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In today's ever changing business world it is very important to have efficient process of creating business solutions and delivering business objectives on time. TETRADONIC Software House provides application development and integration, accompanied with software maintenance and support created at reasonable cost.


'G.S.M.S.'  is a Space Mark System using GPS.


 Our GSMS '1'  (over) and 'GSMS '2' (under) systems are advanced GPS based systems, embeding a C4ISR tech, giving to the Administrator or operational commander the ability to control,command and monitor many users in real time.   GSMS is designed as an advanced routing monitor system for many users.


We do believe that our services will be your best choice for  accomplishing your goal to have high quality software.

We can help you make smarter and faster decisions. Many years of our experience and good knowledge's prevent costly and avoidable errors.

We aim to build long-lasting relationships and dedicated to full to customer satisfaction.



We study, design and develop of any kind of software system even more  multisensoring, microelectronic, real  time systems for locating any material structure and for safety, defense, counter terrorism, & health

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