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invisible magnetic phenomena on material structure

in this page announced by GEOMENT'S AHEAD TEAM  Mr. E. Stromatias,  research results in unknown and undiscovered sectors. 

 All photos are original, taken from different kind of photo machines (digital & mechanical) by Mr. E. Stromatias himself at different places all over Greece and Cyprus territory.  Any image processing  on the above photos, made by the use of Microsoft's PowerPoint computer application and concerned only the use of light or darkness or the contrast on those photos in order to bring up invisible elements of those sciences. No filters , addition layers or any other process took place during taken those photos or during the image process phase. All theories announced in  this page concerned strictly personal thoughts of Mr. E. Stromatias, given to anybody free in the name of thru.

 A GEOMENT'S researcher,  scheduled and executed an experiment (figure 5) at MAY 2006 using one of our portable systems, causing magnetic tuned phenomena, in purpose to inspect  the area over a small cemetery near Athens - Greece.  The output signal from the devise drives to a port of a  spectograph. The fotos at left of the page   must show  unknown invisible life forms (spirits ? ).  In figure 1 particular photo (into the red line), there is  a form  seems to be like the Indians god, MANITU spirit  (an open wings eagle), shown on Indians TOTEMS.....  

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