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Geopathetic nobles  detection  from over 1000 meters long ang in depths over 8 meters under ground !!!! 


Portable system for the detection, in real time and from 1000 m distance and 8 m depth, Geopathetic, low frequency magnetic fields by indicating in time to the operator the accurate direction (azimuth) of it.

GEOPATHETIC working by the use of  the magnetic tune phenomenon,  and is a GEOMENT'S  original patent  tech                 >> More information

GEOPATHIETIC is a low-cost, handy, easily manufactured, energetically-autonomous and, inter alia, a significant weapon used for fighting :              

  • The Hartmann Grid            (6th picture from above)  

Named after the man who discovered it, this checkerboard grid of electromagnetic energy circles the globe. Its "lines" are only 5 to 20 feet apart, so at least one runs under every building.               Ant hills are at Hartmann crossings.                      Symptoms : asthma , tiredness, insomnia, arthritis, stiff back, aches and pains, sleep disturbance 

  • The Curry Net                                                                               Symptoms :  headaches, depression, Cancer (hundreds of documented cases)
  • Schumann Resonance                                                     This is the natural earth vibration of 7.83 hertz. The frequency of this vibration is increasing as we deposit more and more electricity into the soil at every electrical ground wire around the worl

Many European scientists associated with human health refer to topics unfamiliar to us Schumann Resonance, Hartmann grid lines, the Curry net, ley lines, black water radiation, and many others, when discussing health issues. Their findings conclude that these phenomena have a direct negative effect on human health but also interfere with the treatment of disease. How so?  This juncture of an underground water vein and a Hartmann Magnetic Grid Line crossing point creates a very hazardous spot in the road, likely the site of frequent accidents. (2nd & 3rd picture from above)  We live in a sea of electromagnetism which most of us don't even think about.   Our lack of awareness of the effects of these electro-magnetic fields leaves us searching in the wrong places for answers to unexplained ailments and problems. Electrical pollution adds to the problem. Fortunately, there are many people around the world who have developed methods of dealing with this situation. Effective solutions need not be sophisticated and expensive. Simple inexpensive solutions are available. The main thing is "Do they work?" While I have my favorite ways of dealing with these problems, other methods are also successful. When a property has been checked and balanced, a positive change should be evident. It might not be obvious overnight, but if you have pets their behavioral changes will identify an improvement. The most gratifying part of this work is with children. If they rest properly, they may do better in school and are less irritable, which changes the whole atmosphere in the home.Although certain symptoms are commonly associated with geopathic stress (some are listed below), relating symptoms to causes is not an exact science. Many people have told me that they have looked on this site for a specific symptom and could not find it. This does not eliminate geopathic stress as a possible cause or contributing factor. Symptoms can be as obscure as relationship difficulties, stress at work and at home, road rage, allergies, and miscarriages. If you suspect geopathic stress, especially if you feel "under the weather", depressed, or cannot shake off an illness, rather than look for specific symptoms, try this check list:

Did health problems begin shortly after moving into this home (or work place)?                                                                                                                                             Do you feel better when away from this place?                                                                                                                                              Do family members fell uneasy about the atmosphere in the home?                                                                                                                                                 Did the previous occupants suffer from any serious illness?                                                                                                                                           Does any part of the home feel unnaturally cold or damp?                                                                                                                                                Is there an illness that seems to be worse during autumn or spring, or during wet, stormy weather (when underground water may be flowing at higher velocity)?                                                                                                                                               Were there any nearby disturbances (landslide, building or road work, working quarries or mines) that may have caused underground water veins to flow into different channels under your house?

Where You Sleep Matters
Sleeping over these electromagnetic fields can have serious effects   Interestingly, dogs will not sleep over grid lines but cats will.    More seriously, children exhibit bed wetting, nightmares, sleepwalking, refusal to go to bed, dark circles under their eyes, spaciness, irritability, hyperactivity, and often end up in one corner or edge of their bed.                                               Sleeping over subterranean water veins often causes skin disease. (Trees and shrubs growing over a vein will be crooked or have a twisted grain.).                                                        

           See Video (wmv):geopathetic         (how it works)


PATENT  Publication number: GR1004926    Publication date: 2005-06-30 
Classification:- international: