Telluric carrents are energy, electric tendency regions, moving on ground surface, underground or via the sea. They present exceptionally low frequency and they can be used in order to produce low tendency current using earth as a battery (USA, telegraph).   Telluric results are presented also from storms with lightnings. Nikola Tesla knew how ôï exploit them. Some people in ancient Greece knew that telluric currents are discontinuous regions of space and time (timespace tunnels) and constituted sovereign representations in all their temples. Certain  initiated  it appears that they using telluric currents in order to move robots machines (like Talo's in Crete). Acording to the Soviet Academy of Sciences,  Delphi navel , portrays a world map of the most powerful teluric currents flow.


Today some ‘psionic’ persons can locate some telluric currents by the use of radiothesy method (using pendant). They named the telluric currents as ‘geopathology zones’ or ‘geopathology walls’ or simply by the term ‘geopathia’. Those currents causing cancer gennesis and many road accidents. The art of FENG SOYI is strongly based in telluric currents. Probably, telluric currents are the transport institutions of the short-lived radioactive radons (Rn), moving from the radioactive centre of our planet in the surface of ground. Those that will accomplish to  locate telluric currents and  to exploit  their energy,  perhaps they resolve for a long time  the energy problem of  the earth … 


The  informal,  not speculative, inquiring scientific team of  `GEOMENTOR’ has developed nine WMTS type "see more’’machine generations, using the magnetic tuned phenomenon "see more’’ . By the use of a spesial WMTS "see more’’ machine, can locate all telluric currents. The team has also developed small, portable, appliances that making telluric curents density very low, "see more’ so that easing some persons from headaches and migraines. The team has located a lot of ancient roc formatives near regions that teluric currents flow. Those roc formatives appear to be manufactured using unknown, high technology in very distant years at the past.