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CGRI LTD (Cyprus Geopethetic Research Institute) offers geopathetic radiation localization and prevention services using  patterned, microelectronic devices.    We also offer clear  water localization services, using unique, original, electronic appliances (Industrial Property Organism, patents numbers  GR 10060352 &  GR 10060087).  Our technicians doing autopsy, checking the area and giving advises & solutions about geopathetic radiation and radon harmful radiation dilution, and best  plotting of a residence, office or any other space.   By reducing  harmfull  geopathetic radiation we achieve to  protect  health and well being.  

Our  research driven policy in CGRI Ltd, guiding its operation nowadays.  Our principles, that have marked  our  policy are quality - reliability - responsibility, since its foundation and continue to govern its operation. CGRI Ltd implementing pioneering ideas whether the  idea appealed or not to the domestic market, having the necessary infrastructure and know-how.

We study, design and develop of multisensoring, microelectronic, real time systems for     safety, antiterrorism, defence and human health.





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