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magnetic tune

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It was known from the 1920 decade that the cores of certain individual elements (H, 31Ñ, I9F, 23Na, I3C, and É4Í) that they have odd number of protons or neutrons behave substantially as small magnets with magnetic propensity characteristic. In their natural situation, those are turned round their axis and the axis direction of each small magnet to be random. Finally the resultant magnetic torque is zero.
 When however a material structure (like a particular kind of stone) containing such cores, is found under static magnetic field effect, this cores behave as our known teetotum (whirligig) under the effect of field of gravity.

  That is to say, as appears and in the form of FIGURE 1, the vector of magnetic torque of each core does not remain static and aligned with the direction of magnetic field, but is turned round the axis of this field with a characteristic movement , named precession (as the axis of whirligig does not remain constant and slash in the ground, but is turned with the same way erasing a cone).    

Under the effect of static magnetic field, the cores (as Hydrogen does) are limited by the quantum mechanics to turned in one of the two directions, that of magnetic field (fundamental situation) or opposite to this (whipped up situation). The cores that are found in fundamental situation is at a small percentage (1,4 cores in total 1.000.000 cores) more from those that are found in whipped up situation.

Because this small surplus of cores in fundamental situation, there is a total magnetization of small size in the direction of magnetic field and from this emanates finally the signal from the material structure. This total magnetization (M) in the direction of the magnetic field is the resultant of vectors of the magnetic propensity cores that are found in precession movement round the axis of static magnetic field (Ho) and with some phase difference , the one of the other. (FIGURE 2)

In order to apply effectively an additional force on a object that it executes precession movement,  this force should be nutationed by the object’s precession frequency (tune or resonance).  That is to say when the frequency of exterior radiation is tuned (from this emanates also the term  nuclear magnetic tune)  by the precession frequency of cores species, bear’s  on those cores an additional force (except the force oweded from the static magnetic field) that forces the vector of total system magnetization of those cores to deviate from the direction of  z static magnetic field and to fall finally above to the ‘xy level. (FIGURE 3)

As the systems cores returns in the initial balance situation, cores expels energy  emitting radiation of frequency equal with the tuned frequency in the region of radiofrequencies, transporting part of their energy in the molecules around. This process is named  " relaxation process or re-establishment process.

 In the case of magnetic tuned appliance (ANCIENT MENTOR) those radiofrequencies, emitted by the various cores of (hydrogen, coal etc) the material structure that is searched, creates a magnetic field (98) which the resultant  (93) tuned with the resultant of a magnetic field created from : (FIGURE 4)

1. The radiation of appliance  (22)

2. The radiation emitted from the appliance operators (102) body (bioenergy) (97)

3. The radiation that created from the initial (96)  impulse (movement) of the appliance antennas (15 & 71)  in the horizontal level.

In the magnetic tuned phenomenon, finally, actively participates earths magnetic field (103) and any other capable to influence and to tune with the above, magnetic field   happens to exist in the environment space, as drops of rain, humidity, underground waters etc.

Tuned our magnetic tuned appliance to the frequency of some core precession, it resembles with our radio tund in some radio or television stations emission frequency

In FIGURES 5 and 6 appears the phenomenon of material structures magnetic tune, as it is controled repeated (that is to say lasts as long as the emission radiation from the appliance lasts) from the ANCIENT MENTOR system.

 During the  ‘cores -relaxation process from the material structure that `bombers' each time by the appliance and operators  radiation    who participates actively in the experiment - the cores system returns in the initial balance situation, with the cores to expel energy ,  emitting radiation of frequency equal with the frequency of tuned in the region of radiofrequencies and transporting part of their energy in the around molecules.

The energy that expels appears to be photons, the emission of which as it is well known, creates a MAGNETIC FIELD round the material structure. That magnetic field draws continuously the aerials of  ANCIENT MENTORS appliance, revealing so much the existence and the place that the detectioned material structure is found.

Magnetic tune phenomenon,  as implemented for inspection, detection and localization any living or not material structure is a GEOMENT'S  original   tech , copyright by A particular patent  (FIGURE 7) 'LONG DISTANCE INSPECTION AND 6 MATERIALS STRUCTURE DETECTION SYSTEM'  (PAT.NUM.1005224) and the upgradeable of the method relative patent 'LONG DISTANCE DETECTION AND LOCALIZATION METHOD USING MAGNETIC  TUNE  IN DISTINGUISHABLE  MATERIAL STRUCTURES '   (PAT.NUM.10060352) patented at the Industry Property Organization (OBI)      www.obi.gr     and   www.ep.espasenet.com (european patents office)                                                               

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