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DEFINITION AND OVERVIEW                                                                               
From the antiquity, particularly in ancient Greece, Egypt, China and other places, they knew for  geopathetic, or geopathic radiation  and their unfavourable effects to persons, animals and plants health. Asklipios medicine art , in Ancient Greece, included many such knowledge, that was taught in medicine schools, called ‘Asklipiia’. This is a conclusion by the places that built their cities what various holy places. Specifically in the holily and places of adoration, existed also concrete orientation.

image 1

By the term  geopathetic or geopathic radiation or more shortly  geopath , we comprehend all those  natural radiation,  emanating from continuous, (image 1) magma (alloys of melted (1) metals) , movement which exists in the centre of earth (12) and behaves as a enormous electric energy machine. This movement of magma in the core of planet (1) creates continuous radiation (6,7,8,9,10 and 11) from the centre (1) to the surface of (12) ground. Lets imagine this magma as a helium (1) that exists in the centre of earth with his beams of energy (6,7,8,9,10 and 11) to direct itself continuously overall in all outer ball of (12) planet (surface). 

IN this site WHERE WE WERE REPORTED IN GEOPATHY, WE WERE REPORTED AND WE EXAMINE, ONLY THE NATURAL RADIATION  AND NO IN THE RADIATION  THAT CAUSING CRAFTSMEN SOURCES THAT HUMAN  INVENTED (TELEPHONY, RADAR, ELECTRIC SOURCES OF ENERGY, HAIR DRYERS etc). The coexistence natural and craftsmen radiation, naturally is henceforth aggravating for the human health. If we wanted to represent in a picture the geopathy  radiation (6) and the earth magnetic field of (15) , it  would be like  thus.


Those natural beams, coming from the centre of the earth, present exceptionally small frequency  (6-8 Hz) and enormous wave length (90.000 - 100.000 metres roughly). Going up to the surface of planet , they meet various metals and non-metal ( in Greek the name is a-metal-o (from this word ‘metalo’ came the latin ‘metal’ ) means NO. Metalo in Greek means, ' with the others '. that is to say this situation of matter (non-metal) is not the same or behaves differently from 'metals'. METALS , that is to say ' with the other ' elements. Proportionally , what element or situation (void, water, metals or  non-metal elements ,  masses etc) the geopathetic radiation will meet (and through which they will go) they will suffer diffractions (it is well known the    radiation diffraction when meet crystals) or decrepitude (11), or  they amplified   (7,8,9,10), or not change their intensity. We today know that the water (5) functions as an amplifier for the geopathetic radiation. Certain underground materials (2) break up (11) geopathetic radiation  because they force them in diffraction. If the water is moving (5) and in particular it goes through anthracitous rocks (4), then geopathetic radiation   strengthened (8) more and become very dangerous for persons, animals and plants. The amplification can be progressive, as indicatively it appears in image 1, when such a radiation (10) goes through progressively moving from the centre (1) to the surface of (12) planet (20) from three different materials, metals (3), coal (4) and water (5), leading focused in somebody unsuspicious human (13). Villain is the case geopathetic radiation penetrates paving and strikes a  moved vehicle (14). 

A simply example, that shows, how can happen a  road accident , appears in in another  relative  web page.

The word 'geopathic' is derived from the Greek words, 'Geo' meaning' the Earth', and 'pathos' meaning 'disease' or' suffering', so literally 'suffering of the Earth'. The term 'geopathic stress' is used to describe negative energies, also known as 'harmful earth rays', which emanate from the earth and cause discomfort and ill health to those living above. Earth energies can be bad, good or neutral.
The surface of the earth is woven with a pattern of etheric threads identical in energy and importance to the acupuncture meridians of the human body. These are responsible for the health and growth of the natural kingdoms of the landscape, and any interruption to their strength and harmonious flow has subtle but profound effects upon the health of the local natural life.
The horror of Chinese geomancers at British attempts to construct railways across the Lung Mai or
'dragon veins' of their country resulted in a consortium of local businessmen buying and promptly dismantling the newly-completed railway line around Shanghai, in horror at the devastating impact it would have on the Feng Shui of the city.
In the British landscape, besides the obvious effects of environmental pollution, the etheric matrix suffers disruption and scarring from, for example, railway and motorway cuttings and embankments, bridges, quarries, tunnels, mines and underground bunkers, steel pilings, metal fence posts and road-sign stakes, buried gas, electricity and water mains, sewers, and building foundations.
The resulting etheric disharmony manifests as a lowered quality of the local natural life forces, often through the medium of what have been known in European geomancy as
'Black Streams' - local capillary meridians of energy associated with streams of underground water flow whose yin-yang balance has been distorted on the side of excessive yin. Ascendance of degenerative over generative and regenerative influences occurs in places lying directly over such streams. These 'black streams' are known in the Feng Shui tradition as lines of underground 'Sha'or toxic energy, in contradistinction to the 'white streams' that carry healthy, generative and regenerative energy or 'Sheng Qi”.
They may also however occur naturally, and a wide range of these and other naturally occurring energetic configurations in the landscape are known to have an influence on the quality of health of the local life forms.
Just as local geology determines the local soil and vegetation, and therefore the whole natural ecology of an area, so it also affects human consciousness. People who live and work on clay soils are different to those on chalk soils in their relationship to their environment; those in river valleys different from those on hilltops in their vision of life. Many of the centres of concentration of holistic thinkers in Britain today lie in sandstone districts, the higher quartz content of sandstone perhaps amplifying the spiritual possibilities of human consciousness. The anciently-venerated sacred places of Delos (Greece) and Deya (Majorca) are both set in rings of hills high in ironstone.

  • he Hartmann Grid                    

Named after the man who discovered it, this checkerboard grid of electromagnetic energy circles the globe. Its "lines" are only 5 to 20 feet apart, so at least one runs under every building.   Ant hills are at Hartmann crossings.                                                                                                 Symptoms : asthma , tiredness, insomnia, arthritis, stiff back, aches and pains, sleep disturbance 

  • The Curry Net                                       Symptoms :  headaches, depression, Cancer (hundreds of documented cases)
  • Schumann Resonance                         This is the natural earth vibration of 7.83 hertz. The frequency of this vibration is increasing as we deposit more and more electricity into the soil at every electrical ground wire around the world

Many European scientists associated with human health refer to topics unfamiliar to us — Schumann Resonance, Hartmann grid lines, the Curry net, ley lines, black water radiation, and many others, when discussing health issues. Their findings conclude that these phenomena have a direct negative effect on human health but also interfere with the treatment of disease. How so?  This juncture of an underground water vein and a Hartmann Magnetic Grid Line crossing point creates a very hazardous spot in the road, likely the site of frequent accidents. (2nd & 3rd picture from above)  We live in a sea of electromagnetism which most of us don't even think about.   Our lack of awareness of the effects of these electro-magnetic fields leaves us searching in the wrong places for answers to unexplained ailments and problems. Electrical pollution adds to the problem. Fortunately, there are many people around the world who have developed methods of dealing with this situation. Effective solutions need not be sophisticated and expensive. Simple inexpensive solutions are available. The main thing is "Do they work?" While I have my favorite ways of dealing with these problems, other methods are also successful. When a property has been checked and balanced, a positive change should be evident. It might not be obvious overnight, but if you have pets their behavioral changes will identify an improvement. The most gratifying part of this work is with children. If they rest properly, they may do better in school and are less irritable, which changes the whole atmosphere in the home.Although certain symptoms are commonly associated with geopathic stress (some are listed below), relating symptoms to causes is not an exact science. Many people have told me that they have looked on this site for a specific symptom and could not find it. This does not eliminate geopathic stress as a possible cause or contributing factor. Symptoms can be as obscure as relationship difficulties, stress at work and at home, road rage, allergies, and miscarriages. If you suspect geopathic stress, especially if you feel "under the weather", depressed, or cannot shake off an illness, rather than look for specific symptoms, try this check list:

Did health problems begin shortly after moving into this home (or work place)?       

Do you feel better when away from this place? 

Do family members fell uneasy about the atmosphere in the home?    

Did the previous occupants suffer from any serious illness?

Does any part of the home feel unnaturally cold or damp?            

Is there an illness that seems to be worse during autumn or spring, or during wet, stormy weather (when underground water may be flowing at higher velocity)?   

Were there any nearby disturbances (landslide, building or road work, working quarries or mines) that may have caused underground water veins to flow into different channels under your house?

Where You Sleep Matters
Sleeping over these electromagnetic fields can have serious effects   Interestingly, dogs will not sleep over grid lines but cats will.    More seriously, children exhibit bed wetting, nightmares, sleepwalking, refusal to go to bed, dark circles under their eyes, spaciness, irritability, hyperactivity, and often end up in one corner or edge of their bed.                                                                    

Sleeping over subterranean water veins often causes skin disease. (Trees and shrubs growing over a vein will be crooked or have a twisted grain.).                                                        

example of Cyprus   Akrotiri KAVO  D' ORO , KONOS

Granite districts are relatively high in non-corpuscular (natural) radioactive elements, such that the exposure to background ionising radiation of dwellers in moorland Cornwall or North-East Scotland is estimated at 25% above the United Kingdom national average, and 300% more for those who live in houses built of granite blocks.
Underground water streams, even when not'black' or'Sha-bearing', and geological faults are known to have an effect on the geomagnetic and etheric fields around them. The new science of geopathology is growing, initiated by the observations of dowsers and increasingly investigated by physicists and engineers, to the extent that much of the information is now couched in terms of electromagnetism.

The etheric earth forces have as a lower-octave reflex geomagnetic fields measurable with electromagnetic instruments. Where local disturbances in the geomagnetic flux occur, so-called areas of geopathic disturbance, there appears also some disruption to the biological regulating mechanisms of living organisms. The importance of the natural geomagnetic background to body equilibrium was comprehended in the early manned space flights.
Geopathically disturbed zones may differ from surrounding regions in the degree of ionisation, from altered electro magnetic field charges; in AC changes; in enhanced electrical resistance; in altered acoustic levels and radio reception; and in increased gamma radiation.
Associated also with such areas are increased
'occult' phenomena. The relationship between haunted houses and ley-line crossings is well known. Astral projection is easier and stronger along the paths of ley-lines. Vampirism is associated with the discharging energy fields (see below), and poltergeist phenomena and other materialisations with the charging field zones. Any geomagnetic disturbance is mirrored on every plane.

 As the Earth rotates on its axis, it functions as an electro-magnet generating electrical currents in the molten metals found within its core, and an electromagnetic field on the surface which oscillates at an average frequency of 7.83 Hz, which is almost identical to the range of alpha human brainwaves. Life on earth has evolved with this background magnetic field, and creatures are accustomed to living within its presence and are able to cope with the slight fluctuations over time caused by electrical storms and the sun's activity.

The Physicist W.O. Schumann identified this frequency in 1952, and it has become known as 'brainwaves' or Schumann Waves. The space agency NASA has had to build Schumann Resonators into their space shuttles in order to artificially generate this electromagnetic frequency, which is known to safeguard the health of astronauts when they are beyond the influence of the earth's vital frequency.

Geopathic stress (GS) represents a distortion of this natural frequency by weak electromagnetic fields created by streams of water flowing underground, geological fault lines, underground caverns, and certain mineral deposits (notably coal, oil, and iron). For example, where the inner Earth's vibration of 7.83 Hz crosses a water vein 200 - 500 feet below ground, stress lines vibrating at up to 250 Hz can be created.

Man-made disturbances to the earth's surface can give rise to further distortions, including quarries and mines; road and rail cuttings and embankments; building foundations, especially tall buildings with steel pilings; tunnels, sewers, drains, buried utility pipes and wires; as well as artificially created electromagnetic fields from overhead or underground cables and electricity-generating stations and sub-stations.

Any distortion of this 7.83 Hz level creates a stress with the potential to weaken the immune system of any mammal living above the distortion, leading to greater susceptibility to viruses, bacteria, parasites, environmental pollution, degenerative disease, and a wide range of health problems. Many dowsers use a 0 - 16 scale known as the Von Pohl scale (after its originator) to measure the strength of geopathic stress, in which 0 represents the healthy 7.83 Schumann frequency, and 16 an extremely strong locus corresponding to 250 Hz. For example, people who are sleeping on a GS locus of 9 or more (perhaps a combined score from the presence of several geopathic features) are likely to develop cancer.


In the sensitive or weak patient, or in anyone exposed for a sufficient length of time, geopathic stress may be sufficient to overcome the body's natural homeostatic regulation and lead into a disease spiral, presenting at first a confused non-specific symptom picture. Measurable physiological effects of geopathic stress include changes in the electrical polarity of the cell membrane with impeded ionisation across the cell wall; altered spin oscillation and proton resonance of protein molecules; faulty hydrogen bonding; disturbed mesenchyme base regulation, hormone balance and pH values.
The most frequently found symptoms occurring at an early stage of exposure to geopathic stress, perhaps immediately upon moving to a new house, are sleep disturbances. The siting of a patient's bed seems to be the most important factor, after which come favourite chair, desk, room in which most working time is spent, and so forth.
Pathological symptoms can include restlessness, difficulty in getting to sleep, excessive dreaming, excessively heavy sleep and sleep requirements, waking unrefreshed, cold or restless feet and legs in bed, asthma and respiratory difficulties at night, fatigue and lethargy, unexplained mood changes, aggression and depression.
Patients often wake up at an odd angle in bed, perhaps on the edge of the bed as far as possible from the centre of stress, while children might sleep-walk. Cats tend to prefer sleeping over a stress hot-spot, other things like warmth being equal; dogs and most other mammals prefer to avoid them. It is interesting to see the mechanism whereby healthy humans are naturally sensitive to avoiding such stressed areas, while humans on a disease cycle naturally gravitate in spite themselves to sleeping in beds whose geography enhances their pathological tendency (in much the same way that patients displaying the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) syndrome of Spleen Yang deficiency love bananas, and therefore further increase the Cold Phlegm in their system).

The two broad categories of geopathic disturbance are yin - the discharging field, and yang - the charging field, ranging from the geomagnetic baseline of 65,000 nano-Tesla by up to 8,000 nT either way.

The yin fields are associated with underground water flows, underground caverns and rock hollows, the running water causing a decrease in the intensity of the rocks' geomagnetic field strong enough to influence living organisms on the surface. Where two underground streams cross the effect is enhanced.

The pathological states associated with the yin fields manifest first as the above-noted sleep disturbances and mental symptoms. Over time, in the idiom of TCM, Qi Xu (energy deficiency) syndromes worsen to become Xue Xu (Blood deficiency) and Wei (wasting and paralysing) conditions - fatigue, neurasthenia, depression, arthritis, diabetes mellitus, cancers, multiple sclerosis, myopathies and neuropathies and other degenerative disorders.
These zones in space, represented at their strongest as a crossing point of two unhealthy underground streams, represent energy sinks sacred to the degenerative and dissolutive forces. As such they are exceptionally good sites for compost heaps, for letting go of angry grievances, or for cooling off hyperactive children for a few minutes, but less helpful to the regenerative aspect of health and healing.The yang fields are especially associated with fault zones and with coal and oil deposits. Found in such regions are changes in ionisation, infra-red emission and AC & DC current; low frequency atmospheric pulsations with increased probability of lightning strikes; and low-level radiation emissions. As might be expected, yang fields lead to Qi Shi (energy excess) states such as hypertension, cardiac problems, strokes, migraines, epileptiform fits, gastritis, alcoholism, mania and schizophrenia.
Global geomagnetic grid crossing points can be associated with both yin and yang fields.

A survey of the world's literature concerning GS shows a remarkable concordance of experience regarding the medical symptoms associated with exposure. For example, a list of known symptoms from the Chinese Feng Shui tradition that I was given in 1996 was identical in every respect to a list that I had myself previously compiled from the Western literature and my own experience:

CANCER is the most notorious of these, and tumours are known to develop almost always at exactly the spot where two or more GS lines cross a person's body as they lie asleep in their bed. All mammals are considered to produce cancerous cells on a continual basis, though they are also continuously destroyed by the body's immune system. Stress on the immune system caused by GS is seen as responsible for the resulting overgrowth of cancer cells. Professional dowsers tell many stories of patients whose tumours have'mysteriously' disappeared after moving their sleeping position away from the GS lines.


are particularly associated with a strong electropollution component within the GS lines.

all diagnosed as'Earth element disorders' in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

INFERTILITY (storks will not visit, let alone nest on geopathically stressed locations!),
Women are considered more likely to be at risk from geopathic stress because their hormonal systems are more susceptible. Foresight, the British pre-conception care organization, now suggests that all couples trying for a baby should get their homes checked for geopathic stress and electromagnetic stress.
N.B. a baby girl is born with approximately 25,000 eggs, which will all be affected by GS if the maternal bed during pregnancy is compromised, thus potentiating genetic weakness in future generations.

Has well-established connections with exposure to geopathic and electromagnetic stress, microwave communication transmissions, proximity to nuclear power plants and research establishments, and baby dribble reacting with fire-retardant chemicals in cot mattresses (as well as a compromised breathing control mechanism in the brain-stem caused by an impacted occiput at birth, and treatable with cranial osteopathy).

Can often be relieved simply by moving the cot a few feet away from the geopathogenic zone. Babies repeatedly found sleeping in one corner or edge of the cot, (or children and adults repeatedly falling out of bed), is probably an instinctual attempt to escape from the worst of the GS. The diagrams below, from respected British dowser Rolf Gordon, are cases where babies have been trying to avoid GS in their sleep. All the babies slept peacefully after their cots were moved to a Geopathic Stress free place.

The respected Austrian researcher Kathe Bachler surveyed over 3000 school children, and showed 95% of children with learning difficulties, hyperactive tendencies or continuous bad behaviour, either slept or had their school desks (or both) in locations with marked GS. When she moved the children into stress free places, they nearly all showed a marked improvement, often going from bottom to top of their class in one term. She concluded that GS affects a high proportion of children who continuously play truant or who are refused places in ordinary schools due to misbehaviour. Class teachers in schools suffering with GS have a high rate of absenteeism.

Exposure to GS during childhood can make a person particularly sensitive to GS for the rest of their life, as well as prone to choose to inhabit places with a similar and familiar level of geopathic stress.

The symptoms of M.E. include:
M.E. is usually triggered by the contraction of a virus such a glandular fever, an emotional shock or a physical accident, and displays symptoms of a compromised immune system, particularly of the spleen and thymus. It is almost invariably a disease with a strong GS component.

Chronic Candida overgrowth, while linked directly to antibiotic use, almost invariably has a strong GS component.

The person may have difficulty sleeping as the body is on continuous alert.
BAD DREAMS (you may be sharing aspects of the same nightmare as others asleep on the same disturbed water line)

AWAKEN FEELING UNREFRESHED in the morning, or with:

Of all types, including
PITUITARY - giantism, dwarfism, etc…
THYROID - hyper or hypo
ADRENAL - hyper or hypo
SEX HORMONE - infertility, disturbed menses, fibroids, PMS.

HEART DISEASES of all types,
CROHN'S DISEASE e.g. an area of East Grinstead in Sussex famous among local G.P.s for having an unusually high concentration of patients suffering from this debilitating bowel disorder.
KIDNEY STONES e.g. ditto in a street in Newick, Sussex.

Sore joints will often coincide exactly with the crossing point of negative earth energy lines on the bed.
SCHIZOPHRENIA, and a host of mental disorders including
OBSESSIONS (the focus of the obsession may be explicable in terms of the causal trauma to the local earth meridians)
ALLERGIES To drink, food, or environmental triggers,

Which dramatically worsen on returning home.
And therefore finding excuses not to.

Long-term physical & mental illnesses where present treatment does not seem to work.
Many hospital nurses talk of some beds having a reputation where occupying patients seem to have more difficulty in recovering or where the death rate is higher.

Baron von Pohl came to the conclusion towards the end of his career that every single disease of humanity could be linked to disturbed underground streams with the single exception of gout (I have encountered one case of gout that was directly attributable to GS, which no doubt shows that we each have our blind spots!).

In the acupuncture tradition a point on the hand just distal to the fourth and fifth metacarpal junction (Triple Heater 3-1/3rd) is a prime Geopathic Stress test point, for both diagnosis and treatment. Kinesiology (muscle testing), electro-dermal screening devices such as the MORA and VEGA machines, and Blood Crystalline Analysis may also be employed to diagnose GS as significant for a patient.

All translated from editions of the journal
'Fortschritt fur Alle'1976-85 ( / / = earth fault, grey = water, //// = crossing of global grid lines)

1. Colon cancer 2. Rheumatism

1. & 2. The examination at the Leonhard family was at first done outside the house, as always. The whole length of the house stands on two radiation lines (water and geological fault) which are on top of each other. Testing for the grid lines is done at the bedside and showed a crossing just below the stomach. i.e. a typical cancer bed: a crossing of two geological interference zones of which according to present experience one is always water i.e. either a crossing of water/water (at different ground levels) or a crossing of water/fault etc. The crossing of the grid line identifies the area exactly. In fact Mr. L., who slept 6 years in this bed, had been operated on for cancer of the colon and had radiation treatment and looked accordingly. He had known about the cancer-producing radiation but had not believed in it. The people who had lived there before had their beds on the opposite wall, which was free of interference. It is not known whether they were ill. Mrs. L suffers from severe rheumatism.








No. 3 and 4. Beds of the Frank couple. Here the wife sleeps on a cancer area: water, geological fault and grid line crossing in the stomach area. No trouble for 25 years as life style was holistic. After the resistance had been broken at last, disease set in, probably with cancer of the ovaries, metastases in liver and lung. Treatment in hospital for a fortnight with Zytostatica remained futile. Died six weeks later.

3. Still healthy 4. Cancer of ovaries


5. Bladder trouble 6. Stomach cancer

5. & 6. Wittmann couple. Cancer bed is no. 6. Crossing water/geological fault and grid line over the abdomen. Mrs. Wittmann was operated on for cancer of the abdomen a year ago. Mr. Wittman declares that he often has to get up during the night to pass water. When he does not sleep at home he does not have this trouble. Geological fault (the sides have a stronger effect) and grid line crossing in the region of the bladder, but no water line.



7. & 8. Both beds of the Dasch couple lie on a crossing water/geological fault and thus are cancer beds (grid line crossing in the region of the stomach). The wife says that instinctively she moves to the side of the bed. The resistance when on interference zones first of all declines in the organs which are constitutionally the weakest - in this case obviously the head: headaches, sinusitis, neuralgia in the head region. The beds have only been in this room for the last four years. Before they slept in a different room. According to Mrs. Dasch their health has been deteriorating ever since they moved rooms. A crossing of interference zones in the stable was responsible for two cows being infertile.


7. Head trouble 8. Cancer of stomach/colon


Mr Wolfgang Mers, Riestatt 8, 3110 Uelzen, has tested several MS beds and has found that all MS patients were on a threefold crossing in the region of the back.
Dr. Phys. Paul Schweitzer had already published exact details with sketches in 'Krebs geschehen'No 4/81, which we here reproduce. He also found a threefold crossing in the back area with all MS patients and emphasized that in the case of MS all zones are right-circling and in the case of cancer all zones are left-circling.

More case studies can be found on the websites of geobiologists Alf Riggs and Roy Riggs




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