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GEOMENT LTD TEAM  was founded in 2002 in GREECE.  GEOMENT represents an independent research team of  Greek inventors.   The team designs and developing state-of-the-art real time electronic systems with numerous applications in the defense, the low frequency magnetic fields, energy shields , material structure detection and localization  and industrial field in generally.

The team is firmly orientated to research and the ongoing improvement of the services and innovative products provided. This leads to the continuous staffing of its departments with new scientific and specialized technical personnel.

Team's Vision is to design & develop prototype, worldwide technological products, that will promote the culture and the environment.

Our specialization on those scientific fields  guarantees the constant improvement of the team's operation and the satisfaction of any customer needs.
Over the past few years our research has been focused on the design and manufacturing of state-of-the-art DEFENSIVE EQUIPMENT. In order to reinforce this effort we schedule ENIA project.  

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