding mind/plant communication discovery!

In 1966 something happened that shook the scientific world to it's very
foundations ........... and it was discovered, not in a famous laboratory,
but in a small room in an office building in New York !!

In 1966 a very strange event occurred. Cleve Backster, America's top
polygraph (lie detector) expert was working late in his New York office. His
secretary had installed a Dragon pot plant to brighten the office.

Backster noticed that the plant needed water, and on impulse attached the
leads of a lie detector to one of the leaves. The lie detector measures
skin resistance and Backster knew that it would indicate when water reached
the actual leaf. He poured water over the root system and waited to see how
long before this moisture reached the leaves. Nothing happened. In fact
after a while the instrument appeared to indicate less moisture in the leaf.
The pen-tracing equipment attached to the lie detector was trending
downwards with a fair amount of "saw tooth" motion.

Backster was puzzled as this was exactly the same response expected from a
human being experiencing an emotional stimulus of short duration. He
wondered if the plant could be displaying emotion.

Backster knew from long experience that the best way to make a polygraph
needle "jump" was to threaten the subjects well-being so he dunked the plant
leaf in his hot coffee. There was no reaction. He thought about this for a
couple of minutes then conceived a worse threat. (He used to work for the
CIA). He would light a match and burn the leaf. The instant he conceived
this thought something dramatic happened - something that has had far
reaching scientific implications all over the world.........


The pen-traced graph moved off its centreline into a pronounced upward

Backster was staggered. He was some distance from the plant and he wondered
if it could possibly have been reading his thoughts.

As later events will prove ..... IT WAS!!!

This was the start of an incredible reaction from the scientific community.
And the interesting fact is that thousands of people have been able to
duplicate this experiment. All you need is a "Wheatstone Bridge" circuit and
a sensitive multimeter which any competent electronics enthusiast can easily
assemble. With this simple equipment you can carry out your own experiments.

(Technical details are as follows: the leaf is wired in as one leg of the
"bridge". The meter is wired across the bridge to detect voltage
fluctuations. Some form of self-balancing bridge is best. If you want to get
really technical you can use phase-locked chips and an alternating current
input. This is far more sensitive than a DC bridge and has been used to
build a "mind-powered" switch to open a garage door using a plant as the
receiving medium).

Backster initially wondered if his equipment was faulty but thorough tests
over the following weeks eliminated this as a coincidental effect.

Backster discovered a further vital fact. When he only "pretended" to burn
the leaf there was no reaction. In other words the emotion and intent had to
be genuine.

Backster advised associates around the country as to what he had discovered
and they were able to replicate his results which proved that it was not a
"one off" effect between Backster and his plant and quelled the sceptics who
claimed he had faulty equipment.

That was the start of an amazing series of experiments on different types of
plants, fruits and vegetables such as bananas, oranges and onions.
Backster named this strange new effect - PRIMARY PERCEPTION.

At this point Backster realized he was on to something with enormous
potential so he converted his offices into a full scale scientific

Over the following months all sorts of plant matter was tested. In one
instance a plant leaf was totally shredded but when reattached to the
electrodes it still exhibited the same response.

It was discovered accidently that the plants also reacted to unexpected
stimuli such as the sudden appearance of a dog in the room or a person who
did not like plants.

It was also found that the plants reacted to the attempts of a spider
attempting to escape from the close proximity of humans which it perceived
as a threat. The plant reacted JUST BEFORE the spider made any movement -
that is, it picked up the spiders intentions.

Backster concluded that while plants may be in "tune" with each other they
are more in tune with animal life which is mobile and may present a threat.
Another interesting observation was that when a plant was seriously
threatened it tended to "pass out" from "emotional" overload. The plant
appears to go into a "deep faint" for a while and then recovers. Backster
discovered this while he was demonstrating his effect to a group of visiting
scientists. The plants simply would not respond on this occasion and it was
discovered that one of the scientists in the group roasted plants in an oven
to get their dry weight for experiments.

Forty five minutes after this person left the building the plants came back
to normal. This "fainting" effect has been replicated on many occasions.
A sceptical reporter was invited by Backster to assist in an experiment to
see if a philodendron could "read his mind". The idea was to find the
reporters year of birth by naming each of the 7 years between 1925 and 1931.
The reporter was instructed to answer "no" to each question. Each year was
read out and the plant responded strongly (via the polygraph) when the
reporter answered no to the correct date. The resultant article created so
much impact that it eventually appeared in the Readers Digest. Further tests
indicated that plants could reliably indicate when a person was telling a
lie, however this is fraught with legal dangers as the plant could easily be
sabotaged by the subject mentally picturing the plant being burnt.

In another experiment a group of Backster's students drew a folded slip of
paper out of a hat. The instructions on one of the slips told its bearer to
totally destroy one of two plants placed in the laboratory. This was to be
done in secret at some point during the day, without anyone else knowing.

The surviving plant was attached to the polygraph and the students were
paraded past it. When the culprit approached the plant reacted strongly,
positively identifying the "murderer". The conclusion was that the plant
could remember and identify the person who destroyed a sister plant.
Backster also noted that a bond appeared to develop between a plant and its
owner. He used a synchronized stopwatch while he was making a trip out of
town to New Jersey. The moment he made a conscious decision to return to his
lab he triggered the stopwatch. When he returned he noted from the polygraph
recording equipment that the plant had given a response at that critical
instant he had pressed the stopwatch.

After years of testing Backster concluded that if a person genuinely liked a
plant it would respond to him or her which might explain why some people
have "green fingers" and others don't. It appeared that a communication
"bond" developed which was totally unaffected by distance and there is now
considerable evidence that this communication is not limited to the speed of
light (as radio waves are) but is instantaneous.

Obviously segments of the scientific community are wondering if this could
be used for deep-space communication where a radio signal takes years to
reach us, even travelling at the speed of light. Even the signals from our
deep space probes out beyond Mars can take hours to reach us and we haven't
really started serious space probes yet! In a speech Backster made to the
American Congress he indicated that it might be possible to modulate
(overlay information) on signals between plant and human life.

His further experiments indicated that once a plant is "linked" to a
particular person it seems to be able to maintain that link, no matter where
that person is or how big a crowd of other people they are in.
Tests were carried out with the plant in a Faraday cage and a lead
container. Both block out radio waves. The communication still went thru
unchecked. Backster concluded that this primary perception was outside the
usual electromagnetic spectrum.

On one occasion Backster cut his finger and as he applied iodine to the
wound the polygraph attached to his plant reacted. It also reacted when
somebody poured boiling water down the sink. After months of tests it was
concluded that the plants were sensitive to the destruction of living cells
and the bacteria in the sink plug-hole. This lead to lengthy experiments on
single cells and simple cell structures including scrapings from a human
mouth. When these scrapings were centrifuged and attached via fine gold
electrodes to a polygraph it was found that they reacted to the emotions of
their human donor - even when he was miles away! That is, human cells react
in the same way that plants do!!!

This was quite an astounding finding because it explained for the first time
how a persons emotions and thoughts might affect the individual body cells -
and hence the functions and health of that body! In fact there is some doubt
as to whether our body cells are individually controlled from the brain by
electro-chemical impulses - it is considered a possibility that the cells
receive "operating instructions" via this "primary perception" in a manner
not yet understood. Which might explain why people who "know" that they
don't catch colds .....don't! And people who "know" that they are always
sick..... are!

In a well thought out scientific experiment, designed to quell the sceptics,
Backster and his staff designed an automated device that dumped live,
healthy Brine Shrimp into boiling water. At the instant the shrimp died in
this boiling water, the three monitored plants reacted. The Brine were
dumped automatically at random intervals so there was no human interference
with the process. Light and temperature conditions were strictly controlled
and a fourth polygraph (with a fixed value resistor in place of a plant
leaf) was used as a control, to indicate possible fluctuations in power
supplies or electromagnetic fields.

Backster's 1968 report in the International Journal of Parapsychology drew
more than 7000 queries from scientists around the world, wanting more
information. Most of the news media ignored Backster's work until the
February 1969 edition of National Wildlife featured a story about this
strange new effect.

This attracted worldwide attention and everywhere housewives started talking
to their plants!

Another event led Backster onto a different path. One evening he was about
to feed a raw egg to his dog. He cracked the egg in preparation and as he
did this noticed that one of his plant/polygraph mechanisms reacted quite
violently. He decided to attach a store-bought raw egg to his equipment and
his chart recorder indicated that it was pulsing with the same rhythms as a
chicken embryo, with a frequency between 160 and 170 beats per minute.

However the egg was unfertilized and when it was broken open there was
absolutely no sign of a circulatory system. Backster appeared to have
discovered the same force which has been noticed in Kirlian Photography.
After some years of experimenting Backster's work indicated that when
connected to polygraph equipment plants register pleasure, fear and relief.
They respond to the threatening intentions of other life forms that they are
attuned to. This is where the term PRIMARY PERCEPTION evolved in relation to
the apparent interconnectedness between organic and other living matter.

Furthermore it has now been firmly established that human cells respond in
the same manner to various emotions displayed by their "host' body, even
when these cells are miles from their "host". Human brain neurons (made up
of cells) share a common consciousness with other human brain neurons via
this "primary perception" which would explain why mind-to-mind contact in
the form of Subjective Communication works so well. Rupert Sheldrake calls
this a morphogenic field.

There appears to be a common life-force here which has yet to be identified
and explained. We have discovered it, but we don't know what it is or how to
use it....yet! It is like the discovery of electricity and magnetic fields.

We were able to manipulate and use them in the 19th century but didn't even
come close to understanding them until well into the 20th century. And 18th
century people knew about them in the form of static electricity and
lodestones. (Natural magnetic rock). So it has taken around 200 years to get
magnetism and electricity up and running properly.

It is likely to take a lot less time than this to commercially utilise
primary perception because of the scientific protocols and equipment
available. The speed of progress will be restricted only by the same human
restrictions evident in the 18th and 19th century ..... "closed minds". It
has been suggested that primary perception is a universal communication
handshake in the same manner that gravity is a universal force field

The main problem with this primary perception business is that it only
appears to work if the intent is genuine. It seems to be linked to survival
and doesn't respond to play acting. Genuine sceptics also have a lot of
trouble getting a response. In fact this applies to virtually all mind-power
forces - if you believe in it .... it works!

The big problem with the investigation of primary perception is that it
seems to work only when genuine emotional intent is involved or when there
is a question of survival in living organisms. Scientists are having a hard
time with it because results are not uniform and sometimes not even capable
of being replicated. All other forces known to science can be reliably
measured in any laboratory anywhere, which has the right equipment. Not so
with the Backster Effect. So mainstream science understandably finds it hard
to deal with.

If a scientist sets up a Backster style experiment in his laboratory and
gets it running perfectly .... and then demonstrates it to a group of his
fellow scientists only to find it doesn't work, he ends up with a certain
amount of egg on his face. This non-replicability is a serious problem for
the scientific community. Science works on protocols - which can best be
described as regulated pre-formatted procedures. When you approach a plant
with this procedural protocol firmly fixed in your mind the plant perceives
no serious emotional intent or genuine threat so it does not respond. And if
the same test is applied repeatedly to the same plant its response quickly
drops off. These are only some of the problems that will have to be overcome
before plant life can be used for, say, interstellar communication.

There is one exception to this response-dropping factor .... and that is the
death of human cells. The plants seem to respond consistently to the death
of healthy human cells. At one point during Backsters experiments he was
noticing that the polygraph would give irregular emotional responses which
didn't seem to tie in with any of the tests being done. It took some time to
discover what is was. There was a men's urinal next door to the lab. Every
time it was flushed, the plant reacted. It was finally concluded that the
disinfectant in the cistern was destroying cells in the body's excretions.
But the strangest thing was that when the person using the urinal was aware
of this effect there was no reaction from the plant!

There have been a multitude of tests by different researchers in an attempt
to ascertain the effects of love and hate on plant systems and almost
without exception they report that feelings of love toward a plant enhance
its growth and wellbeing, something that every "green thumb" already knows!
Experiments of this kind with plants started long before Backster made his
amazing polygraph discovery but did not make any substantial public impact
until America's top lie detector expert announced his findings.
Meanwhile research goes quietly on - it will be most interesting to see just
where it ends up!

If you wish to read a reasonably up-to-date book on plant and cell life
order a copy of THE SECRET LIFE OF YOUR CELLS by Robert Stone (Whitford

This book covers the early Backster experiments, primary perception and
gives a certain amount of coverage of the Silva Mind method in relation to
plants and health.

Throughout history there have always been individuals who possessed the
amazing ability to "see" things either at a distant place or at a distant
time, both past and future.

But it wasn't until around 20 years ago that serious research was started by
scientific groups.

They found that the human mind had the amazing ability to "see" events at a
distance even though under normal circumstances the "viewer" had no
knowledge of these events.

They further found that under certain mind-states a person could "see"
reasonably accurately into the future or into the past. Not only that but
distance didn't matter.

Successful Remote Viewing has been achieved over a distance of 6000 miles!
Princeton University, Stanford Research Institute and the Monroe Institute
carried out extensive research into this effect, which eventually became

In fact the results created such a stir in the scientific world that the
United States Government took an interest in it and the matter of Remote
Viewing was raised in Congress .

This was in 1981 - the advances in Remote Viewing have been quite
spectacular since then and now that the disassembled Russian federation can
no longer afford to pay its parapsychology research scientists, many have
immigrated to work for United Staes research firms, so knowledge in this
field is taking quantum leaps.

So what then is remote viewing? And how similar is it to a controlled
out-of-body experience?

Both appear to be very similar in result but appear to work in a different
manner. Most people have had some sort of out-of-body experience (OBE)
during their lives. This may occur during a dream when they clearly
visualise themselves flying or visiting different places. Usually the vision
is extroadinarily clear and colourful and often can be remembered quite
vividly. Also the person often has considerable control over the OBE.

The people who have learnt to have OBE's intentionally at one of the lengthy
courses in the U.S.can induce them at will and obtain incredibly accurate
information about something at a distance. Similarly people who have taken a
Remote Viewing (RV) course can obtain similar information but the quality of
the information is different to that obtained from OBE's.

Remote Viewers who want accurate information about an event in the future
use a process called "Associated Remote Viewing" whereby the target being
viewed is represented as an object such as a ball, watch,pen,fork, etc. They
then "view" to see which object appears in their mind and this object is
then associated with the actual future event. There are at least two groups
in the States using this to predict stockmarket prices some days ahead. This
was reported some years ago in various business journals and the accuracy of
predictions was startling.

It was highly controversial at the time but these days it is an accepted
fact. Specialised remote viewing organisations do serious work for oil
companies and other big businesses where every piece of information is
considered valuable.

The general public are basically unaware of RV and will probably remain that
way for the forseeable future, so any individual or group who goes to the
trouble to investigate this 6th sense process will probably find thay have a
tremendous personal and business advantage over others.

Basically the RV process works like this:

The "viewer" spends some time relaxing to get down to the alpha or theta
state. They are then asked by their interviewer (the interviewer is not
strictly necessary but in a commercial situation is found to produce more
accurate results) to visualise a certain situation, set of map co-ordinates,
or whatever.

The viewer focusses and then either verbalises or draws diagrams of what
they "sense".

An experienced interviewer can lead the viewer to give detailed information
about the subject matter which might otherwise have been missed.
The amazing thing about this process is that virtually anyone can do it!
Particularly those who are already capable of personal alpha or theta
control. But it takes constant practice and training.

Some people are more naturally inclined to OBE's while others find RVing

Some of the more experienced American viewers use a mind machine to put them
in the right mental state to start with. This sometimes saves several hours
of otherwise time consuming "cooling down".

It is quite often easier for the beginner to use an alpha/theta tape or
programmed mind-machine to help induce the mental state necessary for both
OBE's and RV.

To become totally proficient at Remote Viewing takes around 18 months of
constant practice,but that extroadinary human event known as the "novice
effect" generally means that RV beginners sometimes have quite startling
successes. The author of this report was able to remote view the exact
layout of an overseas casino (which was totally unknown to him) and
furthermore was able to identify a particular machine which was due to pay a
jackpot. During a subsequent overseas business trip he was able to visit
this casino and found that the layout of the establishment was exactly as
the RV information indicated. The concrete driveway was where it should have
been .... so were the 4 concrete columns in front ..... the gardens on each
side ..... the views of the harbour from the front steps.....all the
reflective glass inside (which were actually glass showcases but RV'd as
mirrors).......the giant chandelier..... and the actual layout of the poker
machines which were arranged in a large curve (this was the clearest view of
all). It came as no surprise to him when one of the (approximately) targeted
machines paid a small jackpot, which was sufficient to cover his airfare and
basic expenses. This experience (which was slightly unnerving) went a long
way to convince this author that RVing worked!!!

The funny thing about RVing is that the size of the target doesn't matter.

The SILVA MIND COURSE I went to had us remote viewing inside small cubes of
metal. The experience was uncanny as I could actually sense the coldness and
metallic taste of the metal. Most of the people on the course (all rank
beginners) were successful in this experiment.

During an OBE experience involving a small target most viewers report that
they appear to be able to observe the atomic structure (or something
similar) of the object. They also report that an OBE view of a target gives
a much clearer and detailed picture than a Remote View.

One of the easiest ways to practice Remote Viewing by yourself is, as you
wake up in the morning (in the alpha state) and before you open your eyes,
to picture your clock and the exact time shown on the dial.

After a bit of practice you will probably be quite amazed to find that you
get it exactly right more often than not. As you get better at it (and gain
more confidence) you will find yourself able to do this at any time of the
day or night. When this happens you start to become very impressed with your
previously unknown mental abilities.

The professional RVers claim that anything can be targeted. Any group,
person, thought, object, event, place, occurrance or concept can be
targeted, either in real-time or past/future time.

Rather scary, isn't it? And the most unsettling thing is that remote viewing
cannot be easily blocked!

One highly experienced American RVer has investigated at length apparent
structures on Mars and also placed his viewing facilities inside an atomic
bomb at the point of detonation. There appears to be absolutely no limit to
what can be viewed.


Sort of makes you wonder where all this knowledge has been hidden, doesn't

And when the US Congress takes an interest in it and the scientists at such
institutions as Princeton University spend a fair portion of their working
lives and funds on the subject, you get the feeling that remote Viewing is
not going to go away, merely because the skeptics say it can't work!

The strange thing about RVing and OBEing is that your mind always gets the
target required, even if it is presented to you only as a set of map
co-ordinates. It is almost like a highly efficient universal telephone
exchange. You mentally "dial the number" and get connected.

I can see enormous advantages for the serious business person in this field
in the same manner that computer technology has changed the way a lot of
businesses work. Twenty years from now RVing might wll become part of
standard busines practice.

Even if this field seems "too far out" for you ......please ....keep an open
mind. Look where computer technology has gone in the past 20 years. If you'd
told me in 1975 that I'd have my business based around 3 computers in 1995 I
probably would have laughed at you. I seriously expect to have "full on"
Remote Viewing involved in my business within 2 years!!! (It's getting that
way now).

The one thing that is concerning the professional RVers is the ethical code
of the whole situation. As more and more people get involved there will be
those whose moral "line on the ground" is in a different position to yours.
There is no effective way to guard against this at the moment except to
become familiar with the process so that you are always one step ahead.
If you decide to get serious about practicing RVing there is another simple
method which requires the one-time help of an associate. Ask him or her to
select a small item at random and place it in a box. Then have them place
this box on a shelf somewhere in a location and building known only to them.
Relax into alpha and attempt to visualize firstly what is in the box and
secondly where it is hidden. Successful RVing should tell you what is in the
box. Successful OBEing should tell you the location of the box. Depending on
yourself, RVing might give you both answers. If you don't succeed on the
first few tries keep at it ....... eventually you will score a correct
answer. When you do, try and memorize how you felt mentally at the moment of
inspiration and try to recapture this feeling on subsequent experiments. You
might be startled to find that you get it right the first time. After you
have identified what is in the box and your associate has confirmed that you
were correct, physically view the object yourself. This apparently is very
important and has something to do with a Quantum Physics effect whereby you
precognitively remember handling the object in the future.

There appear to be somewhere between 5 and 7 levels of learning when it
comes to RVing. You tend to reach a plateau then drop back a bit only to go
to a higher success level in the future.

Don't be discouraged by failures. Remember you haven't intentionally used
your right-brain since you were a child. I was personally starting to get
somewhat discouraged until I precognitively remote viewed the jackpot at a
Macau Casino outside Hong Kong. That single incident revved me up again
because I found it so extroadinary! Actually when I considered the
implications of this achievement it was rather overwhelming!

The more you practice this type of mental activity ........ the more you
open up your right-brain intuitive channels. There is no telling where it
might lead to and it is 100% safe because that is how your mind was intended
to function. Until now you have probably been unaware of that fact!
It is interesting to note that if you attempt to discuss this with other
people you get strange looks. But you can safely ignore their disbelief

..... the United States Congress did!

The learning procedure as used at SRI INTERNATIONAL (formerly the Stanford
Research Institute) is as follows:

The viewer and his/her interviewer would be closeted in a room without
windows in the lab.

Another team of 1 or 2 people would go and visit a preselected target. This
group was known as the "out-bounders". The target was selected at random
from a pool of targets. The envelope containing the target information was
opened in the car by the out-bounders only after they had left the grounds
of the laboratory. They arrived at the destination at the time specified in
the instructions and spent 15 minutes "soaking" up the target. Meanwhile the
viewer was being coached by the interviewer to give details in either verbal
or pictorial form about the target.

When the out-bounders returned the entire team including the Remote Viewer
returned to the target for the necessary feedback. The accuracy of the
viewing was then accessed by the team.

A more elaborate version of this procedure is where several independant
teams work on the same target. The results are given to an independant
judge who forms a "concensus" opinion.

Sometimes physical objects are substituted for the target - this is known as
associated remote viewing. The most elaborate kind of RV is "consensual
associated remote viewing". This is reported as being extremely accurate,
especially when viewing future events. This is the type of process used by
the professionals to predict future commodity and stockmarket shifts.
In fact one of the better known RV groups actually financed their start-up
operation with RV wins on the silver commodities market and horse races.
One of our INNER CIRCLE members has reported achieving top results in horse
racing by using alpha/RV techniques. He has succesfully "visualised" the
first 3 letters of the names of winning horses advance!

It is now considered by the scientific community that Remote Viewing is a
normal capability of mankind but has fallen into disuse compared to how it
may have been used in earlier historic times. In actual fact RVing has been
likened to controlled day-dreaming, which is really what it is.

When you daydream you change your current reality and project your mind into
an alternative situation. There is no pain involved and most people find it
quite pleasant...... but sometimes an embarassing waste of time.

Another method used for RVing these days is to use pictures cut out of
magazines, such as National Geographic. This saves the cost and complexity
of sending "out-bounder" teams off into the field.

This process works as follows:

The magazine pictures are individually sealed into double-wrapped envelopes
and given individual numbers. If you have someone cut out six pictures and
seal them in envelopes (without you seeing what they are) then you can
simply number the outside of the envelopes from 1 to 6. A dice is then
rolled to select an envelope.

You focus on the contents of this envelope and try to determine what is in
the picture. Note down (or tape) every small detail that comes to mind, When
you are finished, open the envelope and compare results. This process is a
lot quicker than using out-bounder teams and means that you can practice at
home. Don't be discouraged if the results are slow to come......... you
haven't used your right-brain intentionally for years so you can't expect
miracles overnight. But likewise, don't be surprised if you get rapid
results ..... based on the "novice effect".

Achieving an OBE experience is a totally different thing. It involves
relaxing (preferably lying down) and trying to project your mind to a
different place. At first you try to "project" your mind away from your body
so that you can "see" yourself lying on the bed. When you eventually bring
your consciousness back into your body you may notice a violent "jerk". I
don't know why this is but it unsettles me. I think I prefer Remote Viewing!

If you want to investigate Remote Viewing in depth click on to the following

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White powder gold (monoatomic gold), rediscovered by David Hudson and popularized by Laurence Gardner, has been used for ages on this planet to greatly accelerate the ascension process. Lemuria, Egypt, and other sacred civilizations and spiritual sects have utilized this little-known spiritual biochemistry.
White powder gold as well as monoatomic rhodium and monoatomic iridium are unique in form and function. David Hudson theorized that the elongated nuclei (2:1 height/width ratio)* of monoatomic elements allowing for a high spin state, along with "paired" electrons, makes them biosuperconductors. Monoatomic gold together with monoatomic rhodium/iridium facilitate a flow of energy thru the body with little or no resistance: and that light continues to flow, even without additional external potential.
As you move from 3rd-4th to 5th dimensional beings of light the innate resistances (some call karma) to the higher dimensional frequencies can cause discomfort, imbalance, and even disease. These resistances are reflected on many levels: as physical tension and organic disturbances, as convoluted core beliefs and emotional imbalance, as samskaras or seed blocks in the chakras, as aberrant DNA. White powder gold together with monoatomic rhodium and monoatomic iridium can supersede these resistances by allowing a continual flow of light that ultimately washes away and heals, all the way down to the sub-atomic level.
The elements that comprise all matter at and above the atomic level are composed of atoms with electrons that are effectively free of each other; the total energy of the electron system is the sum of the energies of the individual electrons, the charge. In white powder gold, indeed in all monatomic elements, electrons can bond together by their mutual interaction. These electrons are spinning at very high speeds with equal and opposite momentum. One spinning clockwise, the other counter-clockwise; a forward electron with a time reverse electron. Monoatomic gold therefore creates a light vortex that is spinning, or spiraling at tremendous speed with zero momentum, a null particle/wave. (A particle is simply a wave that is brought into form by attention and observation)
In fact when the counter-spinning electron fields interact the vortex created is no longer truly a particle or wave in space/time. These "null waves" exist in a state beyond your blockages, yet they intersect physical reality carrying more and more Light thru your bodies with joyful ease. This gives you the choice to let the past path of growth thru struggle fall away.
Monoatomic gold exists naturally in your body and is contained in small amounts in the herbs and foods that enhance the immune system and regeneration. The Egyptians, and others, created them in pure form.They understood an important alchemical quality regarding the use of these sacred monoatomic elements to accelerate the ascension process. Egyptian initiates often fasted prior to and during the consumption of monoatomic gold as well as monoatomic rhodium and iridium. This was not only for purification. They believed that the digestive acids in the stomach neutralize some of the alchemical properties of the monoatomic elements. (They form monoatomic chlorides in reaction with hydrochloric acid. Monoatomic rhodium, for example, becomes monoatomic rhodium chloride. Its chemical structure is different than monoatomic rhodium or standard rhodium chloride, and the physical properties of this rhodide are similar to an iodide, not a metal. The effect of monoatomic chlorides is positive but different. Theoretically monoatomic elements should not react with hydrochloric acid, but nobody told the molecules.
In the process of making m-state elements, such as monoatomic gold, David Hudson theorized that the mass change from 'standard' gold with metal to metal bonds to monoatomic gold was due to the electron spin clouds unpacking, like a flower blooming. Although David Hudson correctly did not speak of monoatomics as 'homeopathic' (they are not) this unpacking, or blooming, is essentially the sense of succination or potentization originally referred to by Hannemann in the Organon of Medicine. David Hudson's insight led to the formulation of these Alchemical Homeopathy™ formulas that offer the deeper transformational qualities of monoatomic elements as used in initiatory process.
Not traditional homeopathy however, indeed homeopathic formulas made from monoatomic elements can remove those elements from your body instead of assisting. Homeopathy is quite effective at removing excessive lead for example and other heavy metals, the same can happen with m-state homeopathic formulas .These 'Alchemical homeopathy'™ formulations of monoatomic gold offers two important advantages:
1.By taking directly under the tongue the destructive stomach acids are avoided.
By charging the monoatomic gold in ascending octaves the wave signature can be "targeted" or programmed to infuse the subtle bodies in an initiatory process. Resistance is reflected in all your bodies, from the DNA to your subtle vehicles. Clearing is done in an orderly process, a level at a time. The faster the wave signature the further it will infuse the subtle bodies.
'Alchemical homeopathy'™ adds to the tradition of classical homeopathy thru the use of either in-phase or out-of-phase wave patterns to appropriately formulate the correct potency; and the shifting from sine waves to standing columnar waves as the clearing is affected in the subtle bodies. Traditional homeopathic potencies may only act to 'antidote' the monoatomic gold found naturally in your body. Homeopathic formulations may actually begin to remove your naturally occurring monoatomic gold; depending on how they are formulated.

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white powder gold miracles

The possible implications of the existence of the ORME -- adding the
white powder of gold (and other precious metals) to one's "diet" --
is astounding. Based on the full range of literature, Hudson
believes a human ingesting the ORME in the correct manner can fulfill
all the dreams of the esoteric alchemists, i.e.:

· To have perfect telepathy,

· Be able to levitate and/or bilocate,

· Know good and evil when it's in the room with you (i.e. eat
of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil),

· Project one's thoughts into someone else's mind,

· Heal by laying on of hands, and

· Cleanse or resurrect the dead within two or three days after
they have died.

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radionics resources

for anyone wanting to get started in the field of radionics. the
amount of information available could seem quite daunting.

i would highly recommend karl welz's site it is
the most concise explanation of radionics and magick ive read.

cosimano's books which are excellent are also essential reading.

other books of interest include 'mind machines you can build' by
harry stine, and 'report on radionics' by russell.

i get a lot of customer enquiries about the subject and i find its
much more useful for the customer to direct them to quality
informational sources .

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geopathic stress and its removal

What is Geopathic Stress?

The term Geopathic Stress refers to the adverse effects on health of
electro-magnetic radiation coming from the earth . Scientific
research, carried out mainly in Germany,has shown that some peoples'
health is affected in a detrimental way by electromagnetic radiation
coming from the earth itself where they live.

The most usual cause of geopathic stress is underground water,
an underground stream, flowing beneath a house. The water rapidly
flowing through rock gives rise to an electrical field which can
affect the health of those living above it.

Geopathic stress can also arise from a geological fault line, that
is, a deep crack in the bedrock which allows radiation from deep
within the earth to come up to the surface. This too can affect the
health of those living above a fault line.

Are there other types of Geopathic stress?

Yes. These are due to the fact that the magnetic field of the earth
is non-uniform. In other words, it is stronger in some places than it
is in others. If the strength of the earth's magnetic field is
measured on the ground using instruments such as magnetometers, it is
found that it forms lines of force. These lines of force form a
rectangular grid. This looks very similar to the lines of latitude
and longitude on a map. This grid of lines of magnetic force is
called the Hartmann Net.

If one is living in a house situated where the lines of force of the
Hartmann Net cross each other, this may give rise to Geopathic

Measurements of the Earth's magnetic field show also that there is
also a second grid system laid over the top of the Hartmann Net. This
is known as the Curry Grid. Here the lines of force meet at an angle
giving rise to a diamond shaped pattern looking rather like the
pattern of an old-fashioned leaded window.

The Curry grid seems to give rise to more geopathic stress than does
the Hartmann Net. Both can interact with each other and with stress
coming from underground water and fault lines.

Of all the types of Geopathic Stress, that caused by underground
water and fault lines is the most important.

Why is Geopathic Stress important and what effects does it have?

Geopathic Stress can adversely affect the health of those whose
houses are affected by it and it can be one of the many causes of
chronic ill health. Fortunately its effects can be removed or
neutralised (this will be discussed below).

Geopathic Stress was first discovered by German doctors in the 1920s
who were investigating cancer clusters. They were trying to find out
why certain villages and streets in Germany had an unusually high
incidence of cancer among those people living in them. They looked at
all sorts of different factors without finding the answer. Finally,
with typical German thoroughness, they looked at geology and found
that the areas where there was lots of cancer all lay on geological
fault lines.This led to the discovery of geopathic stress.

As geopathic stress is associated with an increased incidence of
cancer it is something that needs to be taken very seriously indeed.
However this does not mean that everyone who is geopathically
stressed will get cancer. It is only one of many factors which
predispose to this disease.

In my own practice I find that the main effect of Geopathic Stress is
that it stops patients getting completely better. It appears to block
the action of virtually any type of therapy. When patients tell me
that they have already seen two homoeopaths, an acupuncturist, and
three Harley Street consultants, none of whom could get them better I
find that they are usually suffering from Geopathic stress. I suspect
that Geopathic Stress is the only reason for natural remedies to
fail. If a patient does not respond to correctly administered
remedies and assuming that the disease is potentially treatable one
usually finds that they are suffering from Geopathic Stress.

The reason for this appears to be that it continually disrupts the
body's electrical field and its electrical control systems.

How can I tell whether I am affected by Geopathic Stress?

There are a number of pointers which may suggest the presence of
Geopathic Stress by its effect on both people and buildings.

The following clues may suggest that a person is affected by
Geopathic Stress:-

1. They have a serious illness such as cancer, M.E., or multiple

2. They have any illness which does not clear up despite good

3. They have tried a number of different therapies without success.

4. They feel better when away from home. For instance, a condition
may clear up or improve when away on holiday only to come back again
when they get back home.

5. They became ill shortly after moving house.

6. They live in a house which has never "felt right" or they
instinctively dislike it.

7. They wake up feeling unrefreshed or feel worse in the
mornings.This is because people are often affected by Geopathic
Stress in bed as the body's resistance to it drops to a third of
normal during sleep.

There are other pointers which may suggest that a particular house is
affected. These are:-

1. There may be problems with mould in the house.

2. There is a lot of lichen or moss growing on the roof, walls, or
lawn as geopathic stress encourages the growth of these.

3. There may be problems with ants, wasps or bees. (Most animals
avoid geopathic stress. Those that avoid it include dogs, cows and
horses. Some are attracted to it, these include ants, wasps, bees
and, oddly enough, cats).

4. The presence of cracks in walls ,driveways, paving stones,
kerbstones and roads.These may indicate the presence of a geological

5. The presence of trees with cancer (i.e. large knobbly growths on
the trunk) or trees whose trunks have split into two.

6. Gaps in hedges.These may indicate the position of a line of
geopathic stress crossing the hedge.

7.Close neighbours may also be in poor health.

8.The presence nearby of springs and wells.

9. Previous occupants of the house have also been ill

Geopathic stress is more frequent where the water table is high such
as around estuaries.It is common near oil fields and areas of seismic
or volcanic activity.

Can Geopathic stress be detected by machines?

The answer is yes and no. Some types can be readily detected and
others are hard to detect.

There are two types of machines which can detect it. There are those
which can detect its presence in people and those which can detect it
on the ground. It may still be very difficult to detect even with
very sophisticated equipment.

Devices which measure the electrical resistance of acupuncture points
can detect its effects in people.These devices are known as ELECTRO-
DERMAL SCREENING devices. (See the article on GERMAN BIOLGICAL
MEDICINE elsewhere on this website)

Note for health professionals and therapists-(the general reader may
prefer to skip this paragraph and the next.) Not all electro-dermal
devices are equally effective in detecting geopathic stress. I have
used a number of different devices to detect geopathic stress and in
my experience the most sensitive are the Autonomic Resonance Test, or
ART, made by the German company Med-Tronik, and the DFM machine made
by the Vega company who are also in Germany. Kirlian photography is
also good at detecting it especially the computerised KIRLIONIC
system made by Professor Korotkov of St.Petersburg in Russia. Some of
the earlier electro-dermal devices may fail to detect it all. As a
general rule of thumb, if a patient is not getting better on
appropriate treatment, it is wise to assume that they are
geopathically stressed, whether you can detect it or not.

I also find that geopathic stress is easier to detect if , before
electro-dermal screening, you give the patient a few minutes of bio-
resonance treatment using a device such as MORA, BICOM, VEGASELECT or
other bio-resonance machine. This brings deep or latent problems
closer to the surface and makes geopathic stress easier to find.

Other methods may detect the presence of geopathic stress on the
ground. Some of it may be detected by geo-magnetometers which can
measure local magnetic fields, however they may not detect all types
of geopathic stress.

The reason for this is that some geopathic stress consists of such
extremely high frequency radiation that it is out of range of
ordinary meters.(The frequencies involved are 10 to the power of 23
Hertz and above. In other words the number of cycles per second can
be written as the number 10 followed by 23 noughts!) There exist in
Germany prototype meters which can detect this frequency of
radiation. However they are extremely expensive and at present are
still experimental.

Dowsers and water deviners can also detect geopathic stress. This is
a subjective method in as much as different dowsers may tune into
different frequencies of radiation and so may come up with different
results. However this can still prove an extremely useful method of
detecting geopathic stress, especially in the absence of readily
available and accurate meters.

How common is geopathic stress?

In my practice I find that around 30 % of patients are geopathically
stressed. It seems to vary to some extent from one part of the
country to another. It also varies from one country to another. For
instance it seems to be fairly common in Northern Australia
where there is a lot of underground water which supplies artesian

If geopathic stress is natural why is it dangerous and why have we
not become immune to it?

Although geopathic stress appears to have a natural origin in that it
comes from the earth a lot of it is nonetheless man-made.

According to the German scientist and expert on geopathic stress, Dr
Kohfink, there has been a huge increase in geopathic stress since the
end of the Second World War. The reason for this , he says, is the
Nuclear Weapons Testing programme, in particular the underground
nuclear tests.

He states that these have caused splits in the earths crust that are
300 kms deep, and that they allow extremely high frequency radiation
from deep within the earth up to the surface. This radiation then
goes 6000 metres up above the earth's surface before dissipating.

As each nuclear test sends a shock wave 4 times round the whole
earth, every country on earth has been affected by it.

Whether or not this explanation is correct there is no doubt that
there is a lot of geopathic stress around at the present time.

If it is correct it may go some way to explaining the increase in the
incidence of cancer since the middle of last century.

How do you treat geopathic stress?

Now we come to the good news, geopathic stress is readily treatable.
Essentially there are three ways of treating geopathic stress.
These are:-

1.To move out of the geopathic stress zone.

2 To block it and screen oneself from it.

3. To neutralise it using a device like The Geo-Clear Environmental

4.Use a radionics machine or program like cybershaman to carry out
the neutralisation. symbols of vortexes can be useful in this

5. Use an orgonite device to transmute the geopathic stress energies.

As regards moving out of it this does not usually mean moving house.
Most people who are affected by geopathic stress are affected where
they sleep as their bed is usually the only place in the house where
they spend eight hours of every day without moving. Also the body's
resistance to geopathic stress decreases markedly when we are asleep.

Therefore the primary and most effective way of dealing with
geopathic stress is to move one's bed. This simple measure very often
results in one moving out of the area of geopathic stress and it
ceases to be a problem.The further the bed can be moved the more
likely it is that one gets out of the stressed area. However moving a
bed by as little as two feet is sometimes sufficient to get out of
the stressed area as it can be very localised. For some it is
impossible to move their bed and in this case other methods need to
be tried. These are worth doing anyway, even if it is possible to
move one's bed, as a back up

It is possible to block off geopathic stress by means of a layer of
cork placed under the bed. A layer of cork tiles or bath
mats ,available from DIY and furniture stores can be used. It is also
possible to obtain large sheets of cork from specialist suppliers.

The scientific reason for this to work appears to depend on an
observed association between geological fault lines and oak trees
(which produce cork).The oak tree seems to have evolved its own
defence against geopathic stress which is present in cork.

Lastly there are ways of neutralising geopathic stress. There are two
main ways of doing this. One is by using devices or machines and the
other is by means of dowsing.

The simplest device to neutralise it that I know of is called "The
Vril Generator" which is a pendant that may be worn 24/7 or carried
in a pocket or kept within 2 feet of one's bed. It is inexpensive and

Other devices which can be placed under the bed include Hartmann
Spirals and Flat Dielectric Resonators which are made in the USA.

Slim Spurling tools are especially good also.

More costly are electronic machines which neutralise geopathic
stress.These are plugged into the mains and then left on.They are
capable of clearing an entire building of geopathic stress.

Finally there are dowsers who are able to clear it. Some will visit
the house and clear the stress by driving metal stakes into the
ground in order to divert the energy lines or by placing crystals to
absorb it at key locations. There are also some dowsers who can clear
a house by working on it at a distance using a floor plan of the
house. Improbable as this may seem ,in my experience it can work. It
may be explained scientifically by means of a physical principle
known as Unified Quantum Field Theory.

This theory states that the control systems of living organisms exist
at the level of the Fifth Dimension, and therefore lie outside the
four dimensional space-time continuum which is all that we are
ordinarily able to percieve of space and time. A deeper explanation
of this theory lies beyond the scope of this article.

This is by no means a complete list of the ways of clearing geopathic
stress. It represents one therapist's experience in treating it.

So what should I do if I think I may be geopathically stressed?

In order of importance you should:-

1. Move your bed (if at all possible)

2. Place a layer of cork underneath it

3. Get The Geo-Clear Environmental Harmoniser" or The Vril
Generator" ,or ideally both.

4. Use an orgonite device to transmute the geopathic stress energies.

It is important to note that it may take six weeks for the effects of
geopathic stress to clear. Also clearing geopathic stress on its own
may not bring about a cure as you may need to take appropriate
remedies as well as to be free of geopathic stress.

If after doing all this you are no better after six weeks you should

1. Consulting a practitioner of subtle healing

2. Consider consulting a Dowser

2. Consider buying an electronic device to clear geopathic stress.

The most important thing to remember is that Geopathic Stress can in
virtually every case be cleared.

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clearing geopathic stress

The Geo-Clear Crystal Energiser™

People are more aware than ever of their health. Unfortunately, there
are some natural effects which can be extremely harmful to the immune
system and over which we have no control, such as geopathic stress
(GS). If you think of the earth as a giant electro-magnet, GS occurs
when waves of radiation seep from the earth's core and bisect other
natural electromagnetic phenomena such as swift flowing underground
streams, mineral concentrations or fault lines. The negative earth
rays become harmful as they rise up through buildings affecting the
body's natural biorhythm and causing sick building syndrome. The
impact on health can be dramatic ranging from insomnia and
irritability to serious psychological and physical illness.

After years of research and many field trials, Life Technology
Research International® has developed Email us at
ormusalchemy@... for ordering and more information,a novel
product to instantly neutralize and clear Geopathic Stresses from
homes, offices and other buildings. Once installed, people have felt
changes in their environment; however, it may take months before the
total effects are achieved. The Geo-Clear Crystal Energiser™ also
adjusts the balance between negative and positive ions in the air.
The Geo-Clear Crystal Energiser™ has been configured for our earth
energies and will aid in reducing its harmful impacts. It is an
absolutely vital part of a long and healthy life.

The Geo-Clear Crystal Energiser™ utilises the harmonising and healing
principles of quartz crystal which has been potentised and
energetically altered using harmonic frequencies specifically
selected for their geopathic stress neutralising effects. The Geo-
Clear Crystal Energiser™ is designed to be used with The Geo-Clear
CD ™ .Utilising The Geo-Clear CD ™ (supplied with each device) , the
crystal is energetically stimulated by sonic ,ultrasonic and subsonic
sound frequencies which are incorporated into the sound matrix of the
CD .The Crystal acts as an antenna to amplify and broadcast the
frequencies supplied on the CD. This device effectively neutralises
Geopathic stress and replaces the detrimental effects of man-made
Electromagnetic Pollution (EP) to revitalise your surroundings. The
Geo-Clear Crystal Energiser™ is elegant, cost effective and simple to
install and probably the best single lifetime investment you can make
in your health.It has also been observed that the area in the
vicinity of The Geo-Clear Crystal Energiser™ go into resonance with
the crystal's field. The energetic pollutants are effectively
neutralised. It has also been reported that emotional clearing and
removal of physical and subtle energetic blockages can occur in the
inhabitants of the Geo-Cleared™ zone.

The Geo-Clear Crystal Energiser ™ , will clear a building of
distorted energies, combat electromagnetic pollution, raise personal
energy levels and enhance occupants' sense of harmony and well-being.
A compact portable device, The Geo-Clear Crystal Energiser ™ creates
a personal shield of 5 metres, for use mostly outside the home, as
well as by computers. The Geo-Clear Crystal Energiser ™ creates a
protective shield of energy that keeps external radiation at bay
while filling the place with human friendly frequencies.When
activated by sound using The Geo-Clear CD ™ , The Geo-Clear Crystal
Energiser ™ creates a protective shield of energy that extends for a
ten mile radius.

The gradual effects of Geopathic Stress (GS) and electro-magnetic
pollution (EP) can lead to a slow deterioration in the health of
individuals who are susceptible to such stress. GS is one of the
primary causes of serious long-term physical illness and
psychological conditions. If you recognise yourself in some or all of
the following scenarios then The Geo-Clear Crystal Energiser ™ can
make you well again.

Do you wake feeling tired or, conversely, suffer from insomnia?
Either you can't sleep or, if you do nod off, you always seem to feel
completely washed out. More often than not, GS is the cause. When you
consider that the average human spends one third of their life in
bed, you can see just how important it is to feel well in your own

Tired and irritable and everything's an effort? Ever heard of sick
building syndrome? There are many factors involved and GS and EP are
frequently found to be major causes of recurring sickness among
staff, tension between colleagues and loss of concentration at work.

"Oh, me? I catch everything that's going!" Does that sound like you?
Do you always seem to catch colds and flu or other illnesses that are
going around and, worse still, not seem to respond to treatment? Does
it seem to be worse if its raining or at the time of a full moon? If
so, you are probably suffering from a depressed immune system brought
on by GS.

Headaches? Do you suffer from pinpoint headaches or ones which seem
to move around? GS and EP are the commonest causes of headaches
brought on by spending too much time in an area of distorted earth

Depressed? Some days you feel just fine and other days you wonder
what's hit you. After a time, you learn to live with it. But just
because you can't put your finger on the cause doesn't mean to say
there isn't a very real reason for your continuing malaise.

Hyperactive and aggressive? You just don't seem to recognise the `old
you' anymore. Are your friends always telling you to `chill out'
which just seems to aggravate you even more? If you think of the
earth as a giant magnet, it's not surprising that distortion of the
earth's natural energies can result in mood swings and erratic bursts
of energy.

Feeling generally stiff and `old before your time'? Do you have aches
and pains in your joints, muscles or bones? Or, worse still, suffer
from ME and have asthma or recurring allergies? Often the root cause
is now accepted to be GS.

Longing for a family but nature seems to be conspiring against you?
It could well be GS or EP that is causing your infertility problems
or for you to suffer repeated miscarriages. Either way, it's just too
important to ignore the harmful effects that a distorted natural
environment can have on the finely balanced reproductive system but
it is now possible to do something about it before it is too late.

The Geo-Clear Crystal Energiser ™ is probably the single most
important investment you can make to help you and your family live a
healthier and happier life. There are no moving parts and no
maintenance is required. After installing The Geo-Clear Crystal
Energiser ™ , you'll find in a short space of time a huge range of
health benefits take place. Some people report an immediate increase
in vitality and most of their symptoms of ill health suddenly
disappear but it may take up to two to three months for a building to
be totally cleared of the effects of GS and for improvements in the
case of severe health problems to occur.

We always advise that our products are not a substitute for medical
treatment and that your doctor's advice on any health problems should
not be ignored or discontinued.

The Geo-Clear Crystal Energiser ™ is supplied complete with The Geo-
Clear CD™ and is priced at $90 .International shipping is priced at

visit more information.

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programming orgonite

after studying the work of pavlita ,tim rifat and dion fortune i came
to the conclusion that devices that interacted with the mind eg
orgone devices like powerwands and radionics devices functioned
optimally if he devices were cleared before use in the same way that
crystals are cleared,and by programming them using a computer rather
than than the mind.i found that the computer programming method ,ie
subjecting the orgonite to specific pulsed frequencies via the
soundcard created a more target and role specific device.

its difficult to explain why the computer method has seemed to be
more effective,and i believe it is the case because the mind will
produce a lot of information while interacting with the device
whereas the computer can be used to program the device with one
specific frequency.also the computer method will supply a constant
and unwavering supply of information whereas the same mental feat is
normally only achieved by adepts and shamans etc.

i have compiled a range of frequencies to be used with orgonite to
infuse it with the specific and precise energy of stars, drugs,
chemicals, gemstones, flower remedies, homeopathic remedies ,musical
notes, solfeggio frequencies and colours.

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magnetic therapy

it is vitally important to ensure
that the negative north pole of a magnet should always face the skin
according to the work of dr. william h. philpott.

i would strongly suggest that everyone reads the following
information about the placement of magnets on the body.

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monroe method of astral projection


Written By Thich Van - Taken from Leaving The Body: A Complete Guide to Astral Projection, D. Scott Rogo, Prentice Hall Press. Taken from KeelyNet.
Author's Note: After having studied many methods of Astral Projection, I have found that this is the easiest to do. Monroe teaches these techniques in a week, but they can be easily done in a day, with proper devotion. I feel that this technique is superior to others because it does not require intense visualization, which many people cannot do. Enjoy!

Monroe Techniques for Astral Projection (Bilocation)
One of the chief barriers people learning to project face is fear. Many are afraid that they may die, or be harmed in some way as a result of their projection. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

The Cantebury Institute, reknowned for its occult studies, executed an experiment in projection involving over 2,000 people. None of them were hurt in any way by this, and now, three years later, none have complained of any newly arising problems.

Once you are aware that you cannot be harmed by projecting, you should begin monroe's techniques, step by step.

Step one: Relax the body.
According to Monroe, "the ability to relax is the first prerequisite, perhaps even the first step itself" to having an OBE. (out of body experience.) This includes both physical and mental relaxation. Monroe does not suggest a method of attaining this relaxation, although Progressive Muscle relaxation, coupled with deep breathing exercises (inhale 1, exhale 2, inhale 3.... until 50 or 100) are known to work well.

Step two: Enter the state bordering sleep.
This is known as the hypnagogic state. Once again, Monroe doesn't recommend any method of doing this. One way is to hold your forearm up, while keeping your upper arm on the bed, or ground. As you start to fall asleep, your arm will fall, and you will awaken again. With practice, you can learn to control the Hypnagogic state without using your arm.

Another method is to concentrate on an object. When other images start to enter your thoughts, you have entered the Hypnagogic state. Passively watch these images. This will also help you maintain this state of near-sleep. Monroe calls this Condition A.

Step three: Deepen this state.
Begin to clear your mind. Observe your field of vision through your closed eyes. Do nothing more for a while. Simply look through your closed eyelids at the blackness in front of you. After awhile, you may notice light patterns. These are simply neural discharges. They have no specific effect. Ignore them.

When they cease, one has entered what Monroe calls Condition B. From here, one must enter an even deeper state of relaxation which Monroe calls Condition C-- a state of such relaxation that you lose all awareness of the body and sensory stimulation. You are almost in a void in which your only source of stimulation will be your own thoughts.

The ideal state for leaving your body is Condition C. This is when it is voluntarily induced from a rested and refreshed condition and is not the effect of normal fatigue. To achieve Condition C, Monroe suggests that you practice entering it in the morning or after a short nap.

Step Four: Enter a state of Vibration.
This is the most important part of the technique, and also the most vague. Many projectors have noted these vibrations at the onset of projection. They can be experienced as a mild tingling, or as is electricity is being shot through the body. Their cause is a mystery. It may actually be the astral body trying to leave the physical one. For entering into the vibrational state, he offers the following directions:

1. Remove all jewelry or other items that might be touching your skin.
2. Darken the room so that no light can be seen through your eyelids, but do not shut out all light.

3. Lie down with your body along a north-south axis, with your head pointed toward magnetic north.

4. Loosen all clothing, but keep covered so that you are slightly warmer than might normally be comfortable.

5. Be sure you are in a location where, and at a time when, there will be absolutely no noise to disturb you.

6. Enter a state of relaxation.

7. Give yourself the mental suggestion that you will remember all that occurs during the upcoming session that will be beneficial to your weel-being. Repeat this five times.

8. Proceed to breath through your helf-open mouth.

9. As you breath, concentrate on the void in front of you.

10. Select a point a foot away from your forehead, then change your point of mental reference to six feet.

11. Turn the point 90 degrees upward by drawing an imaginary line parallel to your body axis up and above your head.

Focus there and reach out for the vibrations at that point and bring them back into your body. Even if you don't know what these vibrations are, you will know when you have achieved contact with them.
Step five: Learn to control the vibrational state.
Practice controling them by mentally pushing them into your head, down to your toes, making them surge throughout your entire body, and producing vibrational waves from head to foot. To produce this wave effect, concentrate of the vibrations and mentally push a wave out of your head and guide it down your body.

Practice this until you can induce these waves on command. Once you have control of the vibrational state, you are ready to leave the body.

Step six: Begin with a partial seperation.
The key here is thought control. Keep your mind firmly focused on the idea of leaving the body. Do not let it wander. Stray thought might cause you to lose control of the state.

Now, having entered the vibrational state, begin exploring the OBE by releasing a hand or a foot of the "second body". Monroe suggests that you extend a limb until it comes in contact with a familiar object, such as a wall near your bed. Then push it through the object. Return the limb by placing it back into coincidence with the physical one, decrease the vibrational rate, and then terminate the experiment. Lie quietly until you have fully returned to normal. This exercise will prepare you for full separation.

Step seven: Dissociate yourself from the body.
Monroe suggests two methods for this. One method is to lift out of the body. To do this, think about getting lighter and lighter after entering this vibrationa state. Think about how nice it would be to float upward. Keep this thought in mind at all costs and let no extraneous thoughts interrupt it. An OBE will occur naturally at this point.

Another method is the "Rotation method" or "roll-out" technique. When you have achieved the vibrational state, try to roll over as if you were turning over in bed. Do not attempt to roll over physically.

Try to twist your body from the top and virtually roll over into your second body right out of your physical self. At this point, you will be out of the body but next to it. Think of floating upward, and you should find yourself floating above the body.

Monroe suggets you begin with the lift-out method, but argues that both are equally efficacious.

If, after all this, you still can't project, I recommend purchasing Leaving The Body, by R. Scott Rogo. It only costs $7.95 and contains another eight or so techniques.

Not all techniques work for everyone, but chances are you'll find one that works for you in this book. Good luck! Thich Van

Taken from KeelyNet BBS (214) 324-3501
Sponsored by Vangard Sciences
PO BOX 1031
Mesquite, TX 75150
There are ABSOLUTELY NO RESTRICTIONS on duplicating, publishing or distributing the files on KeelyNet except where noted!

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the quantum star



Orthodox science is slowly recognizing the existence of energy
fields which can be demonstrated by Kirlian photogtaphy. These subtle
energies can now also be measured in manometers (one billionth of a
meter) by a device known as the Lecher Antenna invented by the German
Physicist, Ernst Lecher, earlier this century when it was used to
measure the Earth's magnetic field. It was then developed into its
present form by the genius of a French engineer Dr Rene Naccachian as
part of his (ACMOS ) method of Medicine, who applied this instrument
to the subtle energy emanating from the human energy field and from
water and food.

Dr Naccachian worked out the vibrational frequencies of the human
organism, its various energy fields and plant and animal frequencies,
among other things. Most importantly he discovered that anything
placed within the body should have a minimum vibration of 2.5 nan and
that a product that had the vibration of 15.3 nan was radiant and
balancing to the body (as in the Chinese system of
medicine).Measurements of 17.6 nan indicated exceptional products,
those which had regenerative properties.


The subtle energy vibrations emanating from the Quantum Star were
tested using the Lecher Antenna.. Then two wine glasses made of clear
glass were taken and filled with London tap water and readings was
taken to establish baselines. One of the wine glasses was placed to
one side which acted as a control. The other one were used in the
The experimental glass were then treated with the Q-Star for varying
time lengths and readings were taken and recorded. The glass were
then left for varying lengths of time, again readings were taken and
recordedBaseline readings taken from the glass of water which had not
received any treatment measured less than 2.5. Treatments with the Q-
Star charged the otherwise dead water to the top of the scale which
is 17.6. After 5 minutes this energy dropped to 15,3.The control
glass of water remained less than 2.5 throughout the whole
experimental procedure.


Initial testing of the tap water in the glass showed that its subtle
energy levels were below 2.5 nan. The human body vibrates at a
minimum of 2.5 nan and anything placed within the body should have a
reading as high as possible thus indicating that drinking the tap
water would not be balancing to the body`s energies.
Placing the glass of water for just 1 second on the Q-Star
transformed tap water into water which had regenerative energy (17.6)
equivalent to fresh organic produce. After 5 minutes, when removed
from the Q-Star, the energetic value of the water treated with the Q-
Star dropped to 15.3 nan, which meant that the water was still
radiating high energy and balancing the body`s energies, working in
harmony with the body.
The water had been transformed from being dead and harmful to the
body, to being the equivalent of natural spring water, extremely
beneficial and balancing,

In order to obtain the maximum benefit energetically, water treated
with the Q-Star should be drunk immediately after being left on the
Star for a couple of seconds, unless left overnight, which would
bring the energy down to the basic 2.5 reading.
Water was used as the medium to test the effects of the Q-Star purely
for ease and to obtain reliability, however other foods can be used.
Foods treated with chemical fertilizers can be charged up to the
energetic value of fresh organic produce providing it is eaten
straight away after the Q-Star treatment.

This effect was tested using an evening meal which, after preparation
had an energetic reading of 2.5. When placed on the Q-Star this
energetic value was transformed to the highest energetic value of
17.6 which is that of fresh organic produced food.

The fast pace of modern living demands quickly prepared meals,
however subtle energy testing has found that microwaving food
destroys the vital energy levels inherent in foods. The Q-Star could
be used in this way to charge up the devitalized food. Alternatively
it would be a good habit to place all foods on the Q-Star before
serving to ensure optimum energy levels.
The implications for healthcare are impressive.
A bad diet is one of the major factors in illness, eating
devitalized foods results in our bodies not having enough vital
energy reserves which often lead to sugar addictions and other bad
eating habits. By eating foods that are radiant and balancing (15.3
nan) one is less likely to experience an imbalance in ones energy
fields, have more energy and experience better health.

Drinking similarly energized water enables toxins to be flushed out
of the body and helps to maintain a healthy internal bodily system,
as water is a vital ingredient in every physical process. Eating and
drinking food and liquids that measure 17.6 promotes cell
regeneration. Not only is it food and water that can be energized in
such a way, skin care products, haircare, baby products etc, would
also benefit from treatment with the Q-Star.

It seems that the Q- Star is able to transform the energetic
properties of matter: the testing showed that water was transformed
from having harmful properties to having a radiant and balancing
effect on the body. Suggestions have been made to charge up
foodstuffs and other products in order for them to be beneficial to
the body. Because these subtle energies exist at the quantum level it
is suggested that somhow this instrument changes the molecular
structure of these items, which enables them to emit subtle energies
which did not inherently exist before.


The Q-Star was connected to a stereo system by means of attaching a
wire to the Star and then connecting it to the amplfier. This
enabled electrical impulses to pass through the hexagram
configuration in the Star.

When the Q-Star was connected to the amplifier, the electrical energy
passed through the Q-Star, and the reading indicated that exceptional
healing energy was being emitted. When the music volume was turned
down to the minimum with no sound being audible ( electrical energy
was still passing through the Quantum Star) a reading indicating
exceptional energy was also found. Three different Cdes were being
used for testing purpose.

Using a scale of 1 / 1000, the results were:

Classical : The English Patient.
When only the music was playing the output was 45/1000
When the music and the Q-Star were playing the output was 700/1000
When only the Q-Star was being played the output was 1000/1000.

From the above it seems that the best condition was to "play" the Q-
Star alone with the volume turned down, the electrical impulses which
passed through the hexagram configuration were transformed into the
highest healing vibration.

Dr.Thresa Dales, 5 element Healing
Music only had an output of 190/1000
The music and the Q-Star had an output of 900/1000
The Q-Star only had an output of infinity/1000

Michael Hammer : Healing The Body.
Music only had an output of 700/1000
The music and the Q-Star had an output of 1000/1000
The Q-Star only had an output of infinity/1000.

Using this particular CD it was found that in all three conditions:
music only, music and the Q-Star and the Star only, exceptional
healing energy was being emitted.

From these experiments it seems that to receive the maximum benefits
from this exceptional healing energy generated by the Q-Star would be
to play it in conjunction with a CD which is known to emit healing

Sensitive people present during the experiment reported that they
felt extremely energized when the Q-Star was playing which soon
abated when it was switched off One also had the sensation that of
the Auric field tingling all around the body. The brow and crown
chakra were also activated when the Star was being played. It was
measured using the Antenna, that this healing energy was being
transmitted on a radius of 800 metres. Showing that this exceptional
healing energy can be transmitted to whole areas in which people can
receive the benefits of this exceptional energy. This energy could
also be directed to specific places/buildings/areas simply by thought
and intention.

The healing energy of the Q-Star when transmitted in this way works
on the human energy fields. True healing takes place when these
energy fields are aligned so the body can begin to heal itself .

This information has been excerpted from a report generated by
research carried out at the the Centre for Quantum Healing by Michael
V. Brooking, BioEnergetician and Naheed Zaman, Health Researcher
Pure Balance Mind Body Centre1 A Leicester Mews,Leicester Rd East
FinclileyLondon, UK

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negative ionisation and brainwaves

Recently, I read some interesting articles that negative ions
alpha brain waves and increase brain wave amplitude, which translates
to higher
awareness level. Does anyone know if this could be possible?
Atmospheric ions
are portions of molecules that have acquired a net positive or
electric charge. Also, most authorities agree that ions act on our
capacity to
absorb and utilize oxyge. Negative ions in the blood stream
accelerate the
delivery of oxygen to our cells and tissues, frequently giving us the
euphoric jolt that we get from a few whiffs of straight oxygen.
Positive ions
slow down the delivery of oxygen, producing symptoms markedly like
those in
anoxia or delivery starvation. Good reference to this area can be
found in
Michael A. Persinger's book, "The Weather Matrix and Human
Behaviour". Does
anyone know if there is any relation between electromagnetic fields
and ions
that can be used in neural stimulation for therapeutical purposes? if
there is
a relation, does anyone know of any negative low voltage ion

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radionics primer

The following article was written by Amargi for the Charles
Cosimano web site. Cosimano is an author/psionics expert
who has written Psionic Power (out of print), Psionic Combat,
Psionic Gadgets, Psionic Magick and The Psionic Path (now in
press and soon to be available through Boogie Nation). Amargi
is President of Boogie Nation and can be reached at:



By Amargi

Copyright (C) 1996 by Boogie Nation

January 1997


Psychotronics are "mind machines." They are "spiritual
technologies." The are Prana powered electrical machines that are
run by your mind and heart. They are the links between the
physical and the etheric. They can be actual devices or machines
in your visualizing mind.

Psychotronics are the "hidden technology," and the "ancient
technologies." You can use wood, metal to make these machines or
you can use nature and animal to BE these machines. You can use
free Earth energies or you can run them off you wall socket.

Psychotronics are the vehicles that power "life-force" or "Light"
into your visualizations.

There are many technologies that are kept hidden from the average
person. The reason for this is that the potential that can be
acquired with these technologies is unlimited ... absolutely
unlimited! When I refer to the word "technologies," I am not
referring to massive electronics, hardware, computers or billion
dollars machines. These are not that type of technologies. But
rather they are mind-based, etheric connecting representations
and connectors. This probably doesn't make much sense at this
point but it soon will. In order to understand these
technologies, I will refresh you on the basics:

The world around you and all the things in it are more than what
you see. Your physical eyes can only see things which you
consider physical because of limitations imposed upon all humans
eons ago. That means that if you removed your limitations on what
your eyes can see, then you will see many other things other than
the physical surroundings.

Most people would think "Well what else is there to see?" My
response is ... "lots!"

The things you see around you (including people and especially
people) are not just physical in nature. They all have physical
qualities but they also have other qualities as well. They exist
on other levels. One level of existence is on this physical world
or more properly termed with the limitations of physical
language ... the third dimensional level. There are more levels
than this third dimension. Too many, in fact, to count. One thing
about these levels is that they all coincide or merge together
like all the ingredients to make a pie merge together to form the
completed pie.

With regards to radionics and other side-technologies of the same
family, the other level we are interested in is what is commonly
called the "etheric" level. In actuality it is not called this,
but this is an English world associated with this level and so it
has stuck. Another level that you might heard of has been called
the "astral" level. There are twelve overtones between levels (or
dimensions or octaves). As stated before, the physical world is
on the third dimensional level. The astral level exists on the
first and second overtones of the 4th dimension. This "astral
plane" is where you first go to when you leave your physical
body. The "etheric plane" is lower than this astral level being
more near and connected with the 3rd dimension.

Everything you see around you occupies higher levels other than
this physical plane. To get to the point, all physical objects
and structures (including people) have an etheric structure. Your
physical body is not the only thing moving and functioning. You
also have an etheric body; an invisible body that can been seen
when you move up to higher levels or train yourself to see this
level with your physical eyes. All objects have an etheric body
as well as a physical body. Cars, trees, books, food and even
things that you can't see with your eyes such as music
vibrations, smells and ... thoughts!

Thoughts exist on higher levels such as the "etheric" or "astral"
and can actually be seen when you access these levels. With
skill, practice and knowledge your thoughts can be seen on this
physical world so you can make an image of something appear in
front of people if you had the know-how. This might sound
bizarre, but you and everyone around you actually does this
already in a slightly different way. Remember ...

Every human-made thing you see around you once began as a
thought. Take a t-shirt for example. The design for the shirt
began in someone's thoughts. The chemistry of the inks or fiber
structure in the shirt once began and was created by someone
thinking about it; using their thoughts to design it. The
machines that made the shirt first had to be thought of by
someone (probably an engineer) who transferred their thoughts
onto paper or computer as a new design. When you look at this
concept of making your thoughts appear in front of people in this
sense, it won't seem so far fetched and this is the first step
for breaking down the limitations in your mind that you cannot
"manifest things out of the blue."

The music a musician creates first begins in their thoughts.
Whether it's the thought of how they want it to sound exactly or
the thought of maybe "I should try this to see how this sounds."
Once the CD is pressed, you have a physical object that once
began as thought: from the music, to the artistic designs on the
CD, to the actual machinery designed to make the CD ... all
components from thoughts.

This etheric level can be accessed in many ways from this
physical level. One way to do this is through radionics.
Radionics makes the connection or the link from the etheric plane
to the physical plane and visa versa. A radionic machine can make
a connection to the etheric body of a tree or to the thoughts
(etheric level) of a person. And since you and your mind exist on
all these levels at once, the radionic machine is really only
helping your mind and awareness to make the connection. It is
really your mind that is doing the work but with the help of the
radionic "machine" to make the connection between the nonphysical
world and the physical world. Compare it to reading a map. Your
mind is really doing the work but it gets its bearings with the
help of the map. The map is only helping your mind to sort and
arrange information in the correct way to get your bearings and
give you direction. The same applies with the radionic machine.
It is only helping your mind to sort and arrange information in
the correct way to get your goal working in the right direction
and the best way.

Since radionic machines are only mind/etheric connecting tools,
they do not have to be full of complicated physical components.
That is why this knowledge is kept hidden from people.

Radionics works with settings that makes links between
thoughtwaves to events/goals. Your mental link, in a part of the
machine often called the "well," allows the flow of Prana, Chi,
life force from the radionic device to reach your target or goal.
The setting ("rate") that you establish with the "stick pad"
increases the energy towards a specific action (your goal). The
rate is a representation of a specific action that you wish to
carry out. When you use radionic applications for the betterment
of humans and the planet (such as finding missing children,
preventing earthquakes, making soil fertile in dry Third World
countries) then the full truth of radionics comes to you in time
(as a reward from higher sources) as it did for me.

The highest form of radionics require the use of no physical
instruments or things at all (internal radionics). It is just
done by thoughts alone! This is my speciality and requires very
secret knowledge. Since your thoughts are real on a higher level
and not just some invisible wisp in your brain ... you can create
radionic machines that exist, run and are powered from a higher
level all completely invisible from this physical world! There
are many advantages to this; some being that you are not limited
to size, they are invisible to practically everyone on this
planet and they can be extremely complicated without having to
fork out any money to make the things. And since all levels are
existing together, someone in the physical world could pass
through a component of an etheric radionic machine and never see
or feel a thing! If I pulled you out of your body to the etheric
plane or taught you how to access this plane on your own, you
would be absolutely stunned at the massive, complicated, huge
radionic setup that hovers above, blends with, and goes deep
beneath my city. With the flick of my thoughts, I can instantly
"call up" other radionic machines in the same place where the
other one was or I can hook them all together (another advantage
of "internal radionics"). The secret knowledge of "Psionics" is
used to help with radionics.

Psionics have many different descriptions. Psionics are ways to
amplify and trap energy by using conducive patterns. A simple
circle can be considered psionic in nature because the circle
emits certain vibrations. A collection of circles creates even
more energy and more power. All sorts of designs can do this if
you know which designs. The advantage is that you can use these
energies for your own goals. The circular patterns below generate
a lot of energy and you can "charge" you goals in the center.

Since radionics are tools and machines for your mind/etheric
functioning, the possibilities of uses are unlimited to what you
can imagine.

A list could be endless in radionic applications but here is a
list of just some of the things you can do with a radionic
machine. After you read this you'll see why radionics is so
secret. This list does not necessarily represent my personal uses
for radionics since many are highly immoral and radionics is only
one branch of my work. Consider this a generic list of possible

- Healing yourself or others of illness, disease, etc.
- Removing pests from your home without chemicals.
- Removing pests from crops without chemicals.
- Teleportation (moving your body around
the globe with your thoughts alone).
- Levitation (raising physical objects into the air, e.g.,
pyramid stones, e.g., sound psychotronics).
- Assisting with creative artistic endeavors.
- Personal protection.
- Psychic warfare if you are under attack.
- Removal of alien implants in your body.
- Accessing other dimensions and realities.
- Gaining secret knowledge.
- Reading the minds of others.
- Remote viewing (invisible cameras inside places of your
- Telepathic communication between individuals.
- Wireless, invisible telephonic transmission (say good-bye to
high phone bills and great if a disaster hits and all
the phone lines are down).
- As an FM stereo.
- Military applications.
- Removal of harmful ELF, electromagnetic frequencies
surrounding you.
- Broadcasting music or images.
- Taping into satellite systems.
- Remote viewing beyond the planet to other planets.
- Interdimensional warehouse construction.
- Making water taste better.
- Programming water to have particular qualities to enhance
personal development.
- Invoking the Light.
- Spreading Love more creatively to anyone or anything.
- Winning the lottery.
- Dematerialization of physical structures.
- Breaking down time/space grids around your house for truly
multidimensional living.
- Accessing higher levels of consciousness and help from
higher sources.
- Inducing brainstates and altered states.
- Programming specific energy patterns into anything.
- Transferring the energy of ancient power
sources into psionic, radionic devices.

The list could go on and on. As you see, the question of morals
comes up with many applications that are within your reach with
radionics. You will find that any knowledge that comes to you on
a higher level has to go through your conscious morals. Most
people think that because it is "higher knowledge" and awareness,
it is always on the positive side. This is not so. Higher
knowledge can be used for both good and bad depending upon your
choice. You can go to higher levels of awareness and dimensions
and be a totally "evil" person. The control structures on this
planet have been set up and implemented by negative beings on
reside on higher dimensions. A rule to follow is to keep your
radionic work centered around Love always, with no exceptions.
For example, use your radionic machine for remote viewing to find
missing children but don't use it to watch your favorite
actor/actress take a shower.

Radionics is a branch of psionics which uses instruments to
analyze and transmit information about and to etheric fields. The
main key in radionic work is what is known as the "rate." The
rate is nothing more than a language for translating psychic
(mental) impressions into numbers.

Everything in existence can be converted into numerical form.
This is very complex to get into so I'll keep it simple. Think
back to your high school mathematics about the mathematical
symbol called "pi." If you remember, this pi notation starts with
3.1416 ... and continues to infinity; it never ends. What your
math teacher didn't mention (because they don't know this) is
that everything in existence is contained numerically within the
decimal places of "pi". If you were to convert your name into
numbers, it would be found somewhere in pi. If you were to
convert your bodily cellular structure into numerical notations,
it would be found somewhere in pi. Your car's license plate could
be found in pie. The time and date of your physical death is
within pi. The memory and experience or a childhood trauma is
within the pi notation somewhere. Feelings, thoughts, emotions,
memories, goals, dreams, purposes, whatever, can be converted to
a numerical (thus GEOMETRIC thus MUSIC) form and found somewhere
in pi. The amount of atoms that you have breathed in your life so
far can be found in pi. The amount of atoms you will breath for
the rest of your life can be found in pi. A radionic
visualization can be converted into numbers and be found
somewhere in pi. You name it, it is somewhere in pi. That is why
pi is such a sacred mathematical notation and the pyramids are
all built from this notational formula.

When you take a "rate" in radionics, what you are really doing is
accessing this pi notation (and other things) on a higher level;
your mind is converting your thoughts or etheric structures into
a numerical form. You don't need a calculator to do this. Your
mind does it all since you are connected to all things on an
unconscious level.

There are many different types of rates depending upon your
radionic use. If you were to take a "contact" rate of a person
for healing purposes, then this rate or series of numbers places
you in contact with the person's etheric body. If you were to
take a contact rate for a population of people, then this rate or
series of numbers places you in contact with all the people's
etheric bodies. If you were to take a contact rate for a
television satellite in orbit around the earth, then this rate or
series of numbers places you in contact with the satellite's
etheric body. The contact will be maintained until you break it,
something like an open phone line.

Contact rates change each time you wish to get in touch with the
structure, so there is no point in recording them for future use.
If you are trying to make a connection with something, then you
would take a contact rate. A rate is done with the dials on the
radionic machine.

"Analysis" rates are used when you want to analyze something or
to take a rate for something that will not change. This rate
never changes and can be recorded and used for future use.

Other types of rates are pattern rates, broadcast rates, balance
rates, light rates, orgone rates, telepathic rates, just to name
a few out of hundreds. Remember that I'm trying to introduce you
to something very advanced, repressed and powerful so I am just
revealing the basic.

The more rates you take with your radionic use, the more
intricate of a connection you will make to the etheric energy and
more success you will get with your radionic machine. Eventually,
when you get very skilled at internal radionics, rates can be
taken in the thousands just by your thoughts alone and
connections will be made without you having to deal with any
numbers. How could you possibly do something like this
automatically? It's simple ... make a radionic machine that will
do it for you and tap into it whenever you need to deal with
massive amounts of rates (being creative)!

A rate can be taken with your radionic machine very simply;
almost too simply to believe that it works. It's done with the
use of what is known as a "stick pad." A pendulum can also be
used after some preliminary practice but the stick pad is just as
good. This pad can be made from anything flat and smooth. Even
though plastic and rubber are not natural, they work extremely
well and that's why the top of a coffee can is sufficient. Copper
and gold are the best. The procedure is to pass or rub or stroke
your right thumb on the flat surface with just enough pressure to
move smoothly but with some friction. When you make the numerical
connection your thumb will seem to stick or stop on the pad. A
"stick" is hard to describe but you will know it when you feel
it; it's different for each individual. Essentially, the pad
seems to "grab" the thumb and stop it. This is the connection.

What is really happening is that you are consciously asking your
subconscious mind to access the pi notation by giving a sample
number to try. As you stroke the pad, your subconscious mind is
determining if the number that you have asked to access is the
correct number to use. If it is not the correct number, your
thumb will continue to pass over the pad as you stroke it. If it
is the correct number, your subconscious mind responds by
releasing minute amounts of etheric energy from your thumb to
"grab" the etheric particles of the pad. You don't worry about
the technicalities of this. Your mind takes care of it all. Just
the action of you rubbing the pad slowly and asking your mind if
it is the correct number, and knowing that your thumb will stick
if it is the correct number, is all you have to do. Your
subconscious mind takes care of the rest.

You know that when you eat something, the food will get digested
in your stomach and pass into your body but you don't have to
think about all the chemical, biological, neurological,
physiological responses and mechanisms within your body to make
this happen. You just eat and your subconscious mind takes care
of the details. If your conscious mind says that is how you will
take a rate for the numbers and what will happen if the correct
number is found, then leave it up to your subconscious mind to
make it happen.

Just rub the pad and your thumb will stick for you at the correct

Radionics were one of the type of technologies that was used in
ancient civilizations, except they were far more advanced than
ours. The mind/machines were much different than current radionic
machines. Most were powered by natural earth grid energies and
earth source energies found in crystals, stones, etc. They were
also powered by thought, sacred geometry, sounds and more.
Radionics have changed form and use throughout the ages. Medieval
times revealed different types as well as some native aboriginal
rituals (dancing, art, chanting, etc) were radionic in nature
(much different than modern radionics). Radionics is like
languages, there are so many different types, variations,
branches, levels and uses. I know some people that can move stone
with just their voices. I've seen it many times. They have a
great knowledge of sound and harmonics but also they use the
Earth as a type of radionic machine and dance a certain way which
is their "rate". Their beats and steps upon the ground give them
the "numbers" to make the connection between their mind, voices
and their intent. Their movement upon the ground reflects sacred
geometry enabling them to generate even more power (what a
tribe!). This stuff can get very heavy duty and that is why it is
rarely known and why you probably won't even believe this
chapter. If all this seems pretty far fetched, that's OK. This is
nature's way of ensuring only certain people get this knowledge.
But despite the rarity of this knowledge, you will be surprised
at just how many people are involved in radionic research because
this is the hidden technology.

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pyramid power

ive just finished reading patrick flanagan's "pyramid power".even
though patrick went a little deep into the physics of things,his book
made some very interesting claims about pyramids.

for example,
1.the kings chamber coffer is exactly the same shape and size as the
ark of the covenant.
2.while under a pyramid the human brain reaches an alpha state very
rapidly,which explains their use as meditation devices.
3.there is a time/space distortion while inside/under pyramid.time
moves much more quickly.,wine etc tastes much better after having been stored under a
pyramid.even tobacco tastes better.
5.a cat became strictly vegetarian after having slept inside a

im trying to work out what happened to change the cats food

by the way,the best book i ever read about the great pyramid,is "the
great pyramid decoded",by peter lemesurier.

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radionics and magick

it took many years and much study of crowley,regardie,levi,waite etc
before i actually understood the scientific processes behind magick
and manifestation.these writers,like the writers before them wrote
their books in a veiled and cryptic manner,preventing easy access to
the so called mysteries.after stumbling onto the subject of radionics
and cybershaman i finally discovered the key which opened up
everything i had already read on the subject of magick,except
cybershaman rationalised and simplified the entire process.basically
magick and manifestation using cybershaman or other systems say huna
require the following elements:

1.creation of energy(using chi gens etc.,in the past difficult
natural methods were used)
2.definition of this energy(using symbols,sigils etc to give the
energy its specific role
3.transfer of this energy to the higher conciousness via the
subconcious(again using symbols etc)
4.intent/visualisation(the creative part where the energy is
visualised doing its work of creation.)
5.structural link(route to target,eg photo or symbol)
6.transmission of the now personalised and modified creative energy(i
see this step in a similar way to the traditional banishing
process,where the invoked energy was sent on its way,so that it would
not affect the operator.)

even though there are 6 individual steps ,there could be fewer in
many cases as all the steps take place simultaneously.

another point i would like to make is that since we are working with
the universe and nature,we can allow nature to give us a helping
hand,ie by performing operations in the appropriate astological
conditions,and by using the moon phases correctly.a rule of thumb
would be to attract things into ones life during the waxing(increase)
of the moon,and remove things from ones life eg illness during the
waning(decrease) of the moon.these rules can of course be broken,but
i think following them can make the process a little easier.

following on from what i mentioned about slim spurlings rings
yesterday,i emailed slim and he mentioned that his harmoniser tools
enhance the effectiveness of radionics:here is what he wrote;

Harmonizer works very well in radionics machine well--makes treatment
much more effective and longer lasting as well as more accurate.

however i have found that slim very much keeps his cards close to his
chest and does give the more esoteric information about his tools

my personal experience is that the slim spurling tools do exactly
what they claim to do,and i have never found as effective a device
like a slim spurling harmoniser to increase ones chi levels.

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creating your own universe

About Manifestation

1. First and most importantly, you must totally believe that it is
possible to obtain that which you are manifesting. You must believe
it is yours to have, free for the immediate taking, and that you
deserve to have it. Most of us have been trained since birth that in
order to get something we must plan for it, work hard, suffer, and
wait for it. This training is difficult to overcome! I believe that
only our most highly ascended masters (Jesus, Buddha, Moses) knew how
to manifest instantly with no reservations. The best way I can see to
overcome this is by starting small. Use your pyramid to focus your
energies and manifest little things first, then move up when it feels
right. Work with your own belief system, at your own pace, stretching
and exercising it as you would an atrophied muscle, for that is what
it truly is!

2. Always practice manifestation in the present tense, never future
tense. For example, say "I am healthy, I have abundance, I enjoy my
new car," etc. If you state your affirmation in the future tense,
i.e. "I desire" or "I want" or "I wish to become," then that is what
you will manifest: desiring, wanting, wishing. This is because the
universe and our subconscious mind TAKES US LITERALLY. This may
sound silly, but it is true. Always manifest as if you already
possess that which you would like to have. Words are helpful, but
the most effective way is to feel and imagine your desire as if it
were already real. Visualize, use all your senses, create the
scenario mentally. Feel the joy of success as deeply as possible.
Really get creative! See and feel yourself driving that new car.
What does the upholstery feel like? What color is it? Breathe in
that "new car" smell. How does the engine sound when you start it
up? How does your body feel in the driver's seat, on the road? You
get the idea. Remember, saying "I wish" or "I want" only affirms
lack... it affirms that you don't have the thing you desire. Always
affirm abundance, in the present tense, as if it were completely and
effortlessly already yours.

3. An important component of personal manifestation is to keep that
which you are manifesting a secret from others. In fact, it's best
not to even let others know that you are manifesting anything. There
is a very good reason for keeping your desire secret. As soon as you
tell another person that you are working on manifesting something,
that person will have thoughts and opinions about it. Remember,
thoughts are things! That person's thoughts, and probably doubts,
will have a tangible effect on your manifestation process! Even if
that person thinks momentarily "I wonder if he/she will succeed?"
that thought will hamper your efforts. So, as much as you would like
to share what you are working on with someone you love, resist this
urge and keep it to yourself. Of course, as soon as your wish becomes
reality, feel free to share your success story!

4. Never intentionally manifest something negative or harmful.
Manifestation is real and possible, and you may succeed in harming
someone. Remember that which you give out will return to you. Make
sure your wish is not harmful to anyone including yourself.

5. Be careful about attempting to manifest something for another
person. It is never a good idea to interfere with another's free
will. Although a person may be suffering, they may have lessons to
learn from that suffering. You may, through manifestation, offer that
person love, and ask his or her higher self to assist that person
with healing, if it is in their highest good and life plan. Do not
interfere directly unless you have been specifically asked to help by
either the person or their higher self. When offering love to
another person, remember to channel it from higher sources, do not
give away your own precious energy as this will deplete you.

6. There may be times when you will get a strong inner message that
you should stop trying to manifest a certain something. Trust this
message. It could mean that what you are trying to manifest is not in
your or someone else's best interest. Always trust your inner

7. In the case where you have mastered your beliefs but have been
unsuccessful in manifesting your desire, there is one more thing to
consider. Your higher self always knows what is best for you. If you
have been working toward something that your higher self knows to be
harmful to you, or that will interfere with your life's plan or that
of someone else, you will not get your wish. It may come at a later
time, in accordance with your higher self and your life plan. In this
case, consider your failure to manifest as a blessing in disguise,
and thank your higher self for watching out for you.

Always pratice responsible manifestation!

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kings chamber resonance

i have been doing some data mining on the kings chamber and its
unique resonance.

the following paper,although technical provides much interesting food
for thought on how gravity may interact with matter.

at the moment i am experimenting with the kings chamber resonance cd
from slim spurling,which i have been running with cybershaman in an
attempt to boost the universe bending capabilities of the program/my
mind.soon i hope to combine the power of cybershaman with a 6ft
pyramid with orgone generators,an implosion coil,which represents
zero-point by imploding energy,crystals which represent structured
matter,the kings chamber resonance cd coupled with the schuman a week or so when i have the necessary materials
together,i will conduct the experiment and i will let everyone know
how i get on and upload a photo of the setup to the group.

the more people conducting this type of research the better,as it is
in all our interests to understand the process of creation better.

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the neteru

hi everyone,
while i was doing some data mining on the properties of pyramids,i
came across the following sites.personally,i believe if we can
understand the process of physical creation from a scientific point
of view,then we can apply the principles to the minute
im attempting to bring a pyramid alive as a manifesting tool to be
used with cybershaman,but i want to understand the properties and
physics involved first. enjoy,surfer.

Kemetic Knowledge

Author Ra Un Nefer Amen is an excellent author, and I believehis
books should be read by all people (especially Nubians) for spiritual
When it come to the subject of initiations, the Secret Mystery
Schools of Kemet are just as important as those secret sociaties of
Sumeria, Babylon, and the Hebrews(Essenes, Order of Melchizedek). The
pyramids were places were students learned about the sciences of
alchemy, leviatation, mental powers, etc. Many men such as Djoser,
Abraham, Moses, Yashua, Nepoleon, and even Dr. Malachi Z. York
(Neter: Aaferti Atum-Re, Amunnubi Rooakhptah) was initiated in the
pyramids of Egypt.

Nete: Aaferti Atum-Re, himself, was initiated in the Step Pyramid of
Saqqara during his trip to Africa in the early 1970s. If you dont
believe me, read some of his books and youll see a picture of him
inside the pyramid. He was initiated into the Order of Melchizedek.

Neter: Aaferti Atum-Re teaches in his books that the pyramid is an
antenna that magnifies human energy fields. The Great Pyramid
generates a double vortex, which is called Standing Columnar Wave
(SCW). Alchemist used the Caduceus Coil to generate energy. Standing
Column Wave energy patterns make up the energy fields that surround
all living things. It also makes up the energy pattern that surrounds
the Earth. The Pyramid refocuses light into its sub-atomic particles
called Tachyon energy. Tachyon energy is the "glue" of the universe.
It is a bond between the physical and the spiritual worlds. Initiates
learned how to harness this energy and could advance to the higher
planes. This is how Djoser and Imhotep became Neteru and eventually
became part of the Igigi (24 Elders). Yashua, an Essene high priest,
learned of the Egypian Mysteries and elevated higher than any man...

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the montauk chair

The Montauk Chair used subtle quantum fields to read a person's
thoughts. A psychic would lay in the chair, go into a trance, and a
group of coils pick the emanations. A bank of radio receivers
designed by Tesla would pick up and digitize the thought. Turning
thought into computer code. The radar tower was used to turn thought
into reality.


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The Magic of 13

What universal forces have defamed the wonderful number 13?
Throughout the streets of Paris, the Americas, and other parts of the
world you can live in apartment #12, or even

#11, but the number thirteen is feared to the point of deletion. What
has made the people so afraid that flights are avoided, days are
feared, and tragedy is expected? The culture perceives Friday the
13th synonymous with DEATH. But truth be known - 13 IS LIFE!

It IS the most magical number of them all! It is a number of
PERFECTION. It is the number of LIFE, it is the number of TIME, it
is the number of the ETERNAL PROMISE!


1 sperm (13 chromosomes) + 1 Ovum (13 chromosomes) = 26 (zygote)


(Thirteen) + (Thirteen) = 26


Leonardo Fibonacci discovered a mathematical pattern found in the
structure of LIFE. It is the mathematical pattern which creates
seashells, flowers, plant stems. This formula is reflected throughout
the breeding patterns of rabbits, bees, and even in the quantum
multiplication of electrons. The formula for LIFE is the sum of two
preceding numbers, starting with the ONE.

(1) + 1 + 2 + 3+ 5+8+13 (all life begins in the ONE)


Precession is the measurement of the Earth's Vernal Point in an east
to west direction across the sky. One Precessional Year or cycle
takes 26,000 normal years, it is the largest and most perfect

measurement of TIME. And is constructed of Twelve Great Precessional
Ages or Platonic Months of 2,150 Years, which determines the era of a
particular epoch.

(One ) + 12 = 13
Precessional Year is 12 Platonic Months = 13 or (26,000 years)

One Zodiac + 12 Signs = 13

1 Year is 12 months (cycles) = 13

(ONE) + (Twelve) = 13 (life begins in the ONE).
JESUS + 12 Disciples = 13

For a reflective people are these not SIGNS?
For a scientific people are these not SIGNS!

These are simple FACTS. Don't believe the lies!! Embrace the number,
meditate upon it, and celebrate it! It is very nature of your being,
it is what makes YOU, and it is what will help SAVE YOU, because in
it is the promise of ETERNAL LIFE - it is GLORIOUS! Everything was

What does this really mean?


**The Mayan calendar renowned for its astronomical precision (it is
the most astronomically correct calendar ever created), consists of a
series of cycles of TIME, known as Bak'tun's. The Mayans believed the
entire span of TIME was to last exactly 13 Bak'tun cycles. After the
end of the 13th cycle the world was determined to end in cosmic
cataclysm! Astronomers were finally able to coordinate the ancient
Mayan calendar with ours during a solar eclipse in 1991, which the
Maya predicted to the MINUTE many millennia ago. The mortal fear
behind this discovery is that according to the Mayan calendar this
world will end on December 2012, our TIME!

10,000BC - 9,000BC - 8,000BC - 7,000BC - 6,000BC - 5,000BC - 4,000BC -
3,000BC - 2,000BC - 1,000BC - 0 - 1,000CE - 2,000CE = 13 Bak'tuns

2000 - 2001 - 2002 - 2003 - 2004 - 2005 - 2006 - 2007 - 2008 - 2009 -
2010 - 2011 - 2012 = 13 Years

Remember the great Mayan civilizations disappeared without a trace,
creating a mystery modern 'modern' man cannot solve. No one really
knows where they went!!

What does this really mean???


***In the Nation's Capitol the father of "ONE nation under God,"
George Washington, is memorialized in the rotunda ceiling on a mural
entitled, The Apophiosis of Washington. The mural pictures the
nations first father surrounded by 13 maidens.

Original colonies = 13

Coincidence? There is no such thing!

"God does not play dice!" Albert Einstein 1879 - 1955

January 13, 1999

Basketball superstar, international cultural icon, and real life hero
Micheal Jordan retired from the NBA after completing 13 AMAZING
seasons as the most successful sports superstar of ALL TIME on
Wednesday January 13, 1999. Thanks Mike!!

January 13, 1999

Zygote Media Networks, Inc. officially launches The Millennium
Resource Report® project Wednesday January 13, 1999!!!! It was no
coincidence. Thank God!

By the way; Mayan time is known as 13:20 which added equals 33. Well
is that the origin?

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scalar waves

For the past six months I have been undergoing the greatest paradigm shift I have ever had to go through. It has rattled my nerves and shaken my bones. This intense adjustment of my "world"has come about by studying the information given by Col. Tom Bearden at his website The new knowledge there has necessitated a total revision of my ideas about physical reality, the world we live in, and the future of humanity.

This paradigm shifting even actually made me dizzy on certain days as I tried to absorb and digest Bearden's vast amount of information. I am not a scientist at all, just a layman, and I have little comprehension of the math and high physics of this new science called "Scalar Electromagnetics."But there is a great deal of information at Cheniere which needs to become common knowledge as fast as possible, for the sake of the survival of life on earth.

To that end I have put together this small primer of Bearden's ideas, as a kind of "beginner's guide" to his website. (I have tried to underline certain words and phrases which are part of the new "jargon" of talking about these "new" phenomena. Also I have taken the liberty of bolding certain words and phrases to help them stick in the mind).

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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

belief is the death of intelligence

i dont have anything against scientologists per se. imho they are quite deluded, but the same can be said for anyone who professes an unwavering faith in any ideaology or belief system, so they are in fact no more brainwashed than catholics jews or moslems. scientology was introduced to the world by an insane science fiction writer. that fact alone should set alarm bells ringing. having said that, their basic concepts of increasing ones self awareness and personal responsibility are more advanced than the beliefs of some other popular religious systems. in common with the other well known brands of religion, there is perhaps 95% dogmatic hogwash mixed with the other 5% semi-sensible stuff. up until now, nobody has actually met or spoken with the creator known as god and therefore nobody has the monopoly on the truth. the following is an open letter to scientologists from

Dear Scientologist,

N.B.: This document contains no references to "advanced materials", OT levels, etc

Scientology books and lectures contain observations and technology on the subject of life in all its aspects.

In the technology, LRH stresses the importance of confronting what is actually in front of you.

The TRs are about confronting anything and being in communication. Being able to observe and to look without flinching away. And able to communicate to anything.

In auditing a PC who won't confront his bank is said to be rabbiting. Making up incidents is said to be "dubbing in". An auditor who cannot confront the PC's bank, no matter how entheta, is not much of an auditor.

Confront of such things is said to be without injury, as long as one is truly confronting.

Another aspect of the tech is "look, don't listen". An auditor is expected to look at the PC's indicators and meter phenomena and not just accept the PC's explanations or justifications.

Org Executives look at an area to observe things that shouldn't be. They look for backlogged communications or enmest, etc. Looking reveals clues to situations that cannot be detected from reports or falsified statistics. Looking to see what is actually there is part of the tech of management. Seeing for yourself and not just accepting someone's explanation about a problem is important. Looking for yourself and not "dubbing in" an invented rationalization is part of the tech of Scientology.

LRH went into detail about how data and reports can be false or distorted. This results in errors in thinking. The Data Series contains much of his writing on this subject. Using this tech, one can detect how reports or data or situations are illogical or wrong. Something that is wrong or illogical in some way is termed an "outpoint". This tech is where an outpoint guides you to an area that needs further inspection.

Outpoints can be things like "contrary facts". That's when two statements or statistics or reports cannot both be true at the same time. Or things are not in the proper sequence. There are a number of ways things can be outpoints.

You have probably studied some or all of this tech. Perhaps you have had the experience of seeing something that was just a little bit wrong and instead of explaining it away to yourself you "pulled the string" to find out what was behind the outpoint. You looked for yourself. Perhaps you, as LRH describes, pulled the string by looking, research and collecting evidence and found the "General Sherman Tank" behind the string of outpoints. You found what was really happening.

The tech of outpoints and investigation are for use in life, as any Scientology tech is for use in life. It applies to the world just as it applies within Scientology.

There isn't any part of Life that cannot be addressed with Confront, Noticing Outpoints, Investigation and Looking, not listening. If you found an outpoint and someone told you to NOT LOOK you'd be suspicious. Because being told you cannot look is in itself an outpoint.

That would cut you off from information you need to know.

You use this tech all the time in Scientology. Like when you notice your stats are down. Down stats are an outpoint. Rather than explain it away with "I'm just tired", instead you look for your Misunderstood!

So, I want to encourage you to use this tech. Look around at the things you experience in life and in Scientology.

When you observe things that make don't make sense or that don't add up, do something about it. Don't invent a reason that it must be alright. Don't "shine it on" and forget about it. Instead find out for yourself what is behind the outpoint. You might have to look in different places, read reports or ask people while you track down the source of the outpoint. Then do something about it. It sometimes takes a lot of confront.

Even small outpoints easily ignored can be indicators of far larger problems.

As examples, I ask some questions here. These are examples of things you might pay attention to in your environment. Don't 'list', but rather just look around for yourself and confront outpoints you might see.

Are there as many students on course as there used to be? In your org, on your schedule? As many as a year ago? As 5 years ago? 20? What is YOUR observation? And does that add up to expansion or contraction?

Does it seem a longer runway now?

If you have been in Scientology for years, is your "Ruin" now handled?

Are you redoing courses that you did years ago? If you got the data back then, why would you have to re-do the course?

Do you know people who have had permanent certificates for training and internships canceled because they did not pay for and re-do courses?

Are more or less auditors auditing in the field?

In the org, have long term stable and much loved staff members left or been removed? Who holds those posts now?

Are the staff you see more or less competent than a year ago? 5 years? 20?

Are you confident that your problems will be handled with understanding now or is it more rote? Is that different than in the past?

Is there now more pressure or less when you get regged? Does it seem more about the money now than before? What about the tone level? Are you being handled with stories of danger and threats? Is that different than before?

Do you accept the story you are told about the threats, or do you research it for yourself?

The events these days contain much loud music and flashing lights and pomp and ceremony. Does that seem right to you? Are you made to feel guilty for not going? Do you like the events now or did they used to be more enjoyable?

Do the reports of vast expansion seem to not apply to your area?

Why are the renovations of the Pacific Complex not done? And haven't been for years? Isn't that out PR? What happened to the building funds to finish it?

What about the OTs, people you know who have attained OT III, OT V, OT VIII? Are they well, happy? Do any get sick, die from cancer or other ills? Do the ones you know pay their bills, or are they in financial trouble?

Are you troubled by out-ethics in Scientologists who are "at the top of the Bridge?

Have you or any of your friends had unresolved problems with Ethics? Are you aware of "Justice Cycles" or WISE mediations that didn't turn out right? That didn't get corrected no matter what you did? How did what actually happened compare to what the ethics book says should happen? Did it seem like the person with more money, business connections or higher on the Bridge was favored?

What about the honor status lists in "Impact". Are there long time upper level Scientologists who have disappeared from those lists? How many? Why?

Does it seem like a lot of long time Scientologists are now out of the Church? Have you ever added it up to figure out how many?

Did you know personally OTs who left? Do you know why they left? From their own words?

Did you or others have to disconnect from people you used to admire?

Do you know yourself or from friends that young women in the Sea Org who get pregnant are pressured to get abortions? How does this fit with what LRH says about abortions?

When the Guardian's Office was operating, nine senior Scientologists went to jail in the United States. Do you know why? Does it make sense that these Scientologists, including Mary Sue Hubbard, went to jail for the reasons you were told? Did you know that they agreed to a stipulation of evidence that detailed many serious crimes? Is that what you were told or were you told they were convicted of "stealing copy paper"?

The former head of the Scientology Parishioners League, Tory Christman, left the church. She had been on OT VII for years. Isn't it an outpoint that someone who was a Scientologist for so long, who was so trusted and admired, left? Are you allowed to find out from her exactly why or do you have to agree with what someone else tells you? Would you get in trouble if you tried to find out?

Do you remember the Los Angeles Religious Freedom Crusade? The "Not one thin dime for Wollersheim!" slogan? The church settled with Larry Wollersheim, paying him over 8 million dollars. Why? What were the actual issues in the case? Is it different from what you were told? Do you know what the judge said in the decision?

Do you remember the church taking Time magazine to court over an article it did about the church? Who won that lawsuit? Do you know why?

The church settled with the IRS in 1993. It was heralded as a big win for Scientology. Why was the actual agreement secret? Why did the church pay the IRS 25 million dollars, if it was a "win"?

The Supreme Court upheld in "Hernandez vs IRS" that fixed donations for Scientology Services are not deductible. The IRS had sued over income tax deductions for Scientology services. They disallowed them. The case went to the Supreme Court of the United States and the disallowing of these deductions was upheld. It becomes ruling law because that is what the Supreme Court decided. That decision has not been overturned or removed. How then is it legal that the IRS, contrary to the Supreme Court, could later decide that fixed donations were deductible?

LRH's doctor, Gene Denk, recently died from cancer. Does that make sense to you?

Do you know about the long time Scientologist Reed Slatkin? He ran a "ponzi" scheme that defrauded many people. How long was he running that financial investment scam while he was auditing on OT VII? Why weren't his overts discovered at flag during the many "six month sec checks" he received?

Why did Tony Hitchman, an OT VIII, go to South Africa rather than face the courts about his involvement with Reed Slatkin? Does that seem right for a senior Scientologist?

Has the church paid back all the money it received as a result of Reed Slatkin's criminal scam? If not, why not? If they didn't, does that seem right?

After many years, the church settled out of court with the Lisa McPherson family. They paid the family money for what happened to Lisa at Flag in 1995. If the church was not at fault, why did they settle? Do you even know what really happened?

Super Power is going to open the door to world clearing. You have heard how important it is. Yet the Super Power building is not finished yet. It has not been worked on for years. Is that an outpoint? Why would Super Power require a building? Couldn't it be delivered with existing facilities to ensure expansion, while the building was being finished? After all, has it not been delivered to some people without the building?

How much money has been collected for Super Power? You could add up the contributions amounts in the published list to see how much there has been collected. It is nearly one hundred million dollars just from the large contributors. Isn't that enough to finish the building, or at least continue construction? Why are they still collecting that money? The church has told the Media in Clearwater that they have plenty of money to finish the building. Isn't it wrong to say to media that they have enough money to finish the building while they tell Scientologists more is needed?

The release of OT levels IX and X have been talked about for years. How many different targets have been given for their release? If they are so important to the survival of the planet, indeed the universe, why are they not being delivered to those ready for that level? Is it a case of "having to have before you can do?"

If the release of levels IX and X are dependent on creating 1000 "Saint Hill size orgs", how long will it be at the current rate? If it is that important, can we wait that long?

The books, policy and bulletins and lectures are being edited and changed from what they were during LRH's lifetime. Does that seem odd on the face of it? Have you compared word for word books like New Slant on Life, or the articles in the Ethics book with the original many times reprinted earlier versions? What chapters and words have been deleted? Added?

The Freewinds was originally built in an era when Cruise ships were insulated with tons of Asbestos. It is now known that Asbestos is very dangerous to one's health. Few, if any Cruise ships that had Asbestos in them are now in service. Was all the Asbestos removed from the Freewinds? Is there testimony that it wasn't and that the Freewinds is an Asbestos hazard to it's passengers and crew? Were you told that it was removed when you went to the ship? How would you find out the truth if someone didn't want you to know?

And finally, there is one important outpoint that I noticed myself. I didn't think that the explanations given to me about LRH's death added up. It bothered me for years. You are probably familiar with what the church says about it. Maybe it didn't all make sense to you either.

I was so bothered by it that I obtained official copies of LRH's death certificate, toxicology report on blood taken from his body and the text of the coroner's investigation. To prevent any interpretation or falsification of these, I got them direct from the San Luis Obispo County Clerk in person, and from the Sheriff's Deputy at the San Luis Obispo Sheriff's Office. By direct, I mean I went there personally and received them in person from the Clerk in the office and the Deputy/Coroner.

You can do the same. They are public documents. Don't believe what I say. Look for yourself and confront the implications.

The Death Certificate says LRH died from a cerebral vascular accident. In other words, a stroke. The Death Certificate was filled out by Dr. Denk, who was a Scientologist.

The Coroner's report says that Dr. Gene Denk, LRH's doctor, told him that LRH had suffered the stroke approximately 8 days prior to LRH's death. It also says that LRH was suffering from problems with verbal communication after the stroke.

The Coroner's report notes the condition of LRH's body, including a number of needle marks, covered by a bandage on his buttocks.

The WILL provided to the Corner was dated and signed the day before LRH died. Seven days after his stroke.

The Toxicology report on the blood taken directly from LRH's body by the Coroner shows the presence of "Vistaril". Please look up in the Physician's Desk Reference the entry on Vistaril and note what it is used to treat. Who or what kind of doctor would usually be administering it?

The vials of LRH's blood given to the Coroner for testing by Dr. Gene Denk did not contain Vistaril. Blood taken directly from LRH's body did.

Think about that.

All this is a lot to confront. I assure you, if you honestly follow the strings revealed by your observations by digging up the actual data wherever you might find it, you will find the General Sherman Tank of your own. But only if you are honest and don't make up reasons why they are not outpoints or you let them be explained away rather than find the actual information yourself. It will take a lot of confronting. The most you have ever had to confront in your Scientology experience. At least that was the way it was for me.

You should be able to confront anything and communicate with anything to find out the truth. Your TRs and training should have prepared you. To answer your questions you should be able to search out information on the Internet, in libraries or from anyone. You should be able to look at the information on both sides of any issue.

I would see it as an outpoint if someone or an organization told me I could not look somewhere because it was "entheta" or lies. An auditor has to confront lies and entheta all the time. His training protects him. Your training should protect you as you search out truth, no matter where you need to look. You should sort it out for yourself. It's your future, after all.

Two years ago, I published initial results of my own confronting of the outpoints I had found. It was a big step for me. It was my doubt formula. You can look it up on the net.

I wish you well, and I wish you good looking.

Michael Leonard Tilse

Copyright 2005, Michael Leonard Tilse

This letter may be republished not-for-profit, freely by anyone, with the requirement that the entire text, copyright notice and this notice is included. All other rights Reserved to the Author. Revised 26 April 2005.

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Sunday, February 12, 2006

tesla's pyramids

From Life Technology News

In 1905 physics genius Nikola Tesla submitted his US patent 787,412 which describes "The Art of Transmitting Electrical Energy Through the Natural Mediums", and includes a design for a series of worldwide generators. It is beyond doubt this patent led to the construction of the Omega network of radio transmitters erected around the world between 1963 and 1982, officially for the purpose of global navigation, though navigation is its least important function.

Tesla was eloquently misleading in some of his patents and this is probably the ultimate example. Although until recently Omega did offer very-low-frequency navigation services they were only a secondary function: a "security cover" for the network's real purpose of subtly manipulating the resonant frequency of the earth itself, and the resonant frequency of the earth-to-ionosphere gap.

Anyone able to manipulate resonant frequencies between five and fifteen cycles per second, to three decimal places of accuracy, can influence every dynamic electromagnetic activity on the face of the earth and beyond, including global weather patterns, human thought and thus human behaviour. Put simply, Omega is the most powerful integrated global strike and C3i (Command, Control, Communications, intelligence) network ever constructed.


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hubbard and scientology

From Life Technology News

There has been a revival of interest in Scientology recently, largely driven by the ministrations of Hollywood jackanapes Tom Cruise.

An episode of South Park titled ‘Trapped in the Closet’ aired in late 2005. The cartoon featured Scientologists Nicole Kidman and John Travolta trying to coax Cruise out of a closet, a reference to rumors concerning his sexual preference. Also featured was an L. Ron Hubbard character denigrating Cruise’s acting ability. The extremely litigious Cruise immediately threatened Paramount with legal action, and it is unlikely that the episode will air again.

It is perhaps timely to revue some of the history of the ‘church,’ its membership and especially its mercurial founder Lafayette Ronald Hubbard.

Various Scientology hagiographies of Hubbard are widely divergent from known facts. This is mainly due to the phantasmagoric history that Hubbard fashioned for himself and repeated ad nauseum to his followers.

Hubbard would often boast of a distinguished pedigree, claiming descent from nobility going back to the Norman Invasion. He also claimed at various times to have been a barn-stormer in a circus, a great white hunter in Africa, an explorer of the upper Amazon and a heavily decorated naval officer, the recipient of more than 2 dozen medals and palms. He also claimed that his naval exploits were the inspiration for Henry Fonda’s character in the film Mister Roberts. On the day the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor he stated that he was the only person to survive the sinking of the destroyer he was on near the coast of Java and that he swam ashore and lived for weeks on the jungle flora. Later he would be wounded in the back and kidneys by machine-gun fire, making urination difficult.

The truth is somewhat more prosaic. In fact, Hubbard’s urinary difficulties stemmed from a bout of gonorrhea contracted after sex with a prostitute named Fern. Court documents in Hubbard’s own handwriting later confirmed this.

His shirking in the navy was commented upon several times by superior officers. In 1942 the US Naval Attache wrote, “…he [Hubbard] became the source of much trouble […], is not satisfactory for independent duty assignment. He is garrulous and tries to give the impression of his importance.”

Twenty years later Hubbard would brag to credulous followers that after he left that particular assignment, it took a captain, several commanders and 15 junior officers to replace him.

Although Scientology accounts claim that Hubbard served in all five theaters in WWII, more often than not, records find him on the sick list complaining of a variety of ailments from conjunctivitis to ulcers. These same records show that he was never engaged in enemy action and that he received only 4 awards, none for action or combat. Upon being mustered out of the navy, he immediately applied for disability benefits, often writing to the VA pleading for an increase citing long bouts of depression and recurring thoughts of suicide.

Hubbard spent his convalescence in Los Angeles. When his terminal leave from the navy commenced in December 1945, he immediately went to the home of Jack Parsons in Pasadena. Parsons was a science fiction fan, a rocket and explosives chemist and a practitioner of black magic. He operated the California branch of the Ordo Templi Orientis out of his house. The OTO was an advanced secret society to which high-ranking Freemasons migrate in a process of occult succession. OTO rituals were fine-tuned by British Satanist, magician and Intelligence agent Aleister Crowley.

Parsons was in communication with Crowley, regularly informing him of the progress of the California chapter. Hubbard also felt a keen bond with Crowley after reading his Book of the Law in the Library of Congress as a teenager. Later, in a taped 1952 lecture Hubbard would thank, “…the late Aleister Crowley, my very good friend.”

Parsons and Hubbard engaged in various black magic rituals over many nights in an effort to produce a homunculus. Although reports of their association make interesting reading, the two eventually had a falling-out and Hubbard would abscond to Florida with Parsons’ mistress and life savings. At the time, Crowley wrote to Karl Germer, the OTO head in America. A keen student of human nature, Crowley observed, "Suspect Ron playing confidence trick. Jack evidently weak fool. Obvious victim of prowling swindlers."

Parsons would later self-immolate in his garage during an experiment that went awry. His mother committed suicide the following day. Police would find home movies of Parsons having sex with his mother and the family dog.

Thereafter, L. Ron Hubbard spent several years grinding out science fiction and short stories for New York pulp magazines for a penny a word. Although his output was prodigious, he didn’t see any real money until the 1950 publication of his book Dianetics, a self-help manual tinged with the eastern mysticism that Hubbard allegedly picked up from his years of wandering the Far East as a lad, engaging Tibetan shamans and Chinese mystics in philosophical discourse.

In truth, Hubbard loathed China, having visited it as a teenager very briefly while en route to see his father who was stationed in Guam. At the time, Hubbard’s main lament was for all of the ‘Chinks’ despoiling the country. And the only use he could conceive of for the Great Wall was to convert it into a roller coaster.

Hubbard would later morph the tenets of Dianetics into the spiritual crazy glue known as Scientology, employing a confounding nomenclature sometimes referred to as ‘org-speak.’ The first Church of Scientology was incorporated in California in 1954. Hubbard claimed that his system could be used to increase spiritual freedom, intelligence and to produce immortality. Recruits go through auditing (counseling) sessions of ever escalating cost in order to be ‘cleared’ of ‘thetans’ (souls). A free soul must purge these body thetans in order to be truly liberated. Only after investing $100,000 and countless hours of auditing will the ultimate secret of Scientology be revealed to the recruit. This is the secret of Xenu.

According to Hubbard eschatology, 70 million years ago the planet Earth, then known as Teegeeack, had been one of 76 planets of the Galactic Federation that was badly overpopulated with hundreds of billions of people. The evil overlord Xenu decreed that excess populations on these planets should be sent to Teegeeack, put next to volcanoes and blown to pieces. The spirits or thetans of the victims were implanted with religious and technical images for 36 days. They were then sent either to Hawaii or Los Palmas to be stuck together in clusters. Humans are a collection or cluster of body thetans. Xenu was rounded up after the fact and imprisoned in a mountain. The reader is spared from a comprehensive rendition of the history of the Galactic Federation.

In a 1983 Penthouse interview, L. Ron Hubbard Jr. stated that he was born prematurely after his father botched an abortion attempt on his mother. He claims that his father used copious quantities of drugs and even witnessed him injecting cocaine. Hubbard Jr. has stated, “I believed in Satanism. There was no other religion in our house! What a lot of people don’t realize is that Scientology is black magic spread out over a long time period. It’s stretched out over a lifetime and you don’t see it. Black magic is the inner core of Scientology and it is probably the only part that really works. Also, you’ve got to understand that my father did not worship Satan. He thought he was Satan.” Ron Hubbard Jr. also claimed that his father practiced something called ‘soul-cracking.’ Hubbard Sr. would apparently beat his many mistresses and shoot them full of drugs in order to reach a state whereby, like a psychic hammer, he would break their souls and allow demonic powers to pour through them. Junior also declared that the Scientology Operating Thetan techniques do the same thing. Junior would go on to co-author the popular 1987 book L. Ron Hubbard: Messiah or Madman. In that year the Church listed $503 million in income.

Two sinister Scientology graduates of the 60s were Robert DeGrimston and his wife Mary Ann. He was a former architecture student and she was a former prostitute who believed herself to be Joseph Goebbels incarnate. Both had an insatiable preoccupation with death and violence and it is perhaps inevitable that they ended up in San Francisco in 1967 where they established themselves as The Process Church of the Final Judgement. They took up residence on Oak St., in the so-called Devil House, two blocks from where Charles Manson had his ‘family’ and close by Anton Lavey’s Church of Satan. Processans wandered the Haight sporting black capes and black suits and preaching a gospel of doom and destruction. The first edition of Ed Sanders’ book The Family carries an interesting chapter on the Process Church. But a Chicago lawyer convinced them to sue for defamation and the offending chapter was deleted from subsequent editions. Robert Degrimston published several books on war (his favorite theme) and commanded his followers “THOU SHALT KILL!” Another Process publication urged readers to experience the pleasures of grave robbing and necrophilia. A rant in the ‘Death’ issue of their magazine was penned by Charles Manson. Manson’s rap was an amalgam of Process ideology and the 150 hours of Scientology auditing he’d received during one of his numerous prison stints (Charlie declared himself a ‘Theta Clear’).

Contrary to popular belief, the Process is still around, having undergone numerous name changes over the years. The first was the ‘Four-P Movement.’ Author Michael Newton wrote that the cult, “is also deeply involved in white slavery, child pornography and the international narcotics trade.” Still other name changes for the Process included The Foundation Church of the Millenium, The Foundation Faith of God and then Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. Today it is known as The Best Friends Animal Society and is located in Kanab, Utah. Mary Ann Degrimston makes her home there along with several other former members. Gone are the days when Process members journeyed to San Quentin to interview Manson. Gone too are all references to Satan and doomsday. Members now softpeddle their involvement in the Process Church of the Final Judgement citing juvenile misguidance. The goal of the reformed church now is to save animals. The large compound in southern Utah is their testament to this end. And the animal sanctuary is a huge cash cow. In 2003 the Society raised more than $20 million. Perhaps the Degrimstons were wise to abandon Scientology when they did. Robert currently works in New York City as a business consultant.

The Sea Org-
In the 1960s, after several years of generating vast sums from credulous recruits, Hubbard took Scientology to sea, in order to stymie various governments who were set to move against his church for fraud and tax evasion. He purchased several large ships and drifted around the Mediterranean searching ancient archaeological sites where he’d lived past lives. These adventures lasted for almost a decade.

He devised cruel methods of discipline for recalcitrant followers that were enforced on a whim. Once, he confined a 5-year old deaf mute to a chain locker, the cold, wet, rat-infested area of the ship where anchor chains are stored.

Other malefactors were consigned to rusty tanks below decks where they chiseled off rust while standing in filthy bilge water. Oxygen was supplied via tubes. Other Scientologists would periodically pound on the hull to ensure that the scraping continued, oftentimes the punishment lasting for days. A food bucket would be lowered down to the offending parties. Stories of shipboard abuse are legion and too numerous to recount in this limited forum.

In the power vacuum that followed the death of L. Ron Hubbard in 1986, high school dropout David Miscavige emerged as the de facto head of Scientology. Known to his enemies as ‘the poison dwarf,’ the diminutive and asthmatic Miscavige even managed to depose Hubbard’s wife. He also ordered Hubbard’s son Arthur to be his personal servant. Miscavige and his followers do their best to attract high-profile members such as John Travolta, who has been in the cult for 20 years.

Gay porn star Paul Berrisi claims to have engaged in a homosexual relationship with Travolta that began in 1982 and lasted eight years. Berrisi claims that Travolta dumped him for another man in 1990. In revenge, he sold his story to the National Enquirer in April of that year. Shortly after the story broke, Travolta hastened to marry Scientologist Kelly Preston. In 2000 Travolta starred in Battlefield Earth, a film adaptation of a Hubbard science fiction novel. Critics roundly excoriated it as one of the worst films of all time. Roger Ebert declared that it was like, “…taking a bus trip with someone who has needed a bath for a long time. It’s not merely bad, but unpleasant in a hostile way.”

Alt rocker Beck [Hansen] was raised in the cult. His parents have been members for 30 years. When pressed in interviews to admit his Scientology bona fides, he replies with a terse, ‘no comment.’

Obviously, Tom Cruise is the most high-profile Scientologist in the world. For 20 years he has been assiduously courted by David Miscavige. Both men traded effusive praise at a 2005 Scientology gala in England. Referring to Cruise as “the most dedicated Scientologist I know,” Miscavige presented him with the church’s first Freedom Medal of Valor. According to Scientology’s Impact Magazine Cruise replied, “I have never met a more competent, a more intelligent, a more tolerant, a more compassionate being outside of what I have experienced from LRH.”

Scientologist Nicole Kidman often accompanied Cruise to the church’s 500-acre compound at Gilman Hot Springs in the California desert. Former member Maureen Bolstad was at Gilman for 17 years before leaving after a falling-out. She recalled a night from years ago when a state of emergency was declared at the compound. Dozens of Scientologists worked through the night planting a field of wild flowers so that Tom could impress Nicole. On another occasion, dozens worked around the clock for three days renovating a skeet range so that Miscavige could impress Cruise.

Snickering and jibes aside, Tom Cruise is a major Hollywood player. During the filming of War of the Worlds, he insisted that a Scientology info-booth be available on the set for interested crew members. He had it staffed with ministers from the church. Director Spielberg later complained that Cruise spent more time on film junkets promoting Scientology than the film.

And Scarlett Johansson was bounced from the cast of Mission Impossible 3 after proving unreceptive to Cruise’s Scientology pitch. Notwithstanding all of the celebrity endorsements, the church continues to suffer large financial losses. In May 2002, they paid more than $8 million to former member Lawrence Wollersheim after a 22-year legal battle. Miscavige astutely surmised that payment of the money would prevent additional evidence being presented in court that could expose Scientology’s controversial IRS charitable tax exemption to review or repeal and the risk that top executives could be jailed for corporate and asset fraud.

Perhaps the final word on Scientology should go to Jamie Kennedy, great-grandson of L. Ron Hubbard. Kennedy is a 25-year old slam poet from San Francisco who bills himself, not inappropriately, as the ‘Hellspawn Leprechaun.’ He was expelled from high school after writing an epic poem vividly describing the massacre of all of his teachers, followed by a school explosion. This was pre-Columbine. He was kicked out of another school for obsessively writing about sex, death and murder. Yet again, he was booted out of two college classes due to student complaints and obscenity charges. His wife gave birth to a daughter a couple of years ago and Kennedy prays that she is the female Antichrist. “They can’t shut me up. I’ve made a career out of not giving a f___!” he declares. Kennedy has the same red hair and occult predilections of his infamous relation. “Genetically, I think we share some traits. In high school a psychiatrist asked me if I had a history of mental illness in my family. I said, well, my great-grandfather was a cult leader.”

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fda clamp down on supplements

From Life Technology News

The Government/ Scientific/ Pharmaceutical/ News Media Grip Over Dietary Supplements

Government regulatory agencies, the medical scientific research community, aligned with physician groups, and the news media, combine to create a strong anti-dietary supplement faction in America.

The hidden goal of the research community is to create patentable prescription drugs that will some day generate billions of dollars in sales (so-called blockbusters). A conflict arises when one becomes aware that dietary supplements can often duplicate the biological action of many drugs at far less cost, reduced side effects and greater effectiveness. To hide this fact, the research community along with the news media must conduct a continued campaign to steer the public away from dietary supplements. Otherwise there will be far less need for drugs. Either by non-reporting of breakthroughs, or the dissemination of misleading science, or the creation of bogus intake limits on vitamins and minerals, the combined efforts of government agencies, medical researchers and the news media join in the cabal against dietary supplements.

Trudy Lieberman, who recently wrote of the control exerted over the news media by the pharmaceutical industry in the Columbia Journalism Review, quoted an unnamed source as saying “Everyone is in cahoots.” [CJR Issue 4, July/August 2005] With the big five TV networks reported to be raking in $1.5 billion in advertising revenue from the pharmaceutical companies, and Time, Newsweek and the New York Times taking in another $123 million in ad fees, don’t expect the news media to give a fair hearing for dietary supplements.

Don’t expect to appeal to government either. Not only is it well known that “Big Pharma” owns Washington DC via an army of lobbyists and political donations, but it was recently revealed that 38 US Senators held $13.4 million in pharmaceutical investments.

For comparison, the dietary supplement industry is often unfairly portrayed as mega-billion dollar industry ($18.7 billion of sales in 2002), reaping in huge profits, but consider that the sales of just one class of drugs, cholesterol-lowering statins, produced $18.5 billion sales in 2002 alone, with profit margins far exceeding dietary supplements.

Is the dietary supplement industry unregulated?

It is often said that the dietary supplement industry is unregulated and that supplements should undergo the same approval process as drugs. But the drug model is flawed, not only producing unaffordable products, resulting in the use of deadly drugs, even when properly used, that end up killing over 100,000 patients a year. [Journal American Medical Assn. 279: 1200-05 and 1216-17, 1998] More than half of all approved drugs (like Vioxx) produce serious side effects not detected prior to approval. [Journal American Medical Assn. 279: 1571-73, 1998] For comparison, a review of data tabulated by Poison Control Centers finds few if any cases of mortality associated with the use of vitamin or mineral supplements and only a few cases of deaths (mostly involving ephedra) associated with herbal products in over a decade of use.

Dietary supplements: flawed but not unregulated

There is no question that dietary supplements are sometimes mislabeled, may make unsubstantiated health claims on their label or advertising, too often don’t contain the dosage listed on the label, or may not even contain listed ingredients at all. But they are far from being unregulated and must comply with regulations for labeling, purity and relative safety (even something seemingly innocent like table salt is not absolutely safe), or face regulatory and product liability sanctions. [Nutrition Reviews 62:55-9, 2004; Federal Register 65:1000-50, 2000; Nutrition Clinical Practice 20:21-32, 2005]

The FDA itself took nearly 9 years to publish good manufacturing practices for dietary supplements while the news media and other critics continued to blame vitamin pill makers for shoddy products and being “unregulated.” Not a word from the news media about this FDA foot dragging. The dietary supplement industry, fearing greater reprisals, took this criticism on the chin rather than pointing a finger at the FDA.

Supplements held to unattainable standard of safety

If a single person misuses a dietary supplement, and dies from overdose, this adverse report is likely to be spread by the news media. A physician recently reported to the FDA hotline the dietary supplement he was taking caused his heart rate to slow and he had to be transported to the emergency room. The physician provided a history of being a tri-athlete who exercises excessively (thousands of rowing exercises daily), a health history that is consistent with a condition known as “athlete’s heart,” that can result in bradycardia, a slowing of the heart rate. But the dietary supplement was blamed.

Dietary supplements are simply being called to perform at an unattainable standard – absolute safety. Dietary supplements are safer than aspirin, ibuprofen, chlorinated tap water, table salt, and most vaccines, yet they are demonized by the press. For comparison, in 1999 it was estimated that over-the-counter drugs like aspirin and ibuprofen cause 16,5000 avoidable deaths annually in the U.S. [New England Journal Medicine 340:1888-99, 1999]

When it was alleged that kava kava, an anti-anxiety herb, might cause liver problems, based upon preliminary reports emanating from Europe, the FDA issued a bulletin asking consumers and physicians to report side effects, which demolished sales of this herb.

A report in the Journal of Drug Safety indicates adverse events caused by kava “are, in general, rare, mild and reversible.” [Drug Safety 25: 251-61, 2002] Critical analysis of the 19 suspected adverse reports in Europe involving kava, revealed only one single patient where a very probable causal relationship could be established between kava treatment and the development of toxic liver disease. A worldwide alert was issued from just one proven side effect. [Phytomedicine 10:440-6, 2003]

Lax enforcement

There are an estimated 29,000 dietary supplements marketed in the U.S., some by marginal or new small companies that aren’t adept at complying with regulations. There appears to be lax enforcement of Food & Drug and Federal Trade Commission regulations, with many perpetrators doing business for years until sanctions are applied. This appears to be by intent in order to perpetuate the public image that dietary supplements and their manufacturers are not to be trusted.

Studies selectively skew results

The scientific community participates in this subterfuge, creating pseudoscience or derogatory studies, to create the false impression that high-dose dietary supplements are unsafe. [International Journal Toxicology 22:387-90, 2003]

When a report published in The Annals of Internal Medicine [Released to news media Nov. 10, 2004; published Jan 4, 2005, Volume 142: pages 37-46] analyzed 19 clinical trials involving vitamin E supplements and concluded that high-dose vitamin E (above 400 units) “may increase [deaths] and should be avoided,” it took iconoclast Michael Fumento to point out that this combined “meta-analysis” selectively excluded other studies that totaled less than 10 deaths and failed to point out that two studies involving 2000 units of vitamin E showed fewer deaths among supplement users. [The Vitamin E Witch Hunt, ]

Discoveries buried beneath negative headlines

When a July 2005 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that for cardiovascular death, “there was a significant 24% reduction” among healthy female vitamin E supplement users, but there was no effect for cardiovascular disease or cancer prevention, the latter facts were headlined by the news media while the reduction in cardiovascular death was buried in lower paragraphs. The news media essentially copied a press release word for word from the National Institutes of Health without obtaining contrary opinions or even carefully examining the study. [Journal American Medical Assn 294: 56-65, 2005] Anticipate future positive studies involving dietary supplements will be downplayed or ignored.

Vitamin Breakthroughs Ignored

A greater disservice is done to the public, not only when these falsehoods continue to be aired, but also by news sources that even fail to report major breakthroughs when they involve dietary supplements.

When the Annals of Internal Medicine published a report in 2004 that intravenous vitamin C could achieve blood concentrations 70 times greater than optimal oral intake, which would be sufficient to kill cancer cells, not a word was mentioned by the news media that this landmark study vindicated studies conducted by Drs. Linus Pauling and Ewan Cameron 28 years earlier, which claimed that vitamin C infusions prolonged the lives of terminal cancer patients. [Annals Internal Medicine 140: 533-7, 2004; Proceedings National Academy Sciences 75:4538-42, 1978; 73:3685-9, 1976] Then the National Library of Medicine subsequently censored other original reports involving vitamin C published by Dr. Pauling by not listing in its vast archives papers published in the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine.

Furthermore, the Annals of Internal Medicine report also revealed that oral-dose vitamin C can achieve blood serum concentrations three times greater than previously thought possible, and the longtime falsehood that mega-dose vitamin C pills create nothing more than “expensive urine” was also exposed. But even when this study was pointed out to health reporters at the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, Associated Press, USA Today, and elsewhere, it was ignored.

Another breakthrough negated

When resveratrol, a dietary supplement derived from grapes or other botanical sources, was widely reported to have anti-aging properties via its ability to repair DNA, and was the likely agent responsible for the “French paradox,” the fact the French have lower rates of cardiovascular disease despite their fat laden diet [Nature 425:191-6, 2003], researchers at the University of South Carolina, funded by a pharmaceutical company, spread misinformation (pseudoscience) that resveratrol in dietary supplements was not “biologically available.” [Drug Metabolism Disposition 32:1377-82, 2004] Yet resveratrol is biologically available from wine and is being used in a pill in a cancer prevention study in Europe. This falsehood was widely spread by the news media to discourage the public from using red wine pills.

Failings of modern medicine passed over

The failings of prescription drugs often go unreported, with mortal consequences.

Recently, when Dr. Harumi Okuyama of the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Science at Nagoya City University, in Nagoya, Japan, published an urgent call for physicians worldwide to back away from prescribing cholesterol-reducing medications because there was no evidence that they reduce mortality rates, and to embrace the use of omega-3 fish oils that have been shown to effectively reduce the incidence of cancer, heart disease and all-cause mortality, it was as if his paper was never published. Not a word about this in the news media. [Journal Pharmaceutical Society of Japan- Yakugaku Zasshi 125: 833-52, 2005] The strategy here is, don’t report negative news.

Trudy Lieberman, in her Columbia Journal Review report, cited the reluctance of the news media to report on the failings of Vioxx, the anti-inflammatory drug that was approved by the FDA under the false claim it reduced the risk for gastric ulcers commonly caused by other pain killing drugs. Vioxx was found to have induced the premature death of thousands of Americans due to blood clots and heart attacks. The evidence of serious drawbacks involving Vioxx was published in the New England Journal of Medicine, which most major health reporters receive an advanced edition of, four years prior to the Vioxx recall.

Health reporters for the major news media all receive advance announcement of major health breakthroughs and can handsomely profit from this insider information by investing in drug company stocks prior to a major drug-related news story.

The analog game

While major news sources employ award-winning journalists to cover health-related topics, most whom are trained in the medical sciences and biology, these reporters fail to report for the common good. Researchers funded by the National Institutes of Health as well as pharmaceutical companies are all participating in the game of creating analogs, that is, re-arranged natural molecules that can be patented and developed into prescription drugs at exorbitant profits. This fact is never reported to the public.

Patentable analogs promoted over natural molecules

For example, selenium is a trace mineral that astounded the cancer research world in 1996 when Larry Clark, then a researcher Cornell University, reported that a 200- microgram selenium supplement (SelenoExcell™) dramatically reduced the risk for most cancers. This was one of those double-blind, interventional, placebo-controlled studies that modern medicine keeps demanding of the dietary supplement industry. {Journal American Medical Assn. 276: 1957-63, 1996]

So, do oncologists suggest their patients supplement with selenium to prevent cancer? Instead, cancer researchers continue to investigate the use of ebselen, a synthetically produced selenium drug (analog), to treat cancer. [Anticancer Drugs 16:569-79, 2005]

Researchers are calling for the public to consume higher doses of vitamin D, which cannot be achieved from food or food fortification and only from dietary supplements, based upon numerous studies widespread vitamin D deficiency and that higher-dose vitamin D prevents cancer, osteoporosis, hypertension, autoimmune disorders, and many other maladies. [Journal Nutrition 135:310-6, 2005] But researchers continually claim vitamin D analogs must be used to prevent calcifications. [American Journal Kidney Diseases 38:S34-40, 2001]

Yet up to 4000 units/day, ten times the Recommended Daily Allowance and twice the safe upper limit, has been found to be safe, with toxicity starting till 40,000 units are consumed for many months. [American Journal Clinical Nutrition 73:288-94, 2001; 69:842-56, 1999] Calcification from use of vitamin D supplements is only a concern in a small number of people, while millions suffer and die from vitamin D deficiency. There are continued efforts to scare the public away from meaningful doses of vitamin D in dietary supplements.

Government bans vitamin pills

Government agencies restrict vitamin pills, not only by warning the public away from perfectly safe doses of vitamins via the bogus Recommended Daily Allowance, but also by outright black listing of vitamin pills.

The Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) was established for perfectly healthy people, not growing children, pregnant moms, smokers, diabetics, athletes, people under stress, hospitalized individuals, the elderly who often have difficulty absorbing nutrients from foods, nor users of medications that deplete certain nutrients (examples: aspirin depletes vitamin C and folic acid; most cardiac drugs deplete the body of coenzyme Q10; diuretics deplete the body of minerals and vitamin B1, which can induce heart failure). But there is no mention of these exceptions when the RDA is listed on foods and dietary supplement labels.

The RDA is outdated and does not apply to most Americans. But consumers read a label stating a dietary supplement provides “100% of the RDA” and they falsely feel assured it supplies the proper dosage of nutrients needed to remain healthy. That is far from the truth.

The RDA for vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin B1, folic acid, vitamin B12 and magnesium need updating, but the Food & Nutrition Board is virtually unresponsive to recent scientific findings which conclusively show there is widespread nutrient deficiency that raises disease risks.

Drs. Steve Hickey and Hilary Roberts, authors of the book The Ridiculous Daily Allowance ( ) have petitioned the Food & Nutrition Board along with other antioxidant researcher to overhaul the RDA for vitamin C, based upon the realization the RDA was established without calculating for the half-life (degradation rate) of vitamin C in the body. So far, there is no word from the Food & Nutrition Board concerning a re-evaluation of the RDA for vitamin C.

And yes, the government actually bans the acquisition of vitamin pills. Despite the fact the poor exhibit the worst nutrition and the greatest prevalence of disease, the Food Stamp Act bars participating households from purchasing vitamin pills. The poor can buy Cocoa Puffs, but not a multivitamin. Objections were raised against payment for vitamin pills when agricultural interests said recipients would purchase less of their products. Some 20 million poor Americans cannot buy vitamin pills with Food Stamps.

(Senate Bill 1546 would fix this.)

Dr. Bruce Ames, a renowned researcher at the University of California Berkeley, says

“It is a distortion of priorities for much of the world's population to have an inadequate intake of vitamins or minerals—at great cost to health—when a year's supply of a daily multivitamin/mineral pill costs less than a few packs of cigarettes. The poor, in general, have the worst diets and have the most to gain from improving their multivitamin and mineral supplementation and diet,” says Dr. Ames. [European Molecular Biology Organization) Journal (6, S20–S24, 2005]

The government bans coverage for vitamin pills outright for the poor, Medicare also prohibits payment for dietary supplements, and scares the rest of the population away from perfectly safe doses by imposing poorly substantiated limits (RDA, Tolerable Upper Limit).

There you have it – a cabal against dietary supplements. The naïve American public can’t fathom such a widespread plot against pills. How much longer the public will continue to blindly heed the RDA and other scare tactics against dietary supplements is unknown.

Copyright 2006 Bill Sardi, Knowledge of Health, Inc.

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scientific blueprint for ascension

Imminent, spontaneous energetic transformation of our entire Solar System?
DNA written into the fabric of the Cosmos as a waveform?

A scientific case for a new, Galaxy-wide model of human evolution?

You’ve been waiting long enough… Joining forces with well-known Ascension / Sacred Geometry promoter Drunvalo Melchizedek, author / poet Wynn Free and Spirit of Ma’at magazine, (“Ma’at” is Egyptian for “Truth,”) Wilcock is back with an article that highlights some of the astonishing new information that will eventually cap off the Convergence Series. Also, check the links in the article to find another piece by Free that gives an overview of the main points elucidated in the Ra Material / Law of One Study Guide. (Note: These articles are copied from the original SoM online magazine, which is otherwise available on a subscription-only basis.)

(Article in Spirit of Ma'at Magazine, Vol. 2: 9/01)


by David Wilcock

as told to Wynn Free

David Wilcock (see also Wilcock bio) is one of the more interesting people who are making a serious attempt to explain the rapid changes that the world is going through today. Though controversial, his views are well thought out, profound, and backed up by a wealth of scientific data.

We interviewed David on the subject of Ascension and the energetic ''shift'' — a coming change that, according to Wilcock and others, like Gregg Braden, involves not only individuals but our planet, our Solar System, and the Galaxy itself.

In order to prepare us for this information, David begins with the Story of Creation. We may believe this or not. Certainly, it can't be ''documented'' in the usual way. But we suggest that you reserve judgment until you have read and absorbed the incredible, provable, scientific facts of what is happening in our Solar System and on planet Earth.

— Wynn Free

Our origin and evolution

Many sources, including Ra (see companion Ra article), Edgar Cayce, and others, say that the Oneness essentially got bored or lonely. It needed to do something. It needed to create. It wasn't feeling complete just by having this unified consciousness all the time.

So it conceptualized the idea of breaking Itself up into all these parts, knowing that the parts would be able to evolve by their own free will, making their own decisions. Things would happen that the Oneness was not yet able to understand or comprehend. The parts would have essentially their own creative ability. They would be Co-Creators.

The Great Plan was that at the end, after this entire cycle of universal evolution was complete, all of the parts that had evolved on their own would independently recognize their God Consciousness, renounce separation, embrace unity, and return to the totality of Oneness. The One Creator from that very fact would be highly enhanced, because all of this wonderful creative stuff had transpired in that transition from ''One'' to ''many'' and back to ''One.''

So God is evolving, and not some static Being that just sits there and waits for everybody to catch up. God is experiencing our evolution with us.

Galaxies were the first Beings

My understanding is that God's first manifestations of separate beings are what we call galaxies.

Each galaxy is sort of like a person. The universe is composed of many billions of galaxies, so it would be the equivalent of many Earths' worth of human beings, which is not inconceivable to conceptualize.

Each one of those galaxies is capable of sprouting an entire system of stars from itself. Each one of those stars is the equivalent of a being, and then each one of those stars is capable of giving birth to planets, and each one of those planets is a being.

And each one of those planets, potentially, can be populated with intelligent life.

So this is where you really get into the idea that the universe is an Ultimate Being and there are various gradations of beings that step down from that Oneness. The primary being that we here on Earth identify with would be the Galaxy. Ra refers to the Galaxy as the Logos. Our Galaxy has a personality, a particular way of seeing how it's going to create conscious beings that will evolve and return to God Consciousness.

Our Galaxy's own template for evolution is to produce human beings, and all of the stars are precisely tuned with the proper energy waves to insure that this will happen quite on its own, by the natural physics of the situation.

Let me see if I can explain this in scientific terms.

The Galaxy and Harmonic Resonance

We know that the Sun is actively pumping out spiraling energy waves that drive the planets and moons in their respective orbits. Both Bode's Law and the new Stoneking Resonance theories show that the planets are spaced out in the natural Diatonic musical proportions relative to each other.[1] The very first extra-solar planetary system that we discovered, which was around pulsar B1257+12, also shows these same proportions.[2] The proportional phenomenon supports the idea that every star is pumping out energy waves that create similar planetary systems, as this kind of resonance obviously could not be caused by random groupings of gas and dust.

Then, just like the principles of a hologram or a fractal, within the larger waves from the Sun are subtler, smaller waves. And these are also based on the same musical principles. They all branch out, forming waves upon waves and getting smaller and smaller.

The Galaxy is ''tuned'' to form DNA

In the optimal planetary system, where there are no major cataclysms or interruptions, there is a specific distance from the Sun where the tiniest spiraling waves will gather a planet's natural materials together to form the DNA molecules of life. The DNA is the wave, and the wave is the DNA.

That DNA is formed in the process of planetary evolusion may sound ridiculous, but it can effectively be proven by something known as the DNA Phantom effect. Dr. Vladimir Poponin put DNA in a tube and shone a laser through it, and to his surprise he realized that it actually captured the light and caused it to spiral through the helix, as if it were a crystal. Even more amazingly, when Dr. Poponin removed the DNA, the light continued spiraling on its own![3]

For light to form a DNA helix on its own should of course be impossible — unless the light itself had become harmonically tuned to some naturally existing frequency in the energy of space around it. To me, this says that the spiraling light energy of DNA was there first, and the physical molecules simply formed around the spiraling energy once the planet was at the proper frequency position. The Galaxy is ''tuned'' to form human DNA in planetary systems wherever it gets the chance.

Darwin's theories are being disproven

The theory of the Evolution of Species is being disproven because the DNA molecule is just too complicated to have arisen by ''natural mutations.'' Dr. Crick, one of the original discoverers of the DNA molecule, later proved mathematically that it is absolutely impossible for evolution to have ever even begun to produce DNA in the short amount of history that we have as a planet.[4]

We are ''moving on up'' energetically

So now, we are moving into a new position. Microbiology experts tell us that 97 percent of our DNA is apparently un-used,[5] but I have been told that more and more of the chain is ''unzipping'' for those who are able to handle the new fourth-density energy structure. These people may not physically look any different, except perhaps more attractive in subtle ways, but internally they will develop greater depths of emotion, perception, intuition, and sensitivity.

Some of the younger people will actually develop telekinesis or the ability to ''see dead people.'' Many others often find that their bodies will no longer tolerate foods of lower vibration, and they are impelled to eat diets high in fresh organic fruits and vegetables.

So as you drift farther away from your parent star, your planet enters into different vibrational energies and will support life in higher densities.

As Ra explains[6], there is an Octave of eight major densities. This is the same as if you played the white keys on the piano, the Diatonic scale. The Octave can also be broken down into a system of 13, which can be seen by playing the Chromatic scale of white and black keys together. There are many densities within densities. Each of these vibratory frequencies corresponds to a specific plane of existence — and/or a specific level of consciousness.

Another teaching of Ra is that all people have higher selves, a sixth-density future incarnative self that is guiding their life and guiding their physical incarnation from the future. The Higher Self basically says, ''Look, I know that you're going to evolve to become me. I'm looking back into my past at myself, but I also know that you have free will. I don't necessarily know all the choices that you will make on a day-by-day basis to eventually get to be me, where I am now. So I'm going to help you get to this point. I'm going to show you how to get to where I am, knowing that it's myself that's evolving.''

That is what dreams are.

The nature and purpose of dreams

Dreams are a very high level, distilled message from the Higher Self that comes through to the individual in the language of metaphor. It doesn't matter whether you understand your dreams with your conscious mind or not. It doesn't matter whether you remember them or not. Your dreams communicate with your fourth-dimensional or fourth-density astral self, which I believe is the same self that Edgar Cayce was using to do his medical readings.

It's your astral self that goes through the dream experience. So it's as if you have multiple levels of your being that are doing different things, things that you're not aware of. They're doing all sorts of work, and they're buzzing around — and yet it's all part of you, at the same time.

And this is a very mind-expanding concept because you realize how much more you are than your physical body. You realize how much more you're loved and how much more of yourself there is.

The Science of Ascension

The keystone to all of this that we're talking about — to everything I mentioned so far — is the idea that evolution must come on a mass scale. Ascension is not simply restricted to an idea like the Christians' saying there is going to be this ''rapture,'' where Jesus comes back and ushers in a thousand years of peace. It's a cosmic event, and has been prophesied in almost every major religious and spiritual tradition that has existed on the face of the Earth.

In my new career as research director for the ''Time of Global Shift'' tour, I provide references to back up these assertions.[7] Let's talk about some of these now.

We'll start with Dr. Alexey Dmitriev from the Russian National Academy of Sciences. Dmitriev did work with tornadoes showing that in the presence of a tornado there are very high electromagnetic fields, visible light, and ball lightning. And there are all sorts of cases where the tornado causes the physical objects to fuse into each other — where matter actually becomes able to permeate other matter. Dmitriev cites cases where two burnt and charred wooden boards were fused together by a tornado, even though they would crumble at the slightest touch. There were pebbles that had gone through glass without breaking the glass; pieces of straw that went through a window and got stuck in the window without breaking it.[8]

All this weird stuff is happening that shows that matter is able to disappear or become permeable to other matter in the presence of a strong enough field.

Then we look at the Bermuda Triangle. In a triangular area off the coast of Florida between Puerto Rico, Miami, and Bermuda, there have been planes lost as well as ships. It hasn't really been active since the 1970s, but certainly it was before then. And we're not just talking about marine vessels that disappear, and you can say, ''Okay, well, it sank.'' We're talking about airplanes that are on radar and have radio contact, and suddenly they're just gone.

In certain cases there have been people who disappear and then reappear. There was a case in the late 1969 where a National Airlines 727 passenger aircraft flying into Miami had lost all radar and radio contact for 10 minutes. Of course, the air traffic controller was highly freaked out by this. Ten minutes went by and communication came back on. The air traffic controller asked them where they had been, and they didn't know what he was talking about. They had no perception of anything's having happened. And when they landed, it was discovered that every single timepiece in the entire aircraft — everybody's watch, every chronometer, you name it — had lost 10 minutes! It was as if they basically just winked out of our existence for 10 minutes and then came back.[9]

The more we investigate these vortex phenomena, the more we see that some strange things are happening.

Another vortex phenomenon case involved a group of young hippies who were camped out inside Stonehenge when the stones were struck by lightning. Witnesses saw them all disappear, leaving only the charred pegs of their tents.[10] I believe that the higher energy vibration of the lightning activated the vortex that Stonehenge had been built to harness, which in turn caused this to happen, and I think that the creators of Stonehenge probably used these effects for travel through space and time.

So apparently Stonehenge and the Bermuda Triangle are places where, at certain times, the amount of gravitational and vibrational energy coming out of the Earth exceeds that going into the Earth. You could think of these areas as being akin to holes that have been popped in a plastic bag filled with water — for a certain amount of time, the water would flow out very quickly.

And you can see that in those two locations, there is a history of incidents suggesting that matter has been transmuted in the presence of such an energy vortex.

What we are leading to is that the entire energy of the Solar System is increasing, and that at some point, it will reach a level where it will transmute all life on the planet. That is when Ascension will be manifest.

Our Sun is not a nuclear furnace

Research is now suggesting that the Sun is like a hole that has popped in the energy field of the Galaxy, allowing energy to flow out in a given area; that's why we see it as bright white light.

They've already proven that there's no nuclear furnace going on in there. The amount of neutrinos that the Sun gives off is far too low for it to be the byproduct of a nuclear reaction. There are missing neutrinos. They've known about this for 30 years, and the problem is not being solved — those missing neutrinos simply don't exist!

So the Sun is not a nuclear furnace. The Sun basically represents cosmic energy, the true energy of Creation.

What this means is that the Sun is like a pinhole in space where the energy is flowing out — just like the pinhole in the bag of water we spoke about earlier, or what you would see in the Bermuda Triangle.

And in higher levels of vibration, you see a lot more than just the pinhole of the Sun; you see all the vibrations that surround it. These appear as concentric spheres of energy, like ripples on a pond, which are connected by a spiraling coil of energy that expands on out to drive the orbits and rotations of the planets and moons. Everything meshes precisely together like one giant set of gears. This coil from the Sun has been studied and measured. NASA refers to it as the ''Parker Spiral.''[11]

Right now, we can only detect these fields with instruments as a form of magnetic energy.

The Sun's coil, sacred geometry, and crop circles

There are many, many crop-circle formations that show these energy systems of sacred geometry and concentric, expanding spheres connected by spirals. So ''they'' are definitely trying to give us a message. The recent 900-foot long Milk Hill crop formation mirrors the Sun's expanding spiral energy patterns. It contains 409 different circles and was actually displayed on CNN Headline News, as its sheer size and grandeur attracted attention.[12]

And what I am saying is that when the energy in the Bermuda Triangle rises, for example, matter changes. When the energy that the Sun is producing rises, the spiraling coil wave from the Sun actually expands, pushing the planets into spheres of energy that maintain a higher frequency of vibration. My research suggests that the actual physical sizes of the planets expand spontaneously when this happens — not hugely, but enough.

You can see this in hindsight by going to the idea that if you shrink the radius of the Earth to 55 or 60 percent of its current size, all the continents fit together like a jig-saw puzzle; there's no left-over space. That's called Global Expansion Tectonics.[13]

Planetary expansion and the Ascension process

So as the planet gets farther away from the Sun, it expands on this spiral of energy that the Sun is pumping out at a very slow speed, and it gradually inches farther and farther away. That's why the Ancients said that Earth's year used to be exactly 360 days long, and that they only begrudgingly added the last five and a quarter days after the fall of Atlantis. Five days is just a tiny bump compared to what can happen.

So the farther away you get from the Sun, the more you break into higher levels of vibration represented by a bigger sphere. As the Earth punches into a higher level of energy based on its position to the Sun, it expands in size, because as it moves into that higher energy, the energy within the core actually expands.

What also happens is that this energy ''zaps'' all the creatures that are on the Earth, because the increase in the wavelength of the planetary spiral is accompanied by a spontaneous burst of energy from the Sun — a burst that has qualities of both radiation and intelligence. The ancient Hindus referred to this burst as the ''Somvarta fire at the end of an Age.''

So what has happened in the past, at about 50-million-year intervals, is that all the life that had been on the Earth spontaneously dies. And then, all of a sudden, this higher order of creature shows up. The geologists call this ''punctuated equilibrium.''[14]

A very recent study published by Dr. Bruce Runnegar and other UCLA astrobiologists supports the theory I am discussing. It's been all over the mainstream news since the end of June. The researchers looked at the planetary orbits and ran them back through time with computer simulations that were very precise. To their surprise, they discovered that 65 million years ago, at the time of the most recent mass extinction (of the dinosaurs), there was what they referred to as a ''chaotic change in the resonant frequencies of the Solar System.'' This chaotic change suddenly jostled all the orbits of the inner planets.[15]

While we're here, we should add that all geologists know that the continents broke apart at this time, having once been a single landmass. We also know that the worldwide sea levels suddenly decreased at that time. This was obviously the Earth's sudden increase in size. The hardened crust of the land broke apart, and all the seas drained off into the new cracks, lowering their worldwide levels.

And remember that the geologist's have discovered that every time you have a mass extinction, you also have a mass speciation — that is, new species arise. That's another aspect of what happens when this energy ''zaps'' us, causing the planets and their orbits to expand.

For example, there is no ''missing link'' between Neanderthal man and Cro-Magnon (modern man) because what happened was that Neanderthal got ''zapped'' and spontaneously evolved. They grew much larger brains and lost the clumsiness of their bodies.

The Solar System also is evolving

This is where it gets kind of strange. This anomalous change, this spontaneous evolution in the presence of new energy, is also happening to the whole Solar System. In other words, it's not just that the Earth is drifting away from the Sun to go into a new position. At the same time the Sun, also, is ready to break out into a new level of energy in the Galaxy. This doesn't always happen. According to Ra, right now we are actually arriving at the end of a 75,000-year galactic cycle at the same time that we are arriving at the end of a more common 25,000-year planetary cycle.

As a galaxy evolves, expanding spheres of energy continue to engulf the stars in that galaxy with higher and higher levels of vibration. This is now causing the intergalactic space around our Solar System to become more and more highly charged. This charge is in turn absorbed by the Sun and radiated throughout the Solar System. So the current ''shift'' is really a unique event for all forms of vibrational life in our area of the Galaxy, not just for those on Earth.[16]

How can we tell that Ascension is imminent?

Here are some measurable changes in our Solar System which suggest that this evolutionary leap is going to happen soon:

Unprecedented solar activity

We're having solar activity never before witnessed — at least not in recorded history. We're having sunspot activity on a scale never before seen. We're having radiation emissions, proton emissions and other anomalous energy bursts. All of these things are stepping up in frequency in a way that's never before been seen. In fact, the solar emissions are getting so intense that they are frying many of our satellites. In certain cases we are unable to measure these solar emissions because we never expected that they would get this high, and all our scientific models have to be revised.[17]

The quality of the space between planets is changing

Another thing that I think is really interesting is that the actual quality of the space between the planets is changing. The space between the planets is actually conducting energy better.

The meaning of this is actually quite simple: The Sun releases charged, radioactive particles, such as energetic protons. NASA used to have very convenient scientific models for how long it would take those protons to travel to the Earth. Now, in some cases these protons are traveling up to 400 percent faster than the models expect.[18]

So what's happening is that the Sun itself is actually changing. Its magnetic field is actually getting larger. Its energy is changing. The energy between the planets is changing, conducting the Sun's energy faster. Particles are moving faster through space. The actual visible plasma energy in space between the planets is getting brighter.

The atmospheres of the planets are changing

Dmitriev's work shows that the planets themselves are changing. They are undergoing changes in their atmospheres. For example the Martian atmosphere is getting sizably thicker than it was before. The Mars observer probe in 1997 lost one of its mirrors, which caused it to crash, because the atmosphere was about twice as dense as they calculated, and basically the wind on that little mirror was so high that it blew it right off the device.[19]

Earth's moon is growing an atmosphere

Also, the moon is growing an atmosphere that's made up of a compound Dmitriev refers to as ''Natrium.'' Dmitriev says that, around the moon, there is this 6,000-kilometer-deep layer of Natrium that wasn't there before.

And we're having this kind of change in Earth's atmosphere in the upper levels, where HO gas is forming that wasn't there before; it simply did not exist in the quantity that it does now. It's not related to global warming and it's not related to CFCs or fluorocarbon emissions or any of that stuff. It's just showing up.

Magnetic fields and brightness of the planets are changing

The planets are experiencing sizable changes in their overall brightness. Venus, for example, is showing us marked increases in its overall brightness. Jupiter has gotten to have such a high energetic charge that there is actually a visible tube of ionizing radiation that's formed between Jupiter and its moon, Io. You can actually see the luminous energy tube in photographs that have been taken more recently.[20]

And the planets are having a change in their magnetic fields. The magnetic fields are becoming stronger. Jupiter's magnetic field has more than doubled. Uranus's magnetic field is changing. Neptune's magnetic field is increasing.[21] These planets are becoming brighter. Their magnetic field strength is getting higher. Their atmospheric qualities are changing.

Uranus and Neptune appear to have had recent pole shifts

When the Voyager 2 space probe flew past Uranus and Neptune, the apparent north and south magnetic poles were sizably offset from where the rotational pole was. In one case, it was 50 degrees off, and in the other case the difference was around 40 degrees, both of which are pretty big changes.[22]

The overall changes could essentially be broken down into three categories: Energy field changes, luminosity changes, and atmospheric changes.

Overall volcanic activity has increased 500 percent since 1975

On the Earth, we're seeing the changes even more completely. For example, Michael Mandeville has done research that has shown that the overall volcanic activity on the Earth since 1875 has increased by roughly 500 percent. The overall earthquake activity has increased by 400 percent just since 1973.[23]

Natural disasters increased 410 percent between 1963 and 1993

Dr. Dmitriev did a very elaborate calculation of natural disasters. He showed that if you compare the years 1963 through 1993, the overall amount of natural disasters of all different kinds — whether you are talking hurricanes, typhoons, mud slides, tidal waves, you name it — have increased by 410 percent.

The Sun's magnetic field increased by 230 percent since 1901

There's a study by Dr. Mike Lockwood from Rutherford Appleton National Laboratories in California, who has been investigating the Sun. He has discovered that since 1901, the overall magnetic field of the Sun has become 230 percent stronger than it was before.[24]

More than just Earth Changes

So, all in all, what we're seeing is a lot more than just what they call Earth Changes. Some people get into the idea that there is an interaction between the Earth and the Sun that's going on here. Very, very few people are aware of the work that is being done in the Russian National Academy of Sciences in Siberia, specifically in Novosibirsk, where they are doing this research. They've come to the conclusion that the only possible thing that could be causing this energetic change all throughout the Solar System is that we are moving into an area of energy that is different — that is higher.[25]

The glowing plasma at the leading edge of our Solar System has recently increased 1000 percent

Now, check this out. The Sun itself has a magnetic field, of course, and that magnetic field creates an egg around the Solar System, which is known as the heliosphere. The heliosphere is shaped like a teardrop, with the long and thin end of the drop pointing in the opposite direction from the direction that we're traveling. It's just like a comet, where the tail is always pointing away from the Sun.

The Russians have looked at the leading edge of this heliosphere, and they have observed glowing, excited plasma energy there.[26] This plasma energy used to be 10 astronomical units deep (an astronomical unit is the distance from the Earth to the Sun, 93,000,000 miles). So ten astronomical units represents the normal thickness of this glowing energy that we used to see at the front end of the Solar System.

Today, that glowing plasma has gone to 100 astronomical units deep. Although Dmitriev's paper does not give an exact timeline, we can assume that this increase happened in the same 1963 to 1993 period as the increase he found in natural disasters. Whenever it happened, that's a 1,000 percent increase in the overall brightness of the energy at the front end of the Solar System.

And this means that the Solar System itself is moving into an area where the energy is more highly charged. That higher-charged energy is in turn exciting the plasma and causing more of it to form, so you see more luminosity, more brightness. This energy is then flowing into the Sun, which in turn emits the energy and spreads it out along its equatorial plane, which is called the Ecliptic. This in turn is saturating interplanetary space, which causes the solar emissions to travel more quickly and charge up the energy on the planets.

And this is conscious energy that is changing how the planet works, how it functions, and what kind of life it supports. The harmonics of the DNA spiral itself are altering. That's the real, hidden cause of spontaneous mass evolutions in previous epochs of time.

All this is happening all at the same time, and it's all working up to a crescendo where there is going to be a sudden shift.

In other words, we will get to the point where we are so far into the new level of energy that there will be a sudden expansion of the basic harmonic wavelengths that the Sun emits as it radiates energy out of itself. This increase in energy emission will change the basic nature of all matter in the Solar System. The planets are pushed slightly farther away from the Sun and the atoms and molecules that make them up actually expand in terms of their physical size.

Cosmic Changes and the Ascension Process

So what we are basically talking about here is conscious energy that changes how the planet functions and what kind of life it supports.

And when we realize that we are more than our physical bodies, we have no need to be afraid of this energetic change. When this new energy comes out of the Sun, we will naturally be transported into a higher level of our own being. Our physical body becomes irrelevant at that point. We are much more than that.

As we've alluded to before, the blast of energy that will come is conscious. It will look like fire, but it's really conscious energy.

Here's another example of how this happened in the past. In a previous geologic era on Earth [the Paleozoic], the predominant species was this little crab called the Trilobite. They got blasted — you find in the fossil records that they were all killed. But what you don't see is that their group soul evolved into whatever the next stage of evolution was.

The dinosaurs got blasted. Their souls turned into mammal souls. So nobody goes anywhere, nobody is actually extinguished. We can find the bodies and it looks cataclysmic, it looks horrible — but all they really do is just bump up another notch and start to inhabit different bodies.

Soul graduation

If you're very attached to your physical body, you might say, ''Well, what would I be without it?'' You might see this as traumatic, but in fact your experience could be looked at as Soul graduation.

People are saying, ''I'm doing my spiritual growth. I'm doing my path. I'm walking in my truth. I'm trying to grow spiritually, I'm trying to evolve.'' Evolve to what? Grow to what? Are we just going to keep reincarnating over and over again as humans? No.

Is the Earth going to remain in this vibrational level where human beings will blow up bombs, poison its waters, pollute its atmosphere, kill its creatures, and cut down all the trees? No. The Earth is not expected to go through this.

The Earth is an evolving being, too. The difference with the Earth, unlike a regular human lifetime, is that it goes through a very premeditated, very obvious course of its evolution. As it orbits around the Sun, and as the Solar System orbits around the Galaxy, the extraterrestrial races that are in higher dimensions know exactly when these changes are going to happen. That's why they're here now, because basically they're aware that this is going on, and are standing by to assist us. They're aware that, just as the vortex of energy has caused airplanes to disappear in the Bermuda Triangle, when the Sun's energy bumps up another notch, matter on Earth will be transmuted. The Sun's energy can cause matter to just physically transmute.

When transmutation occurs, creatures like animals and plants may appear to be dead, but what happens to the human body will actually be alchemical transmutation. So it's not as though there's going to be all these fried corpses lying around. When the energy hits you, you transform. Your body will actually transmute itself.

There is a parallel in the Shroud of Turin, where certain researchers have found that Jesus' body burned a complete three-dimensional image of itself into the cloth. And they found through experimentation that such a burn could only be caused by an instantaneous blast at a very high temperature, ''zapping'' the cloth like an X-ray film.

When is the big change supposed to happen?

The basic date for the ''shift'' corresponds to the end of the Mayan Calendar — December 2012.

Ra makes the suggestion that the Mayan Calendar was given to the Mayans by high-level sixth-density extraterrestrials so that they would have a tool with which to time the passage of these cycles. It's a good thing to know how these cycles work, because they are tied in with history (see Ra article).

The bottom line

The only thing that matters is how much Love you are willing to share.

It would be so easy to miss this fantastic opportunity to participate in the evolution that is happening here and now on our planet.

The media is bent on creating a reality where our happiness is contingent on the acquisition of new products. We seek the best jobs and the highest status as we succumb to the mass illusions of ''consensus reality'' and ''winning the game.''

Each of us has the choice to create our lives so that we may participate in the Utopian world that will manifest on Earth after this Ascension process has completed — a world without poverty, hunger or pain; a world where full-body levitation, spontaneous healings, instant telepathic communication, and abundant Love are the law of the land.

This is the world that Jesus promised us in John 14:12, when he said, ''As I do these things, so shall you do them, and greater things.''

It comes back to question: What are you going to hold onto? You have to leave behind the physical life in order to participate in the Ascension. You have to be willing to move into a life that is spiritual. You have to be willing to give up the things that you once thought were important — your car, your material effects, your earthly status, your earthly fame and power — because you're basically only going to take yourself. You can't bring anything with you. No money, no credit cards, no gold coins.

When you leave your body and move into these higher realms of consciousness, all those earthly things will be meaningless. When you get out of this world without these braces, guess what? Your memory will be your sole companion.

And then you will realize that the only thing that ever mattered was how much love you were willing to share while you were incarnated on Earth.

The Spirit of Ma'at wishes to thank Terry Brown for her work in transcribing the tapes from Wynn's three-hour interview with David.

David Wilcock believes that he is a reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. But he's not insisting on this (see pictures at left — you decide). Like Cayce, David does ''readings,'' but rather than health, the subject matter gives a ''higher self'' overview of information that the individual needs to help in evolution of consciousness.

David has focused on the mission of bringing cutting-edge scientific research to bear upon the subject of indigenous prophecy, UFOs, and the coming ''shift'' that Gregg Braden and others also talk of. Like many others who are concerned with planetary ascension, he sees a Golden Age coming soon for humanity.

In addition to immersion in hard science, especially the physics of the cosmos, David ''channels'' an entity known as Ra, who has spoken through others, as well. Channeled information received on ascension from Ra (by another source, L/L Research), is in this magazine at The Universe According to Ra, also written by Wynn Free.

David Wilcock has written four online books and many articles. His books, articles, readings, and much more may be found at his website, Ascension2000.

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long term effects of peyote

From Life Technology News

In the first study of its kind, researchers have found that peyote -- for now, the only legal hallucinogenic drug in the United States -- doesn't rob regular users of brain power over time.

While the findings don't directly indicate anything about the safety of psychedelic drugs like LSD and mushrooms, they do suggest that at least one hallucinogen is OK to use for months or even years.

"We really weren't able to find any (mental) deficits," said Dr. John Halpern, associate director of substance abuse research at McLean Hospital in Belmont, Massachusetts, and co-author of the study, released today in the Nov. 4 issue of the journal Biological Psychiatry. Hallucinogenic drugs have long fascinated researchers, who are now studying whether they hold the potential to treat mental illnesses like depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

But little is known about the long-term effects of hallucinogenic use. Part of the problem is that many users -- such as LSD aficionados -- take a variety of other drugs, so it's hard to tease out the specific effects of psychedelic drugs.

Enter peyote, currently the only hallucinogenic drug legally allowed for use outside research labs (although that may change). Compared with LSD and mushrooms, peyote is a bit obscure, with its use -- at least legally -- limited to the sacramental rites of the Native American Church, which has as many as 300,000 members. Many peyote users don't take other drugs, making them ideal subjects for hallucinogenic research.

Peyote comes from the crowns of a cactus that grows in northern Mexico and parts of Texas. Harvesters cut off the crown, dry it and sell it in "buttons," Halpern said. Generally, users eat the buttons whole or grind them up into a powder that can be mixed into food or brewed into a tea.

When enough peyote is eaten, users enter a hallucinogenic state thanks to its active ingredient, the chemical mescaline. Halpern and colleagues recruited three groups of Navajos -- 61 members of the Native American Church who regularly ate peyote, 36 alcoholics who have been dry for at least two months and 79 people who reported little or no use of alcohol or drugs. The researchers then gave mental-health and cognitive tests to the subjects.

Only the alcoholics showed signs of brain problems. On the psychological front, Native American peyote users were actually in better shape emotionally than those who didn't use the drug.

Why? For one thing, the church provides plenty of emotional support to members, said Dennis J. McKenna, senior lecturer at the University of Minnesota's Center for Spirituality & Healing. For another, Native American users are careful about how they use peyote. "The context of the use is a really important thing," McKenna said. "Most people using mushrooms or LSD in a recreational way don't really have a context for this type of use," such as an emphasis on setting, à la psychedelic guru Timothy Leary.

By contrast, both alcohol and marijuana are considered bad for the brain if overused. Although there's still plenty of debate, some research suggests heavy pot use can harm memory for days after the last toke. And, of course, there's the anecdotal evidence of brain damage from everyone who's known a Jeff Spicoli-type stoner.

Marijuana damage seems to be temporary, while alcohol-related damage appears to be more permanent, said study co-author Dr. Harrison Pope Jr., director of the Biological Psychiatry Laboratory at McLean Hospital. The jury's still out, he said, on what damage LSD does to the brain, if any, and for how long.

Both researchers cautioned that the peyote findings shouldn't make anyone think LSD and mushrooms are safe.

The drugs are chemically different and appear to work differently too. Neither Pope nor Halpern, for example, has ever heard of a peyote user having a flashback. Even a person with memory impairment would likely remember that.

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the hidden hand of opus dei

From Life Technology News

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Portrayed in the best-selling novel "The Da Vinci Code" as a secretive cult willing to murder to defend a fictional 2,000-year-old Catholic cover-up, Opus Dei is promoting its softer side before the movie of the book arrives in May.

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Published in March 2003, Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code" is one of the most popular books in publishing history with more than 40 million copies in print worldwide in 44 languages.

The book is also controversial because the plot stems from the idea Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene, and had children. Because of this, the novel has been condemned by the Roman Catholic Church.

"It's very sad that Opus Dei and the Catholic Church were portrayed unfairly in the novel," said Opus Dei spokesman Brian Finnerty. "What we're trying to do is take advantage of the interest to explain what the real Opus Dei is all about."

Opus Dei is a far-flung, conservative Catholic organization blessed by the Pope in 1982 with a special status in the church. Founded in 1928 in Spain by Jose Maria Escriva with a mission to teach Catholics to strive for holiness through their work, Opus Dei has 85,000 members worldwide, of which around 2,000 are priests. Escriva was made a saint in 2002.

But as the whipping boy of church liberals for years and with estranged members telling of coercive recruitment tactics and corporal mortification, Opus Dei has been controversial. Now, because of "The Da Vinci Code," it has to do even more to overcome the unblessed image portrayed by the book.

Opus Dei appears in the story as a shadowy cult whose henchman is a murderous albino monk named Silas, who makes himself bleed with a cilice -- a spiked metal belt strapped tight around the upper thigh -- for penance.

Passersby who approach the organization's 17-story building in Manhattan are invited to reach for a leaflet to learn about the real Opus Dei, which means "God's work."

Finnerty's job these days is to promote the group and give reporters tours of the building, a $69 million corner edifice in midtown Manhattan housing a luxurious conference center on five floors as well as accommodations and offices for around 65 members.


Waiting rooms and lounges are furnished in country-house style with leather armchairs, antique-style furniture and elegant bookshelves carrying religious and historical works as well as novels by the likes of Willa Cather and Jane Austen.

An airy conservatory leads out to a roof-top terrace with deck-chairs, potted plants and a small statue of the Virgin and Child. Two middle-aged men were discussing "investment philosophy" in the conservatory when a visitor passed through.

A few floors down is what looks like a hotel VIP lounge with a grand piano and views of the iconic Chrysler Building.

"It's like a very nice home," Finnerty said. "It's not at all like a monastery or a 'Da Vinci Code' setting. You won't see anyone like Silas walking through here dripping blood."

John Allen, author of a book on Opus Dei, said it had long been a "lightening rod" for liberal Catholics to criticize.

"Dan Brown didn't make up the idea of Opus Dei as the boogeyman of the Catholic Church," Allen told Reuters in a phone interview from Rome, where he reports on the Vatican.

"Critics would often say Opus Dei is a very conservative version of Catholicism. Some would say it is a very worldly version of Catholicism focused on wealth and power," he said.

The late Pope John Paul II was an admirer of Opus Dei, but Allen said its influence was not as strong as some think.

Allen said just two of the 115 cardinals who elected Pope Benedict were Opus Dei, and the group claimed only around 40 of the world's 4,500 bishops as members.

"They simply don't have the stranglehold on power that people imagine," Allen said, adding that Opus Dei's wealth was also exaggerated by critics. Worldwide assets were around $2.8 billion, he said, with U.S. assets of $350 million -- around the same as a mid-sized diocese.

Finnerty emphasized Opus Dei's charitable work, including schools and hospitals in the United States and Africa.

But some former members writing on the Web site of the Opus Dei Awareness Network say that aspect is overshadowed by coercive and cult-like recruitment tactics that alienate members from their families and pressure people into harmful practices such as the use of the cilice.

Marc Carroggio, an Opus Dei spokesman brought in from Rome as a reinforcement before the film, said corporal mortification was a small and "marginal" element of Opus Dei, and voluntary. Finnerty added that Mother Theresa wore a form of a cilice.

He said Opus Dei wrote to Sony Pictures asking them to leave the organization out of the movie but to no avail, so it now aims to use the film as a "teaching moment."

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Iran Attack Imminent

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison | February 7 2006

A top Russian parliamentary leader has told Ekho Moskvy radio station that an attack on Iran is inevitable and that it will occur on March 28th. The leader of the Liberal Democrats Vladimir Zhirinovsky also believes that the Muslim riots were orchestrated by the US to garner European backing for the military strike.

Rhetoric has heated significantly in the past week with Donald Rumsfeld yesterday warning that a military option was on the table, echoing the comments of Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist who said that the US was prepared to take military action.

Also, Israeli acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert stated that Iran would pay "a very heavy price" if the Islamic Republic defiantly resumes full-scale uranium enrichment to build nuclear weapons.

Zhirinovsky told the Russian radio station that, "The war is inevitable because the Americans want this war. Any country claiming a leading position in the world will need to wage wars. Otherwise it will simply not be able to retain its leading position."

"The date for the strike is already known — it is the election day in Israel (March 28). It is also known how much that war will cost,” said Zhirinovsky.

Commenting on the Muslim riots sweeping the Middle East and Europe, Zhirinovsky (pictured above) said that the publication of the offensive cartoons was a planned psyop on the part of the US and aimed to “provoke a row between Europe and the Islamic world”.

“It will all end with European countries thanking the United States and paying, and giving soldiers,” said Zhirinovsky.

The possible inorganic manufactured nature of the riots has to be seriously considered. The three most offensive cartoons that caused the outrage were not even printed in the Danish Jyllands-Posten newspaper but were added in and handed out by Danish imams who “circulated the images to brethren in Muslim countries,” according to the London Telegraph.

It also appears highly suspicious that Muslims in Gaza City and other places had gained access to a plentiful supply of Danish flags to burn in front of the waiting world media as soon as the controversy broke out.

It now comes to light that Merete Eldrup, managing director of JP/Politikens Hus, the company that published the cartoons, is the wife of Anders Eldrup. Anders Eldrup is a Bilderberg member who has attended the last five Bilderberg meetings. The Bilderberg Group is a shadowy organization that meets once a year to steer global policy. It is now widely acknowledged that Bilderberg set the date for the March 2003 invasion of Iraq.

The violent demonstrations, on the back of last November's French riots, are clearly having the effect of hardening European sympathy towards Muslims, even as the governments of major European countries open the floodgates to mass immigration. This greases the skids for an accelerated invasion of Iran who yesterday announced they were cutting trade with Denmark over the offensive cartoons.

Director of the Russian Political Research Institute Sergei Markov previously warned that Israel was likely to conduct air strikes against Iran in the spring.

The window of opportunity seems to be forming for the US and Israel. The White House meeting memo proves that UN consultations and possible sanctions are mere window dressing for a plan of action that has already been decided upon. What remains to be seen is if the US or Israel will attempt to manufacture a staged war provocation to goad the Iranians into signing their own death warrant. The memo, released by QC Philippe Sands, contained details of a discussion between Tony Blair and George Bush where a plan to paint a US spy plane in UN colors and fly it low over Iraq in the hope that Saddam would order it shot down was debated.

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