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  • Geopathetic examination of building interiors
  • Geopathetic examination of parcels of land
  • Exploration of underground water horizon
  • Site assessment for well shafts
  • Suppression and shifting of geopathetic fields in finished/unfinished interiors
  • Annihilation of underground water vein-induced geopathetic stress in finished/unfinished interiors
  • Neutralisation of geopathetic stress caused by interior things/equipment
  • General informatic field examination
  • Tectonic field examination
  • Annihilation and shifting of technogenic fields in finished/unfinished interiors
  • Construction site examination construction consulting

    Generally,  GEOMENTOR LTD offers services such as :

    Geopathology research  >> More information     See Video (wmv):geopathetic

 and solutions (advisory and support with microelectronic appliances) for fighting all  nature geopathetic radiations,

 fields and nodes  >> More information  , using  unique

, worldwide , microelectronic devices  WMTS, technology   and STAGYRO        geopathetic radiation reducers machines in Cyprus, Greece and other places on the planet.

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  GEOMENTOR LTD offered solutions for the decrepitude of  harmless for human health dangerous consequences of cancer-causing radon. 

 Geopathology experts come on the spot  for a right research of your space and for the right place of  STAGYRO  geopathetic radiation reducers ,  Organism of Industrial Property, Patent number GR20060100087. GEOMENTOR LTD is the exclusive representative of STAGYRO geopathetic radiations reducers machines.  We provide also  advisory services for  the right market of plot, for a residence or an apartment.  We accept collaboration with any kind of designers and contractors. 


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