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6 Sep 2008. GEOMENTOR’s scientific team has developed a number of WMTS "see more’’ machine generations, using the magnetic tuned phenomenon "see more’’.microelectronic technology , by the use of which can locate all type of telluric currents "see more’’. The team has also developed small, portable, appliances that making telluric currents density very low "see more’’, so that easing some persons from headaches and migraines. The team has located a lot of ancient roc formatives near regions that telluric currents flow. Those roc formatives appear to be manufactured using unknown, high technology in very distant years at the past. WE PRESENT PICTURES OF TWO CHARACTERISTIC MONUMENTS >> "see more’’..    


 Enacts two similar forms, obviously kings (watch carefully the crown on the head). The one rocking form is a whole-body person, appears to be tied up on the rock. Left roc formative is at the area of SOURMENA, ANO GLIFADA, near ATHENS, at ATTICA, GREECE (9).  Right roc formative is on  the cliff roc, at the right site as we entrance (3) MIKINES archaeological place (6), at ARGOS, PELOPONNESUS, GREECE (7).  This formative reminds us the Titan Prometheus, hum according to a fable, was tied up in rock by ZEUS god.  Those two similar human (kings faces ? watch the crown on the head)  heads abstain between them 92 kilometres. This research have been made using a special WMTS "see more’’ machine,  according to ANCIENT MENTOR  program "see more’’ that we have announced and consequently execute. We also announce  the possible place of  ARGOS (at Peloponnesus, Greece ) ANCIENT STAGE  position ''see more '' that by a number of archaeologists considered to be more  ancient  of the equivalent, worldwide known stage of Olympia.   

10 Jan 04 New WMTS type machines to inspect, detect & localize from up to 10.000 meters long every  known material structure (explosive maters, narcotics, living humans, bones, stones, metals , non metals, void  etc  >> see presentation (PATENT NO 10060087) More information  

 28 Feb 05 New WMTS type machines to localize & record in a GIS digital database,  every  known   distinguishable  material structure up to 16.000 meters long and in depths over 8 meters underground - water >> see presentation(PAT. NO 20070100067) More information                                           

 6 Mar 07  Research Department of HELLENIC NATIONAL DEFENSE GENERAL STAFF Official acknowledges inventors utilities More information         

1 Jun 07   Cyprus mass briefing means announced officially the existence of gold layers in regions: Mitsero, Klirou and Hrisospiliotisa territory.  The existence of the above gold layers indication announced by  GEOMENT’s TEAM special scientific assignment, at 1st June 2006 after the wide Nicosia region search by the use of 3fd generation WMTS type machines  on behalf of the known Cypriote businessman Sotiris Loizou. More information         

10 Sep 07DIODEBELL A.E.( in corporation with  GEOMENT announces the completion of the first prototype AL-6D system         

 8 Jan 08 GEOMENT's TEAM site statistics presentation More information






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